Good Morning!

I hope you all have recovered from Monday and are happily plowing through the rest of the week.  Today I’d like to start by saying thanks everyone who provided such lovely comments on the before and after of the loveseat I reupholstered that I posted on the weekend.  Hugs and kisses to you all!

Today I’m focusing on work spaces.  Although I’m just starting to make my hobby/passion an actual business venture, I’ve been thinking about work spaces for a long time.  For an upholstery studio or workspace, you need a space that can get dirty, be easily cleaned, and most importantly has SPACE to spare, both for the upholstery itself and for storage. The challenge is finding/designing an stylish and interesting space that also has those “must-haves”.  One of the spaces that I think does it very well (and I may be somewhat biased because I work there fairly often) is Re:style Studio.  It’s large, bright, airy and totally sleek and stylish yet is the perfect size to work on multiple pieces at once.

Here are some other cool and interesting workspaces –  some that would work for upholstery and some that I just thought were interesting!

via 1,2,3,4,5

Have a great day!


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