Before and After #2

Happy Friday Morning!

Here is another project I completed for a friend recently.  She bought a beautiful wingback chair at an estate sale and wanted to moderize it.  She choose some fabric and I got to work.  When trying to determine how long a upholster project is going to take, a big factor is the time it takes to strip the piece down to the wood.  It varies from project to project but always budget ALOT more time than you think.  I learned that lesson on this chair.  I thought, maybe a 2-3 hours to strip it down.  It ended up taking almost 7 hours!  The previous upholsterer was NOT shy with the staple gun.  In some area it seemed like there were 100 staples per sq. in.!  OK….maybe I’m exaggerating… was time-consuming – but the end product was totally worth it.




Have a great day!



  1. Wow, linds, that is a work of art

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