IKEA Strind Coffee Table Hack

Good Morning!

This morning I’m sharing a little IKEA coffee table hack. A few years ago I built and upholstered an ottoman/coffee table with a tufted top and storage inside for my living room.


Although not shown above I normally have a lucite tray on top that I use for a hard surface.  I loved this piece for quite awhile but as time has gone on it has started to wear out.  There are stains on it which I haven’t been able to  get out and it just looks a little worse for wear.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It also has started to annoy me that it doesn’t have a larger hard surface on top.  I could get a bigger tray I suppose, but I think I have just been craving a proper hard top coffee table.  Also, due to my own poor design, it weighs about 1000 pounds.  Ok, not that much but it’s HEAVY.  I used what I had on hand when I built the frame, and the wood I had just happened to be 2×4’s, which aren’t particularly heavy on their own but clearly are when built as a frame.  So the piece is a pain in the a$$ to move.

When I was looking at coffee tables, I came across this Ikea coffee table makeover by the Hunted Interior and was inspired.

via the Hunted Interior

So, I went to Ikea and found this Strind coffee table for $129.00. I like the round shape and the fact that it has a second level. I’m not a fan of the wheels but I figured it was something I could replace later if I wanted too.

Photo via Ikea

I spray painted the metal base using Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold paint which gives a lovely rosy gold tone which I like.



And this is what I got…





I’m very happy with the result! I’m still not loving the wheels but without them it’s too low, so I’ll have to live with them for now.

Have a great day!


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  1. Heather @ InteriorGroupie says:

    Lovvvveee how this turned out!! Well do e

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! a drastic difference from the original – amazing what a little spray paint can do:)

  3. I really like your updated table compared the original IKEA version. You made it look so easy to do too! Pinning! This is fabulous!

    • Thanks Thea! You are pinning before I have even pinned it, so thanks so much for that! (Just about to install the Pin it plugin on my site so people can pin images directly!).

  4. Holy crapballs, this is without a doubt the most impressive “hack” I have ever seen. I think we should have some sort of coffee table party to celebrate your ingenuity and ridiculous creative vision. Don’t forget I called dibs on the ottoman coffee table, should you decide to get rid of it.

  5. looks great, it’s amazing what a little spray paint can do! ~www.thepinkzipper.blogspot.ca~

  6. What a transformation!!! I want the coffee table!! Great job!! Pinning!

  7. Great job Lindsey! Loving the gold.

  8. Im totally going to do this ! How did you do the wheels so the sides stayed black and the center is gold ?

  9. As Lilly asked, can you please elaborate on the wheels step?

    • RECREATED says:

      Hi shay! I just used painters tape on the black part and then sprayed. It wasn’t ideal as it is an irregular shape and I got a little splatter in the black part but not too much.

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