Fashion Friday: Currently Coveting

Good Morning!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done a fashion post, so I thought today I would share some pieces that I have been oogling on the internet of late.  Thankfully many are on sale!

1. Winter Kate Wrap Blouse

2.She Inside Black and White Sweater

3. Vince silk pants

4. J. Crew Silk Pintuck Blouse

5. ChicNova Navy Sweater Dress

6. Rose Red Ruffle Cape

7. Almari Pleat Sleeve Floral Top

8. Raxevsky Sandra Knitted Cardigan

On Day 5 of the & 7 day cleanse….still hungry.  Maybe after I finish I’ll treat myself to something on this list.  I deserve it for giving up coffee for a whole week, right?




  1. Ms Behaviour says:

    I love the silk pants too but I can’t buy clothes that are dry clean only : (

  2. Gah! These are gorgeous for my alternate reality life…. Also, YOU GAVE UP COFFEE?

  3. Good for yu for sticking with the cleanse!! I think I would be so grumpy…could give up coffee but not bread or other goodies. You definitely deserve one of these treats, I just can’t help you pick only one though!

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