Amaze-Balls – Holiday Wreath Ideas

Good Morning!

Oh, how I love the holidays.  I’m not one of those people who cringe when the Christmas carols start playing in the stores right after Halloween. I just feel giddy. This is officially my first holiday related post of the season but I’m hoping to post many, many,  more because they are so fun to research!  Today I’ve put together some fun holiday wreath ideas with an, um, “spherical” theme.  Enjoy!


 These bring a new meaning to amazeballs, no? I think smell a DIY coming on here at casa Gerrish.  Stay tuned.



  1. I’m like you, I welcome the Christmas carols right after Halloween! I love this post. I’m on the hunt for some fabulous wreaths. I love the balls of yarn.

  2. Those look great!! They look like they require a LOT of balls…but they do look good. I need to do a wreath but have an evergreen one so I need to think of options…hmmmm

  3. Wreaths make me so happy year round and I particularly like Christmas wreaths. Especially the gold and silver one made of ornaments. Ballsy!!


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