Light in Shining (Red?) Armour

Good morning!

I am finally back in my own bed after having my parents visiting all week…so while it’s sad to have them go and my sofa is pretty comfortable, I do enjoy having my bed back!  And, with said parental visit came the amazing new light for my bedroom.  I LOVE it. I first showed you this photo of the light taken when it was still at the antique store in New Brunswick….

It am aware that is probably better suited for a large entryway or a dining room, but since I have neither in my shoebox rental and I loved it so much, I decided to get it and put it in my bedroom.  Someday when I have a large dining room, I’ll rock this 50’s brass babe there.

Now, second only to how much I love it, the best part of this piece is the bit of history that came with it.  You will notice in the foreground of the above picture, a sconce that looks similar in shape to my chandy but with strange red things hanging from it.  Well, turns out, this light started it’s life in the Imperial Room of the Palace Grill in Moncton, New Brunswick.  The restaurant has since closed, but a postcard of the room from the late 50’s came with my light….

All I could say is Wowza….those red glass ornaments do make a statement on my pretty light….just not one I want to make. But they came with the light so I kept them…you know, just in case someday I want to open a brothel someday 🙂

In fact, I got a whole shoebox full of them, and they are GLASS, not plastic, so they are heaaaavvvvy. Next it was on to cleaning the light….

It was tough, but a team effort (merci beaucoup, M&D).  And just for fun, we put the red wonders on the light once it was up for a quick photo op.  I couldn’t bear to put them on more than one light.

HOT, no?  All joking aside, the finished product makes me so happy….

So unique….j’adore.

This is the last big project for my room redo….a bit (or alot?) more accessorizing is left and I’ll finally be able to reveal!

Have a great day!


  1. ahahah I love the original pic, and love even more that you guys tried it out with the ornaments! But serio/usly the light will look amazing in your room…I can’t wait to see it so accessorize away!


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