Holiday Decor and Annual Christmas Lunch

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It was a busy weekend with three different Christmas gatherings as well as some holiday cooking on the agenda.  I also have finally managed to take a few shots of my Christmas decorating.  Here is a little snippet of some of the festive prettiness around my place.

christmas decor copy

The shimmery goodness in the top picture was a mini DIY project made from three white gourds that STILL weren’t old and rotten even though I’ve had them since October! I spray-painted those bad boys gold and set them up with some greenery in margherita glasses.  Instant loveliness.  And the picture second from the bottom shows off my new “Merry & Bright” print from SS print shop.  Awesome.

On Sunday I went to the annual Christmas lunch that my friends and I have.  There was good food, eight kids between the ages of 0 and 4, and Santa. My friends Sam & Pete hosted the party again this year, which is a feat considering Sam is 8 months pregnant AND they only returned from a week-long vacation Saturday night!  I tell you, this woman is a machine.  Anyhoo, here is a little looksie at the fabulous food we all put together.

christmas lunch copy

On the menu were the most luxurious make-your-own sandwiches using with delicious beef tenderloin and beef brisket, and some yummy salads .  The dessert highlight had to be the adorable Santa hat cupcakes. Delicious meal.

And then came the favourite part of the Christmas lunch….when one of of the Dad’s dresses up as Santa Claus (they rotate) and they bring all the kids little gifts.  Of course there are always a couple of kids who aren’t keen on Santa which results in tears but this year’s the reaction to the the jolly fat man?  It could be best described as an all out revolt.  The majority of kids were in tears the moment he got the bottom of the stairs.  I wish I had more pictures of some of the good moments with Santa but these are what the majority of my pictures look like.


Now, this in no way is a reflection of the performance of Santa himself (Geoff you did a great job), but let’s be honest to a 2-3 year old a big fat man in a red suit who is loud, has jingle bells and is a complete stranger (as far as they know) is kinda frightening.  There is also a video of Santa’s arrival in which the ensuing choas was described by one of the parents as being “like a bomb went off”. I was going to post the video, but I decided not to as it might make you re-think having a Santa at your holiday party ever again.  The best/worst part about the video is you can make out the not so faint sounds of laughter in the background as so many of us adults were unable to keep a straight face during this seemingly traumatic event. Of course it was highly sympathetic laughter.  One thing is for sure, I now have a lot more respect for the mall Santa.


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