Dinner Party: Tacos Around the World

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Normally I don’t do posts about my weekend, but I just had to post about a dinner party I went to on Saturday night. My friends Rena and Stefan hold an annual wedding party reunion dinner as thanks to those who stood up with them when they got married 3 years ago.  Let me start off by saying these two are the hosts with the most. Typically they send out a list of menu ideas in advance for voting.  The menu that won this year was “Tacos Around the World”.  They took six places they have traveled to and made tacos inspired by those locations.  Can I just say that Rena is a rock star?  First , here are a few shots of the prep work.  I took these pictures while I sipped a glass of wine and observed in awe the many moving parts of this meal.

prep copy

And then came the tacos, there were a total of six but I only got pictures of five for some reason.  (OK, the reason was tequila.  This group LOVES to eat but they also LOVE to drink.) Back to the food. WARNING: the following content may make you go into a jealous rage, proceed with caution.

Tacos copy

Here are the tacos from the top down:

  1.  New York –  Eggplant marinara on salad greens in a crispy parmesan taco shell (inspired by a similar taco they had at Torrisi’s Italian Specialties)
  2. Spain – Gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp) on tomato paella cake-taco
  3. Hawaii – Grilled mahi mahi with coleslaw and jalapeno mango salsa on a corn tortilla
  4. Peru – Roast chicken with charred corn and asparagus with asparagus crema and puffed quinoa  on a corn tortilla
  5. France – Boeuf bourguignon with salade Lyonnaise (baguette “tortilla”)
  6. Korea – Kalbi (Korean short ribs) with kimchi and pickled daikon and carrots in a steamed bao “tortilla” (Not pictured)

They were sooo delicious. Hawaii, Peru and Korea were my faves for sure but they were all amazing.  And then after all that we got not one but TWO desserts…..

dessert copy

Salted caramel pots de crème with roasted hazelnut shortbread sand and devil’s food cake with salted caramel and fudge sauce. OMG. They were both to die for.

So much food, so much fun (too much tequila), and a great night.  Thanks Rena and Stef for hosting such a fabulous dinner.


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  1. You do have me in a jealous rage. That meal looked delicious!! I’ll take one of each, please. And what a sweet idea, to have an annual wedding party reunion.

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