Convert it: Boutique Hotel in Mexico City

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I hope you had a good long weekend! Today I’m sharing with you another fabulous conversion project, this one from from Mexico City.  Built in the 17th century, the Palace of the Counts of Miravalle is one of Mexico City’s oldest buildings.  The original home to Don Alonso de Ulibarri Davalos Bracamontes and de la Cueva, who was chancellor of the Court of the Holy Cross of the Kingdom of New Spain. Recently, Grupo Habita has given new life to the Palace by converting the building into a gorgeous boutique hotel called Downtown Mexico. This conversion is helping to revitalize the city centre which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The exterior is built from volcanic rock, which was preserved as part of the conversion. The property features 17 rooms, a hostel, multiple restaurants, shops, a gallery and a rooftop terrace.

all photo photo from Grupo Habita via Inhabitat

Isn’t this lovely?   Obviously climate is a factor, but I love the use of all the outdoor spaces.  And it’s only $183 per night to stay there.  You can barely stay at a Holiday Inn in the centre of a North American city for that much!  Sounds like a bargain to me.  You can see more here on Inhabitat.


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