Last Week’s Loves – July 23rd to 29th (a day late)

Good Morning!

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, I was having the internet Challenges and so I wasn’t able to get my Last Week’s Loves post up.  But luckily for you, it’s make believe day over here at Recreated!  Yep, I’m going to pretend today is Monday, not Tuesday and post LWL’s today.  I know, insane right?  What can I say? Sometimes I’m just crazy like that.

But on to some phenomenal blogger inspiration from last week….

1.  Do you love the look of long skinny birthday candles like I do?  Well, this post from Oh Happy Day shows you how to make fab multicoloured ones.  And it’s oh so simple.

via Oh Happy Day

2. On Friday, Nicole (the lovely lady behind Making it Lovely), in her weekly Honor Roll posted a link to this article called “The key to creating remarkable things” by Mark McGuinness on  It has some great insights on how to prioritize your tasks so you have time to create quality work when you need to.  Well written, you should definitely check it out.


3. Tell me this DIY Quote block posted over at Poppytalk (by contributing editor Penelope and Pip, would not make an amazing gift.

via Poppytalk

4. Nancy from Marcus Design, returning recently from her own fabulous European travels, posted about this gorgeous luxury hotel in Capri, Italy called J.K. Place Capri.  You seriously need to see the pictures of this place…here is sneak peek….


5. Did you see the feature over at Coco + Kelley on these fabulous bags by Jalan Sahba?  Love the details, so chic.

Coco + Kelley via Jalan Sahba

And that’s the round up for last week!  Have a great day!



  1. I love the bags and that hotel looks amazing!

  2. What an awesome roundup. People make their own candles???? Seriously? They’re fantastic but I just can’t imagine squeezing that in to my day. Love the bags!

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