Lamb: The Other (Other) White Meat

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I like lamb, but I rarely ever have it at home. I think it’s partly because I’m not exactly sure how to prepare it and it’s also not quite as cheap as other white meat so I just immediately get pork or chicken. I’d like to reduce my consumption of red meat but I get sick of chicken and pork all the time. So, I would like to expand my meat repertoire to include lamb. This morning I’m sharing some lamb recipes that I’m planning on trying soon.

The first recipes I’m planning to try are the ones got me thinking about lamb in the first place.  I was watching an episode of Jamie Oliver’s Save with Jamie Money Saving Meals.  I really like this show, which has the a theme of ‘shop smart, cook clever, waste less’. The description from the Jamie Oliver Website: It’s about making the most of your ingredients, embracing leftovers, using your freezer, loads of clever things that will help you ‘shop smart, cook clever, waste less’ for your family using Jamie’s cheap meal ideas.”  The episode I caught had two lamb recipes.  The first was a roasted  lamb shoulder

via (Jamie Oliver Website)

It looks delicious, and if cooked properly (i.e. how Jamie did it) the lamb just falls off the bone. YUM. But what really got me interested was that he used the leftover lamb shoulder to make these gorgeous looking Crispy Moroccan Lamb Pastillas.

via (Jamie Oliver Website)

Don’t these look delicious? I’m sure this show was originally geared toward family’s who want to save money while feeding many people, but it is also great for single people.  I always struggle with how to use up my leftover because I inevitably have lots of them.  And these recipes really made me want to start cooking with lamb.  Now I just need to find some time to get to the butcher.

Do you have any lamb recipes that you enjoy?


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  1. Lets try this at Easter

  2. oooh – that looks yummy! Where are you watching the episodes? i also live alone and would love some ideas on how to change leftovers into something interesting

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