A New Series: Holiday Traditions

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Today I’m starting my series…

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As we roll into last weeks of the holiday season, some of my lovely blogger friends will be sharing their special holiday traditions, old and new.  The format might not always be the same, some days I might share a few blogger traditions, some days only one, and I’ll be sure throw some of my own in from time to time.  I hope you enjoy hearing these stories and memories.

My first blogger to share her holiday tradition is Heather from Interior Groupie!


Hello everyone! I am so happy to be here at Recreated sharing one of my favourite holiday traditions.

My family has many holiday traditions, but the one that sticks out the most to me is our ornament tradition.
My grandmother bought my sister and I one commemorative ornament each year. My mom wrote our initials and year on each ornament, and growing up we had “our” tree with all of our individual ornaments. My sister and I looked forward to a new ornament each year.
Once we moved out into our own places, the ornaments came with us and we had a full tree right from the start. It makes it really nice to celebrate Christmas with a full decorated tree with ornaments from each year on it! I think this is a great idea for kids, or for newly married couples. It is so fun to put the ornaments up and remember each one of them as they get hung on the tree.
Do any of you have a similar tradition? I look forward to hearing all of the different traditions!
Thanks so much Heather for sharing your Christmas tradition  If you would like to contribute to this series, drop me an email! Or just share yours in the comments section.
Can’t wait to share more!


  1. We had the same tradition in our family! I actually recognize one of the ornaments on your tree–frosty friends. That was the series my brother collected each year. I got the Hallmark ‘Mary’s angels’ I think I have about 25! We always found it so special to sit around as we decorated each year and talk about when we got previous ornaments. Instead of nightlights we each had a mini tree in our rooms and Santa would leave one small present under our tree on Christmas morning (and the rest of our usually giant haul under the family tree) I love hearing that other people did the same thing! I loved having a treeful to start out this year although my husband was slightly overwhelmed seeing how many ornaments I had (and he wasn’t as enthused with the whole angel collection…surprise surprise?!)

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