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I am trying to be more creative with my hair these days.  This is partly out of desire to mix things up, but also out of necessity. My hair gets greasy fast so my bangs get pretty gross unless wash every day. So, I’ve been experimenting.  I’ve tried out some braided looks recently, and now I’m thinking about venturing into hairbands.  I don’t know if hairbands are “in” right now (I usually don’t pay much attention to hair trends) but over the years celebs have had some pretty lovely ones….





And here are few that I’m enjoying.

Hairbands copy

clockwise from top right: Gold Rush Headband, Hoop Claw Handmade Phoenix Wing Hairband, Jennifer Oullette Perforated Dotted Leather Turban, ATHENA Grecian Leaf Headpiece in Raw Brass, lace headband by fashionmeme, Plumo fabric headband (sold out).

Pretty fun, huh? The lace and beaded ones are my particular favorites!

Do any of you wear hairbands regularly?




  1. Ms Behaviour says:

    Only when I’m running! I like some of these looks, especially the one on Emily Blunt. One tip is not to play with your bangs/hair. That way the oil from your hands won’t transfer to your hair and it won’t get greasy as quickly.

  2. Found a great hairband/wrap at Nordstrom. Has a wire in it so it actually stays on your head. Plus you can twist it around a bun or as a headband! Genius!

  3. I don’t do headbands but info like them on others – go for it! By the way – new site looks fantastic!

  4. OHmigosh, LOVE the new blog look – so fresh and organized! I always try the hair band thing, but they give me headaches and pop off the back of my head… what does that say about the shape of my head? not sure… but I bet they would look gorgeous on you!

  5. Love the gold leaf headband! Gorgeous. See you at Blog Podium? 🙂

    • For sure, I will be there! Come by and introduce yourself, with so many people I’m scared I won’t get to meet everyone!

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