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Good Morning,

I apologize for being absent over the last week but sadly, my Nana unexpectedly passed away last Friday while I was still in New Brunswick.  Thankfully, I hadn’t flown back to Toronto yet and was able to be there for the funeral.  Today I want to give you a little sense of my who my Nana was.  I will keep it brief, because knowing how humble Nana was she would hate being the center of attention or the subject of too much praise.


My Nana was a lovely, kind-hearted, and selfless person. Pretty amazing traits to have in a grandmother I would say.  She rarely thought of herself first and always gave to others without question.  She lived in the small community of Plaster Rock, New Brunswick for all of her adult life and gave a tremendous amount of time to the community.  She made the best baked goods and shared them with everyone.  Her creamy delicious fudge was famous in the community, so much so that when the Minister mentioned it in the funeral service someone in the back row shouted out “Amen!”.

(photo via House and Home )

But I think, above all, her legacy will be her creative talents.  She was a master at all types of needlework; knitting, crocheting and quilting.  She made hundreds of beautiful quilts, crocheted more table runners and place-mats than I can count, and my whole family (and probably a large number of people in the village of Plaster Rock) has at least a few pairs of her warm knit socks.  As you may recall, back in April I posted this post called Family Heirloom. It was about the crocheted blanket that Nana made using the squares started by her mother.

And she gave it to me.  This is  one of the best gifts I have ever received, and now that she is gone I will cherish it even more.  And I take comfort knowing her spirit will live on in the beautiful things she made and she leaves behind.




  1. I’m so sorry Lindsey. Your Nana sounds like a marvelous lady!

  2. Your Nana sounds like a fantastic lady!

  3. Oh Lindsey, I am so sorry to hear this sad news. She sounds like she was an incredible woman – how lucky to have had the chance to get to know her so well! Hugs, Lisa

  4. Lindsey, Hugs to you. I’m so sorry to hear of your Nana’s passing. Thank you for sharing your memories and her gifts, she sure sounds like a wonderful woman.

  5. RECREATED says:

    Thanks for all the kind words everyone!

  6. Aww, what a sweet post. I’m sure she’s so happy to hear (read?) all the kind words. Hope you’re doing OK. xo

  7. So sorry for your loss Lindsey but the post is a beautiful tribute to your amazing grandma!!

  8. Great tribute to Nana and all of her amazing talents – and looks like she passed on some of these talents to you, so she will live on.

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