F/W 2014 Shopping Challenge – Day 14

 Good Morning!

First of all, a giant Happy Birthday shout out to my big brother Blake!  I hope you are having a great day.  Today I have an update on my F/W 2014 Shopping Challenge.  I’m now on day 14 and I’ve made a little bit of progress on my list…3 items down.  I’m definitely finding that having this list is helping me focus my shopping.  That being said, I still have a lot of items to go!  Anyhoo, here is the update.

THE LIST - Update 1 copy


As you can see so far I’ve gotten the wedges, plaid blazer and 1 t-shirt (hence the small check mark).  Here are my first 3 items….



Nine West cougar print pony-hair booties….with a wedge (a small one but it counts!).  I love these.


Embellished T-shirt from fcUK.  Love the little owl on the front.

And this lovely cranberry and navy plaid blazer from Zara.  It’ has a great cut and I’m loving the colour!

And where am I on the budget???   Well, the booties weren’t cheap (but you did see how cute they were, right??) but luckily the other two items were pretty great deals  for combined total spend of $338.88. Which means at day 14, I have $1161.12 left.  Not too bad, but I’m going to have to be careful as I still have a lot of items left to get.   Anyone up for a road trip to the outlets in Buffalo?


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  1. that plaid blazer is awesome! I love this challenge btw!

    • RECREATED says:

      Thanks Julie! I’m such a fan of that blazer too. I thought finding the “right” plaid blazer would be one of the harder things on my list, but apparently not! Unfortunately, finding the other items is proving more difficult!

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