A New Discovery: Photisserie

Good Morning!

Are you ready for some visual gorgeousness this morning?  I was perusing a post from This is Glamorous from earlier this week where she shared the blog Photisserie by photographer Kathreinerle. The name of the blog is a combination of photography and pâtisserie.  O.M.G. I have been scrolling through these beautifully simple photos and I’m in awe.  Beautiful photographs + food, recipes and travel = SIGN ME UP.  Here is just a tiny taste of the gorgeous you will see.

all photos via Photisserie by photographer Kathreinerle

Tell me these are not simply gorgeous photos.  Nevermind, I know you can’t. Thank-you a million times over to Roseline for sharing this blog.  It has made my day. I was already planning on taking a photography course “at some point”, but now I’m inspired to get on it!  Oh and I’m also now very hungry.

Have a great day!

XO, Lindsey

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