Weekend Musings

Good Morning!

Well, I was planning on announcing a winner to my giveaway today, but no one officially entered.  That is a first! I suspect this may have something to do with the fact that many of my readers attended Blogpodium and one of the items in the gift bag was Fall Home Show tickets.  Not to worry, I won’t let them go to waste!

Here is a little synopsis of my weekend….

My weekend 1.  I did a tiny bit of shopping. I dropped into a Target on my way to do some other errands and found some fun herringbone pieces for fall.  Great prices.  Of course, I didn’t find any casual clothes to buy. My curse of not being able to pick out casual clothing continues.

2.  I almost finished up a DIY fall decorating project that I’ve been working on that will be on the blog soon!

3.  I bought some fall flowers. I love fresh flowers in my place….it just makes me happy.

4.  However most of my weekend was spent sewing and installing an upholstery project for a client.  I did my first “on location” upholstery job.  It was a breakfast area bench that was constructed in place. And because of how it was constructed and attached I couldn’t upholster it in pieces, so I had to do it in place.  Definitely a learning experience but it turned out well. I’ll have some pictures once the cushions are all complete and in place.

And that was my weekend!  Mostly work but sometimes that is just the way it is.

Also, if you haven’t voted in the Upcycle Challenge: Unhinged contest, I so would appreciate your vote.  So far I’m not doing great at defending my title from last year!  To vote go here.   And you can vote every 24 hours, in case you feel like voting more than once.



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