Masters of Furniture: Milo Baughman

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I’ve excited to launch a new series called “Masters of Furniture” which will highlight furniture design icons and their famous pieces. I’m starting with a designer who I have only recently discovered: Milo Braughman.  Milo was a  highly respected modern furniture designer from the 1940’s until his death in 2003.

Here’s a little more about the history on Mr. Braughman. (P.s. He’s kind of handsome for an older gentleman, isn’t he?)  Milo studied product and architectural design at the Art Center School of Los Angeles and at Chouinard Art Institute (now the California Institute of the Arts). He started designing furniture for companies in the mid-1940s.  Those companies included Mode Furniture, Glenn of California, The Inco Company, Pacific Iron, Murray Furniture of Winchendon, Arch Gordon, Design Institute America, George Kovacs, Directional, Henredon and Drexel. However, his best known and longest running relationships was with Thayer Coggin Inc., from 1953  until 2003.  he used a lot of wood, chrome and brass in his designs.  His furniture is well designed, and although not cheap, it was certainly affordable.  He was very well respected and in his later years spent alot of time teaching the importance of good design. He was inducted into the Furniture Designer’s Hall of Fame in 1987.

Now, I am not normally a fan of uber-modern furniture, but his aren’t modern in the “get out your lava-lamp” kind of way or super futuristic and unrealistically shaped in the “I should be in a museum” kind of way.  They have a timelessness and livability about them which makes them easy to incorporate into almost any style of space.  And that screams good design to me.


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Some pretty great pieces, if you ask me.  (And yes, I am aware no one is likely to ask me…).  I first came across his furniture when looking for chairs for my kitchen/dining table. Here are some that caught my eye….well, before I remembered that I will need quite small chairs to fit under my smallish gateleg table).

Pink and brass. AH-mazing.

Oh wait…mauve and brass is equally amazing.

And Ms. Tobe Reed of because it’s awesome introduced me to these lovelies….

Images via 1,2,3

Regardless of my disappointment that I can’t fit these in my space right now, I am so happy to have stumbled upon Milo’s genius work. Owning one of his classic modern pieces is going to be a must in a future home of mine.

I hope you enjoyed and would love to hear your thoughts on this new series.


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  1. Remember The 2 chairs in Barb Goolds living room, except hers were in fabric.
    They were exactly no. 6……and from the 50’s too.

  2. GORGEOUS style! I would be happy to put any of these pieces in my home! Thanks for the designer introduction!!

    • I know right? It is so well designed! I’m pretty excited to discover more amazing furniture designers in this series.

  3. Gorgeous style – I think I love all of these pieces! I did not know much about him, thanks for the info. It’s amazing how these mid-century designs have such staying power. I have a noguchi table that I got (dirt cheap) in an auction. It is so versatile and looks great just about anywhere in my home. I don’t think I would have bought one for the full price years ago, but after owning it I think it’s totally worth it. My sis Nadia has the Nelson bench, and she says the same thing – she has used it just about everywhere in several places she has lived. These designers sure knew what they were doing.

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