Family Cottage Porch Design: Inspiration Board

 Good Morning!

Despite looking out the window and seeing rain mixed with hail, I have summer and cottages on the brain.  Specifically my family’s cottage in New Brunswick.  My parents have asked for me to help them refresh the enclosed porch area of the cottage. It is all windows, 15 of them I believe, so it is light and airy.  But the decor and furniture is dated, and it lacks a cottage-y vibe. Alot of browns and beiges and heavy fabrics.  As a starting point they have picked out a sofa bed from IKEA (for extra bed for guests) which will be a dark blue and they have already purchased a nautical inspired pendant fixture. My mom loves soft blues and greens found in sea glass colours, so those will be the main colours along with some grey and yellow.   I’ve put together a board with some fabrics, colours, and inspiration photos to get me started. 

(Disclaimer for Mom: I know everything here doesn’t GO perfectly together (she is drawn towards things that are very matchy-match), but it’s just an idea board, all of it won’t be necessary make it in the final design)  

Cottage Inspriation board_edited-1

I will be starting the actual design soon and will keep you up to date as I progress.  Also, now that I think about it, I haven’t been given a budget on this project yet 🙂





  1. Hey, it looks wonderful so far not “matchy-match”. But I have one comment encapsulating 2 issues: 1) The wall against the cottage is unpaintable & 2) The floor model 1945-1950 radio is not invited.

    Looks great !!

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