A Tale of Two Round Back Chairs – Part I

Hello all,

I’ve spent much of this weekend working on my latest upholstery project.  I’m reupholstering 2 round-back chairs for my friends, and I’m very excited about it!  They bought the pair for $150 at the Elegant Garage Sale, which was a real bargain as the chairs are in great shape, albeit in need a a serious upgrade and modernization.  And I adore the fabric they choose, and when I love the fabric it makes whole process so much nicer.  Here’s a little update on the progress to date,  in photos….


This is one of the 2 chairs (they are the same).  I got a little ahead of myself with the deconstructing before I remembered to do my “before” photo, but picture a skirt around the bottom.

This hot mess is what the skirt was helping to cover up.



the curve around the  the back…


98% stripped to the bare bones


The legs were a bit rough and didn’t match my friends new hardwood floors, so I sanded them down…

…and performed a quick re-finishing/staining job.


Tools and supplies: jute webbing and a web stretcher.

Crisp new webbing!


I love the fabric, a light grey with green, yellow, and brown accents.  An my favorite part is that we are doing a contrasting piping in the yellow fabric you see on the right!  I have seen this done on lots of pieces, by have never done it on any of the pieces I have reupholstered.  I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out.

Today I get to start working on the stuffing and fabric on one of the chairs, which is the part where the piece really starts to come together, can’t wait.

Happy Sunday All!


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