Backyard Upgrade Reveal….

You may be recall in one of my first few posts I featured some photos of what my backyard looked like at the beginning of the summer, and the promise to show you the finished product once I got it fixed up.  Well, I know it has taken forever, but I finally have got my outdoor space in order.  Here are the before and after shots….and then a few more shots of the after! It’s not perfect but it is a big improvement from where it started.

The deck dining area BEFORE…..

And AFTER!  First, I added a table and bench from from the Applaro collection at IKEA. I already had some wooden chairs that I used for the other side of the table. They don’t match perfectly but work well enough on a budget!  I added a blue striped runner and some some blue pillows to finish off the dining area.

The brick patio, BEFORE…

And AFTER!  I wanted a small outdoor living space so I purchased this set of 2 chairs and an all-weather coffee table, from the Ammero collection, also from IKEA.  The best thing about this collection is I can add pieces to expand my outdoor living space as I have the budget to do so. I added the brighter graphic pillows for a pop of colour.

This wooden shelving unit was the top of a office hutch that “came with the place” when I started renting it.  It was inside (and WAY too big for the space), so I got rid of the bottom part but left the top part on the deck for storage of my gardening tools. I added some panels of fabric to keep it looking neat and to tie it into the rest of the dining area.

Some more details like pillows…..


And some lighting for night time, these are the solar globe lights from IKEA.

I’m pretty happy to now be able to enjoy my outdoor space.  Have a great day!



  1. Wow! Great job…deifnitely looks like an outdoor living space now. And I love those chairs in the sitting area!


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