Dining Room Chairs Option 2: Probability Chair

Good Morning!

After some major searching I’ve found another option for my dining table chairs. If you recall with my first option, the wishbone chair, I had some concerns with it’s comfort.  Since that post I’ve had an opportunity to sit in one.  It isn’t uncomfortable but I also didn’t sit down and say, “ooooh this is niiiice”.  So it’s still on the table (or I suppose at the table in this case). However in the same store that I tried out the wishbone (Morba on Queen Street West), I discovered an unlikely new candidate.  Let me explain…

We all have seen the Eames DSW dining chairs…

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I do really like the look of these chairs, especially when inserted into a not so modern space.



They look great, and I love the dowel legs, but I had never considered these because I find them really uncomfortable.  Enter the Probability Chair by Zuo Modern which is an upholstered version of the Eames DSW.  I sat in this chair on the weekend and it is really comfortable!  And I really like the look.

I sat in this chair on the weekend and it is really comfortable!  AND the price point is great coming in under $200. I have a feeling that this might be the winner in the end.  What do you think?


  1. I think these chairs would be a great contrast to your dinning table. I love mixing styles within a room! Can’t wait to see the finished look! 🙂

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