Post-Alt Summit Slump

Ok, …..let’s call today honesty Thursday.

I went to Alt Summit last week. I took in every last bit, and loved every second of it. The people, the panels, the roundtables, the parties.  It was truly one of the best experiences I’ve ever had. And yet now…..I can’t write.

 I left Alt on Sunday feeling totally inspired to write and share all of it but it’s been 3 days and I just can’t seem to properly articulate what I learned or adequately portray the experience with pictures. I officially have blogger’s block (if that is even a term).

I won’t lie. I’m feeling pretty bummed about this situation.  Perhaps it is reading all the great recaps that other blogger’s have written or maybe it’s just because I was traveling for 14 hours yesterday but, I am in a post-Alt slump and I’m pretty frustrated with myself.

But here is the one very important thing I will share that I learned at Alt…

And this is what makes me know that the words will eventually come…

I promise by the end of the weekend I will have more to share on my experiences, I think I just need some time to reflect.


Photo 1 via and Photo 2 by me (of Cargoh sticker)


  1. Too funny, I almost posted that cargoh sticker in my “i have nothing to say” post. Don’t worry about the block, its hard getting re-adjusted to “real life”. It was so nice to meet you, can’t wait to follow along!

  2. Don’t worry Lindsey – you are no doubt exhausted! Hard to be creative when all your body wants is sleep. 🙂 Plus there is no deadline on blogging (and thank heavens for that!) so you can do a round-up whenever you feel like it. See you this weekend? 🙂

  3. The words will come – and I totally identify with Bloggers-Block!! Look forward to hearing what got ya thinking at Alt.

  4. Benn thinking about you girl…actually going to write about this today at some point as well. I fall into a slump every once in a while and I just don’t feel like posting, so I don’t. But I love that you were comfortable enough writing about this – that is good. I always tell myself that I want to be proud of what I write, if I’m not feeling up to it or not “feeling” it then I just don’t. I want to feel good about what I put out there. Hope you have a great weekend – get some R&R in.

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