Tiny NYC Recap and Discoveries

Good Morning!

I’m back from my NYC weekend with my girlfriends and had a fabulous time.  What did we do?  We ATE…..A LOT.  Well, we did some other things….shopped, skated, danced, people-watched….but it all revolved around eating.  I will be posting more about the trip, but today I just wanted to share with you some shots of the festive Christmas decorations in the Big Apple and some little discoveries and observations I made while I was there.  Here is some of the festivus….

So pretty! There is really nothing like Christmas in New York.

And although I’ve been to New York City a number of times, here are some new observations and discoveries I made on this trip….

1.  There are not enough bathrooms.  I have NEVER waited in a big line for a restroom as often as I did this past weekend. And I’m not talking in big clubs (because I rarely go to those), but in higher end restaurants.  The building codes in NYC must be very different because on one floor of a restaurant and lounge area that probably has a capacity of 100 there were 2 toilets…total…men and women.  I know that space is a commodity there but I would think that a big line up of people waiting for the washroom that extends into the dining room (next to people eating) wouldn’t be what a higher end resto would want.  I was surprised, but it was the same for almost every restaurant we went to.

2. ABC Carpet and Home.  My mecca. How have I not discovered this place before? I loved so many things in that store.  And I only had time to go in to one part of it, I didn’t even get to the furniture part!  My favourite was the jewelry.  The selection on the website doesn’t even scratch the surface of the amazing jewelry selection they have in the ABC collection. It’s all very pricey but is unique and beautiful so I can see why.  I just wish I could afford it!  Here is a little peek…



And this tableware by Jan Burtz is to die for.


And this pretty lighting by lady suss….love.


3.  We have gridlock and angry drivers in Toronto, but New Yorkers LOVE their horns.  They use the horn to communicate everything, it’s almost like another language.

That’s it for today!



  1. Ms Behaviour says:

    I would love to see NYC at Christmas. Maybe next year…

  2. Heaven! I dream of one day experiencing New York at Christmas! Until then, I’ll live it through your posts!

  3. I loooooovveeee NYC at Christmas time! great mini recap…and totally weird re: the bathroom waits!!

  4. ooh i was there last weekend too! i love NYC too..


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