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I’m pretty excited about this new series of posts I’m calling ” Pieces of You”.  My whole life I have enjoyed learning about people, what they love, what they hate, and why.  And sometimes you can learn a whole lot more than you expect about someone by asking just one question, like what is your favourite food? or what is your favourite book?  So, on that note, I decided to survey my friends to find out what their favourite piece of furniture is, and why.   The “why” being the most interesting part!  These are the guidelines I gave them for choosing – “You do not have to own the piece you choose and you can choose a piece as your favourite for any reason. Maybe it’s because it holds sentimental value; a chair you sat in with your mom or dad as a kid, a family heirloom passed down to you, or the new rocker/glider that you spend time with your new baby in. Maybe it’s an amazing piece you found at a yard sale for $1, a leather diamond encrusted sofa you are coveting but can’t afford, or the king-sized canopy bed you’ve always wanted but don’t have space for.”  I’m starting this series with my friends but I’m opening it up to anyone to submit their favourite piece of furniture to include in this series.  I want these posts to be in your words so I will leave the text essentially as it it when it is sent to me. I’ll explain how you can submit a little further down, but before that, here are my first two submissions! The first is from my friend and colleague Imshun, who responded to my request in record time! And the second is from my good friend David who wasn’t far behind!

Sectional photo VIA

So if you want to contribute to this series, just send the following info to lgrecreated@gmail.com:

1) your name

2) how you know me (you can leave this out if you haven’t met me!)

3) a picture of you (Jpeg)

4) Your favorite piece of furniture

5) why it’s your favorite

6) a picture of the piece of furniture (jpeg). if you don’t have or can’t get a pic of the exact piece just look online and get a pic that is similar. For all pics that come from online, please let me know the website you downloaded it from so I can credit the source.

I would LOVE to hear about everyone’s favourite pieces, so get thinking!  Next up in this series will be a submission from a husband and wife team with a penchant for naming their furniture….have a great day.



  1. Such a fun post! Great idea, Lindsey.

  2. What a great idea! Love the theme. Will def submit something – I have just the piece in mind!

  3. David leland says:

    Hey Linds! That’s pretty exciting that you’ve got things under way! Great job lady!! Looking forward too see what people out there are attached and/attracted to!!


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