The Tale of the Tufted Loveseat

Hi everyone!  Today I’m excited to share a before and after of a tufted loveseat that I recently reupholstered for a client.  Yep, I said it, a client! After years of re-upholstering “freebie” pieces for friends while I learned the trade, I completed my first paid piece!  Andrea Ford (who I have been working with at Re:Style Studio) contracted me to complete some pieces for one of her clients who is completing a massive home renovation project. This client had some beautiful antique furniture that she has chosen to have reupholstered for the new space! After many evenings and weekends at the studio, this piece came together –  but the tale began with this….

….followed by probably the most difficult stripping job I’ve ever had to do….the music was all wrong…. and I forgot my “routine”…. and my Lucite heels were too tight…oh, sorry, wrong type of stripping*.

Then a little was applied on the frame.

Next up, building up the up the seat before the fabric is put on….wait till you see this fabric.  Definitely not my taste, but certainly a bold choice.

This is about the point in the process that I was informed that this loveseat was being reupholstered for the client’s dog.  The piece had been the dog’s seat/bed and was being reupholstered as part of the renovation. I have to say while working at the studio well into the wee hours of the morning and fussing about getting the tufts just right, I was feeling a bit jealous of the lavish life this dog must lead. Yes, I said it……I’m jealous of a dog….but I digress.

On to some tufting for the seat back….

And here is the fabric – black and yellowy-orange velvet damask…like I said, if nothing else, it’s a bold statement.  Here is the tufted seat back starting to take shape…

There was lots of piping detail on this one, some single piping and some double.

AAAAnd, drum roll please….

The finished product, back at the client’s house!

The problem with this fabric is that because of the pattern and color, you don’t even see the tufting unless you are up very close, but I can assure those tufts are there.  Overall, I’m pretty happy with the finished product… and so is the client…and the dog 🙂

I’m just finishing up a second piece for the same client which I will share with you soon! Have a great weekend!


*CLARIFICATION: I am NOT, never have been, and never will be an exotic dancer.


  1. Looks awesome LG!! Nice work! xo

  2. Wow I am with you ….. I have never been an exotic dancer,either… oh yes the other comment…. I am jealous of the dog. Your work is beautiful.

  3. hahahah love your clarification. More importantly – this piece is amazing!!! Somuch work, it looks incredible!

  4. That is so cool! awesome job lindsey!!

  5. Looks awesome!

  6. beautiful. congrats

  7. Wow – I love it! The upholstery is just perfect!

  8. Lindsey, it’s beautiful!! You’ll have to show us a photo when it’s installed into the client’s home.

  9. Ypu’re too funny! I’m so happy I found your blog. Thanks so much for stopping by mine. 🙂 Your upholstery job is beautiful! Great job! And congrats on the first client! 🙂 I’m sure there will be many more!

  10. Great job!!! Too funny it was for the client’s dog!!

  11. Lindsay! I finally found your blog card! YAY….and the first paid piece of uber-awesome I see you complete is for a DOG? I have to tell you I laughed, almost as much as I laughed at your “lucite heels” 🙂 The fabric would not have been my choice either, your tufting genius looks lost. So you are now for hire? Wink Wink – Nudge Nudge.

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