Amaze-“Balls” DIY Holiday Wreath!

Good Morning love muffins!

Happy Wednesday! Remember last week when I posted the Amaze-balls Holiday Wreath Ideas?  Well, it inspired a little holiday DIY project.  Check out below for my fun little how-to….

Pretty decent for a first try, huh?  It was relatively easy and only took about an hour.  And the best thing?  I got all the supplies at the dollar store and the whole thing cost under $10 (including the glue gun which I also got at the dollar store a long time ago).  The only hiccup I encountered was that at the end, I was short a few balls! Which, if you follow me on twitter, you already know from my online dating tweets…. bahahaha…sorry, couldn’t help it. I meant Christmas balls, obviously.  My advice, always have more balls than you think you need (wink, wink). Seriously, it’s like I’m a thirteen year old boy.

Anyway, it was easy, cheap and turned out totally pretty in the end, so you should try it out! And it gives you a good excuse to make balls jokes….which is clearly why I did it.

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  1. Love it! I have always wanted to try one of these!

  2. Amazing wreath and amazing comedy throughout! I appreciated the morning humour 🙂

  3. Love it!! So pretty and I love the gold. And am cracking up at the balls …

  4. Gorgeous. Love the sparkle, shimmer and your ever unique instructions/digressions!
    Brilliant idea to use a foil pan as a form. If my DIY ever gets off the ground, I’ll be sure to use one.

  5. bahahhah the balls jokes make it THAT much better! I love the golden balls…it looks really really good (which is more than I can say for … well you know)

  6. So clever Lady! Looks like you really went Balls Out! HAHAHAHA! (you started it…)

  7. Haha! Love ball jokes with my DIYs!

  8. This is gorgeous! I wish my condo allowed wreaths on our doors. Maybe I’ could hang it on the inside? Hmmmm

  9. Definitely does not look like a dollar store project! Love how it turned out! great job!

  10. I am not even exaggerating when I say that I almost used a pizza pan as a wreath form b/c I can’t believe how expensive they are here! Great job!

  11. Ummm, this is absolutely amazing! Brilliant idea!

  12. Claudia Thompson says:

    How did you hang it? Did you flatten the pan. Very cute. Thanks.

  13. Beautiful!! Making one for my mother in law, how did it hold up? Is it pretty sturdy? Or did any of the balls fall off? Never thought about using a pizza pan


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