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Today I’m (FINALLY) sharing my Interior Design Show 2014 experience with you.  I took many photos and picked up many cards/brochures and I’ve managed to whittle it down to my absolute faves for your perusal.

AERIN at Cocoon Furnishings

Aerin Lauder (granddaughter of Ms. Estee Lauder) has made her way into the luxury home decor and furnishings market through her lifestyle brand AERIN. Cocoon Furnishings is the exclusive supplier of the AERIN home line  in Canada.  You can also browse them here. Their booth featured just some of the gorgeous wares from this line.  Loving all the gold and mahogany. Sadly even her picture frames are well out of my budget.


Studio North

The studio north area of the show features mostly Canadian (and some international) studios that create one-of-a-kind and custom design pieces that are unique and forward-thinking.  Always a highlight of the show for me.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Clockwise from top left: 1. Coffee table from of design inc. 2. Lighting from Morba 3. Birdfeeder from Nieuw. 4. ubagaan from the National Design Collective (this is so cool, part bench -part toboggan, read all about it here) (credit for the ubagaan, bottom right, is the National design collective website)  5. bookends by MSDS Studio,


Loved the booth from Mettro. Who wants plain old subway tiles when you can have their beautiful tiles?



Seriously, Ikea ALWAYS nails it with their booth at IDS.  They are fabulous at showing how to incorporated their affordable designs and decor with to make them look like you spent a bundle.  You always leave saying “That was IKEA?”  This year was not different from the bathroom vanity on a wall of gold tile to the antique settee upholstered in their affordable fabric line.  As usual IKEA was a hit.


Innit Construction

A new discover y at IDS this year was Innit Construction.  Their line of super fun and highly comfortable indoor-outdoor chairs made from vinyl cording are awesome. The have the classic (Acapulco), a rocker, bar stools and more.  Super fun furniture for your deck. I also was also considering the Concha dining chair (on the left below) for my new table, but the price point is a bit high. (Also, these are going to be carried at the Bay soon).



I really enjoyed the funky wall coverings by New Wall and Thoreaux.


Beauti-tone Paint

And one of my favourite booths of the show was from Home Hardware Beauti-Tone paint which featured artist Amy Shackleton who created this amazing art using their paint.  And you got to watch her work! (At least when I was there eon Saturday). Very fun.


Although the show was packed with lots of  other amazing things, those are the high points of my visit.

Did you go to the show? If not I would highly recommend it to you next year. If you did go, what were your faves?


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  1. Great recap Lindsay! I finally got around to getting mine up today as well. So much inspiration in one room it was really hard to narrow down my top picks! How did you find the crowds on Saturday? I went Thursday night And it was crazy. A really fun party atmosphere but I would have liked the lights up a bit more to really see everything. Next year hopefully I’ll be able to do both days but it didn’t work out this time.

  2. Please remind me about the tile when (if??) I get around to redoing my kitchen. I also LOVE the wallpaper but can’t imagine anything that bold in my space. As for the dining chairs, they’re pretty but I find that dining chairs that tilt back make me spill food all over myself. I mean, I know I’m a spilly pants but what’s up with that??

  3. Hi, Lindsey!
    You made a lovely recap of the show. I didn’t get a chance to go this year since I’ve been out of Toronto for two months now, I am spending a year abroad on a scholarship programme and I’m really sorry I missed the IDS this year. I always go with my family and we hunt for new and affordable designer furniture and decor for our home. You are right, IKEA does a great job every single year. I browse blogs and news for articles about IDS so that I get to see what was exhibited and I have noticed that their chandeliers (I think they’re called Stockholm) were really similar to one amazing lamp fixture that looked like a dandelion. I am guessing it was probably ten times the price of the IKEA one, who always aim at making design affordable. That’s what I love about them at least as much as their design. Did you also visit the design bazaar? That’s where I always spend most of my time! Great for some bargain hunts. Thanks for the walk-through, I really hope I can see it next year.

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