Yard Sale!

Good Morning Lovelies!

I live in a small apartment and I have too much stuff.  So, I need to get rid of it. Normally, I would just pack it up and give it away to charity but I thought, why not have a…..


and make a few extra dollars while I’m at it?  Now, I just decided this yesterday and I want to have it tomorrow, sooooo I have a lot to do to get ready.  I found this printable checklist on the Organized Home which might help.

If you’ll notice, I’m already WAY behind.  The only good thing is that last year I was going to participate in a street sale but it got rained out, so some of my items are ready to go….but I’ve added a lot more to my pile “to get rid of” since then.

I found some good tips on this post from from Organizing Homelife as well.

I’ve posted the sale to Craigslist (well, once they email me to confirm my posting), and then tonight and tomorrow it’s prep, prep, prep!

Hopefully it goes smoothly….any other tips for a first time yard sale?



  1. Hope it went well Lindsey! Want to hear all about it tomorrow! I need to have one too!

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