Friday Musings

Good Morning Lovelies,

I woke up with the beginnings of a cold this morning.  And here is the kicker….I recently finished a 7 day cleanse which was essentially 80% fruits and vegetables, giving me a week of constant vitamin and mineral intake, and NOW I start to get a cold?  This karma seems a bit backward.

But enough about my physical health, and on to the thinking side. I have had a whole bunch of thoughts and ideas rolling around in my noggin’ this week.  Mostly random ones and about various aspects of my life.  So, because it’s Friday, and because I like to share the quirky confines of my brain with you all, I’m just going throw out some of my recent musings.

1.  I think I need a personal clothes shopper.  Alright, the likelihood that I would EVER pay anyone to help me shop is REALLY low, but I am a bad shopper.  I’m not saying I have bad style or need to be on the next episode of “What not to Wear”, but I have a really hard time looking in my closet, assessing what I need, and what I should be buying to maximize the pieces I already have.  I wish I could shop and put together outfits like this lovely lady…




2.  I’m caught in a web of interdependence when it comes to storage and decor in my place.  And the web begins here:

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA My kitchen cupboards are too shallow for any decent sized serving platters so I end of storing them here on top of my fridge I would like to move them to open shelving here…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA but my makeshift bar is currently residing on that shelving….which is why I want/need to find a pretty bar cart to put here in my living room, under my window….

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (There was a bookcase here which is why there is a stack of books sitting there right now).  I envision my bar cart area looking something like these ones…


So, as you can see I need the bar cart in order to deal with other storage and decor issues. The search continues.

3.  I need to work on my Recreated Facebook page.  Let’s be honest, it’s less than spectacular and I rarely post to it or update it.  It really needs a revamp.  Does anyone know if its possible to concurrently post to two Facebook pages?

4. It is possible the I may be going on an amazing trip very soon.  I’m still sorting things out so I don’t want to jinx it by telling you where yet, but it will involve me doing this to get there…

Will keep you posted!

Have a great Friday!




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