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This morning I’m sharing the incredible transformation of the Washburn A Flour Mill ruins into the Mill City Museum in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Designed by MSR Architecture, this is a great example of beautiful and innovative adaptive reuse.

The original A Mill was built in 1874, but soon after was leveled by an explosion which destroyed most of Minneapolis’ riverfront business area. The A Mill was rebuilt by 1880, with state-of-the-art machinery and it thrived until the it was shut down in 1965.  In 1991, there was a fire which nearly destroyed the building. In the late 1990’s the Minnesota Historical Society announced that it would rebuild and open a museum in the A Mill.


Mill City Museum focuses on the history of flour milling, water power, railroading, food product development, grain trading, and farming, and related stories.




All photos via the MSR Architecture website

Isn’t this such a cool space?  As well as a museum it has become a popular wedding venue as well.  No big surprise there!   You can see more historic photos and learn more about Museum programming at the Mill City Museum website. Have a great day!


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