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Next on my long list of things I would like to buy for my place is a proper table for my eat-in kitchen.  The table will go in a corner that is roughly 3′  x 5′.  I would prefer a round table, but would also consider a square or oval.  And a drop leaf would be great to gain space if I need it.  I think I’ve settled on either an antique gate leg table or a Duncan Phyfe style table pedestal base table.  But the focus of today’s post is the gate leg table.

Gate Leg Table copy

I found a basic definition and brief history on the gate leg table from Antiques

“A gate leg table is a type of drop-leaf table, whose sides are attached to legs that are hinged beneath the tabletop; the legs swing out, gate-like, allowing the leaves to be raised; the tabletop itself is usually round or oval, and plain, while the legs are often elaborately turned or spiral and connected by stretchers. A single drawer is common.

Dating from the late 16th century, this Baroque piece of portable furniture flourished throughout the 17th century and is highly characteristic of Jacobean and William and Mary furniture, representing the less formal, more intimate dining customs of the period. It continued throughout the 1700s, gradually waning in favor of more graceful portable designs, such as the Pembroke table. The later 18th-century versions usually have thinner, simpler legs and rectangular tabletops.”  

I like the fact that I could use this table as my kitchen/dining table but when I have a proper dining room I can still use it for other things.  Maybe a console table with the leaves dropped, or a desk with one leaf down? So many options.

1,2,3 (unknown),4,5

It’s definitely a strong candidate but I’m still pondering. Next week I’ll profile the other option I’m considering.




  1. Ms Behaviour says:

    I love my table, though without the legs being connected it probably isn’t technically a gate leg table. I am so glad that I picked it up in Cape Cod (for a steal!) despite the strong objections of my traveling partner. Turns out he was wrong about all sorts of things 🙂

    I finished the first complete sanding a couple of weeks ago and would like to do more but I generated so much sanding dust that my cleaning lady said the wash water was muddy when she mopped the floors. And I swept and vacuumed when I was done!

  2. Love the flexibility of a gate leg table. And those pics are gorgeous!


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