Guest Post: Wicked and Weird – Fashion Inspired by Art

Good morning everyone!
Today (while I’m reading and napping at my cottage in NB), one of my favourite people, Lisa from Wicked and Weird, is here guesting with some great art/fashion inspiration….enjoy!

I am so happy to be doing a guest post for the lovely Miss Lindsey while she is in New Brunswick!  I am also from NB and it is one of my favourite places on earth.  Yes, of course when we met we ran through the “you must know so-and-so,” and of course it turns out she went to high school with my cousins.  That’s NB for you.  Someday Lindsey and I are going to host a fabulous show on antique shopping in New Brunswick (we’ve already decided it will be called The Picker Sisters ) but I will save that post for another day.  Instead, I came across this amazing art work entitled North of the Trans Canada (2006) by NB artist Joanna Close, which she describes as a rural New Brunswick colour palette.  Each tile is actually hand-dyed wool stretched over wood frames. I thought I would use this as inspiration for a few summer outfits, perfect for trolling old barns for treasure (or maybe sitting on a patio talking about trolling old barns for treasure).

See it on Polyvore

See it on Polyvore

See it on Polyvore

 See it on Polyvore

Thanks for having me Lindsey – say hi to New Brunswick for me! 🙂


  1. Lisa needs to come dress me! I love all these outfits!!!

  2. amazing! Love those outfits!

  3. I love that gray maxi skirt. So rich and pretty. Off to check out all these outfits

  4. It’s a deal Shannon! Thanks for having me Lovely Lindsey. Mooah!

  5. Hold the phone! How can I get in on this Picker Sisters gig?? I’m also a native New Brunswicker and transplanted myself to Calgary two years ago. This is making me miss home!

    So glad to have found you both Lindsey and Lisa! I will certainly follow along. Glad to meet some fellow NB design addicts.

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