Magnificent Mules

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It’s summer, and if I could run around barefoot or in flip-flops all the time I would.  But I have an office job and those footwear options don’t tend to go over well.  I have some basic flats and heeled sandals that work but I would like a summer heel that leans toward comfort but isn’t a flat.  Enter the magnificent mule. I’ve always shied away from mules. Maybe it’s the name. I grew up in farming community and so I first associate a “mule” with something completely different. And also, I just assume that since they are backless that I would be “clomping around” in them trying to keep them on.  But I have (at least temporarily) gotten past these roadblocks, mostly because I’ve been seeing so many lovely ones out there. I’m sharing a few of my faves today!

Magnificent Mules


Now I know what you fashion-aware readers are thinking. Aren’t mules closed-toe? Correct, the traditional mule has a closed toe but these days if you search “mules” on fashion sites you get both open and closed-toe options. And, being summer, an open-toe only makes sense! Don’t these beauties make you want to go buy some? Icing on the cake? With only one exception, they are all $125 or less! Totally reasonable. The exception: that GORGEOUS multicolored one on the bottom left (very expensive) but I just couldn’t bring myself to leave it out. I really don’t think I’d feel I was clomping around in any of these. Have a lovely Friday!


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