High and Low: Black Crossbody Purses

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I am in the market for a new black purse and I’m leaning towards a crossbody purse.  When this trend first came around I was skeptical, partly because so many of them were “mini” purses and really looked more like wallets with the strap.  That being said, having used larger purses over the years, I’m getting sick of having too much space in my purses and constantly losing things in the great abyss, so to speak.  So, I’m leaning toward something larger than the mini crossbody, but not too large.  A purse that can fit my wallet, phone, and a few other small items.

For example, this one would be too small….


While this size is just right….


Also, the crossbody strap is pretty practical – true “no hands” functionality so that if you are carrying other things you know your bag won’t fall off your shoulder or arm.  An added bonus for sure. I’ve put together a little high-low round-up of black crossbody purses.  The “highs” are greater than $200, while the lows are less than $200.  crossbody bags copy High (clockwise from top left) – Elizabeth & James Leather Mini Crossbody bag, J. Crew Goodwinn purse, Loeffler Randall Crossbody – Mini Rider, Opelle Baby Botanist 

Low (clockwise from top left) – 3.1 Phillip Lim for Target® Top Handle Crossbody, Lodis Accessories Olympic Blvd Sloane Chain Crossbody, Pieces Diana Boxy Across Body Bag (Via Asos.com), Mango Metal fastening cross body bag

This really does prove that there are some decent inexpensive versions of the crossbody purse.  My PURSE-onal fave in the high category (see what I did right there??) is the Opelle Baby botanist.  It isn’t cheap but it’s made by a Canadian company (buy local) and I’ve touched their bags (they were at the One of a Kind Show this year) and the leather is beautiful and the designs are amazing.  In the low category, I think I would go with the Pieces Diana bag because it has a little added texture….then again none of these would be in the round-up if I didn’t like them, so all of them get my approval.

How do you like the crossbody purse?


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  1. I love mine. I can walk the dog and still be stylish without worrying about getting poo on my purse! I have the Jorja small from Matt and Nat (Yay economic friendly). Here is the large version. I love it because the adjustable strap means I can carry it over the shoulder too. And of course this is my fave colour. Sadly it is all sold out in black.

  2. That was supposed to say eco friendly.

  3. I love cross-bodies; all of my faves are that style. And I love your selections – I actually think I might even prefer some of the less expensive ones. That never happens!

    • RECREATED says:

      I know, right? I agree. I think the difference is that the cheaper ones aren’t all real leather. Which, depending on the quality of the faux leather, might not be an issue. Glad you liked the selections!

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