Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Good Morning!

This past Tuesday evening I attended the #BrotherBizSmart event, which was a collaboration between Brother Canada and the Yummy Mummy Club and was hosted by my friend Sarah Gunn – DIY guru on Cityline and blogger on Sarah Gunn Wall Candy and Sara Gunn Style! The event was held at the BoConcept furniture store on Adelaide St. East, and was a really great location for this event.

The evening started with an introduction to the new Brother Business Smart Series printer by one of the lovely Brother representatives.

Here is the deal with this fabulous machine: It prints, it copies, it scans.  IT’S WIRELESS.  It prints 11×17 sized paper. It’s SMALL.  Oh, and it’s freakin’ pretty.

Then Sarah showed us how she used this printer to do some great photo DIY projects.

She show us how to easily mount your printed pictures onto canvas to make fabulous (and personal) wall art. In this one, she printed some Instagram shots from her time in Nova Scotia last summer. A very professional looking art piece of her family vacation! I the next photo, and to the right of this busy DIYer, you see a logo she printed and framed, which you could do using your own company logo.  A great idea for small businesses who want some signage for their home office but don’t want to pay for professional printing. Seriously, the creativity of this chiquita is CRAZY. And as I went through my photos of Sarah presenting, I couldn’t help but link these two photos together….

Full disclosure, the above MAY IS NOT a direct quote from Sarah’s presentation, but if is was, I’m sure she would have be talking about enlarging PHOTOS.

Sorry Sarah, I couldn’t resist…

And to top the night off, she announced at the end of her presentation that Brother was giving ALL OF US ONE OF THE PRINTERS!  ALL OF US!  How insane is that??? We were all shocked and very excited. Again, THANKS so much to Brother, YMC and Sarah for this fabulous gift.

Sarah and I taken by Brittany Stager (p.s. I look like a running back in that photo, what is up with my shoulder?)

Overall a fabulous night!

And if my week couldn’t get any better, I’m flying to NYC tonight for a girls weekend. I’ve been to New York many times but have never experienced Christmastime in Manhattan.  Soooo excited.



  1. Love this post and I loved seeing you! Laughing so hard at the double photo….too funny! I have no clue what I really was saying. xo

  2. Lucky! First up, you Torontonians have all the fun!And enjoy NYC – it must be fabulous this time of year!

  3. sooo fun! so sorry that I missed it…looks like it was great (and a printer…for all!?!?) SCORE! Have a great time in NYC with all the sparkle and fun

  4. Oh I love NYC and would love to be there this time of year. Enjoy!

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