It’s baaaack – Last Week’s Loves: January 7th to 11th

Good Morning!

I did it! I’m all finished the cleanse! Seven days, no refined sugar, no carbs, no starchy veggies, no processed foods, and no COFFEE.  Which means now I can gradually going to work things back into my diet – like rice, red meat and some starchy vegetables.  Oh and most importantly I’m going to allow myself some coffee again.  Oh how I have missed you, sweet coffee.  All in all how was the cleanse?  Well, I really was hungry for most of the week, even when I was eating every hour or two.  I sort of feel “cleansed” but most importantly I’m on a better diet and have gotten better at meal planning.  (P.S. You have to be really organized to limit your diet or you will starve to death.)  All in all I think it was good for me. Going forward I’m still going to try to limit my carbs and sugar as much as possible, just not eliminate it entirely.

More importantly, I’m back this week with last week’s loves! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my loves and I’m excited to get back to it.  So, why dilly-dally with more talk?  Let’s get right to it!

1.  This recipe for 1 minute frozen yoghurt that I found on In Honor of Design looks awesome! I only wish I had read it before I did the cleanse because I could have had it with cheating!  Even though the cleanse is over, I’ll still be trying it!

 2.   This ring, by Mocium which I saw on Bliss Blog’s Friday Pins post, is one gorgeous piece of loveliness and I’m in love.  It’s actually a custom ring that you can’t buy, but I’m in love with all their jewelry.  Seriously beautiful stuff.


3. Loved reading about this mural installation in Washington D.C. on Design for Mankind.  The mural was painted by Hense, a graffitti artist from Atlanta, and it covers an entire church along the waterfront in an area thought to be the next big art district in D.C.  Interesting article and a great way to liven up a less than vibrant area of a city!

4.  Loved Emily Henderson’s Tips for finding vintage pieces on Craigslist.  That lady is so DAMN helpful.  Seriously great.

5. A great DIY coaster idea from Ez over at Creature Comfort.  Already thinking what photos I could use for some of my own….hmmm.

Have a great day!




  1. Yay you! That is amazing!

    And how much do I LOVE those coasters?!

  2. those coasters are incredible!! Love them – welcome back to carb heaven lady.

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