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Good Morning!

Two weekends ago I hit up the Christie Antique Show.  It’s a giant outdoor antique market located in the Christie Lake Conservation Area just outside Hamilton, Ontario.  I went with Paige Smith, who I met at an event in the summer having recently relocated to Toronto from Calgary.  She makes these lovely pieces of goodness:

via Paige Smith

The day we went it was cloudy and calling for rain, but this show takes place only twice a year and it’s rain or shine. It opens at 8 am.  We arrived at 8:30 am and it was already crazy busy.  The goal for me was to get a dining table for my kitchen.  If you saw this post from awhile back you may recall that I was looking for a round table and potentially a gate leg so I could fold it down out of the way if I needed to.  I wanted it to be white, or be in a condition where I wouldn’t feel bad painting the wood. Well guess what?  I found one!


 Perfect size, gate-leg and paint-able (i.e the wood isn’t gorgeous).  Dining Table: CHECK!

I also picked up these beautiful little lovers to start my stacking ring collection…

stacking rings

A last minute purchase was this gorgeous brass fireplace screen.  It’s in great shape and hardly any patina on it.


And the fact that I purchased anything at all is a miracle.  Why?  Well, remember when I said it was supposed to rain?  Well it did.  In DROVES.  I’m talking run for the hills and take cover kind of rain at times.  But we had made the trek early in the morning on a Saturday to be there and we weren’t going to quit early.  Thanks to Paige for being such a trooper with me.  I would definitely go back for the spring show.





  1. ahhh good for you for braving the rain – it was torrential!! Your finds are great…do you think it was less picked over because of the horrendous weather? You managed to find some great finds.

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