My Itsy Bitsy Bathroom Reveal

Good Morning!

I’m excited to be coming to you from Vancouver, BC this morning.  I’m here for the always exciting and inspiring Blogpodium. I’ve been to every one so far, and despite it being a bit of a trek this year, I couldn’t pass up coming to this great event. I’m just as excited to be finally sharing my bathroom update with my new Delta faucet that I won in the earlybird draw for Blogpodium!  It turned out pretty close to what I was aiming for though (as usual) it took me much longer than I expected.

I recently posted before shots of my itsy-bitsy bathroom.  Here is  a little recap:

borken mirror

old faucet

yucky walls 2

It looks so much better now.  And it all anchors on my Dryden™ Two Handle Centerset Faucet in chrome with and matching towel ring and tissue holder. I love the modern lines of the Dryden products.  It looks so great. Oh, and I installed it myself.  Don’t act like you aren’t impressed.

delta copy

Can we discuss how much I love the lift up feature on the tp holder??? No more ridiculous spring-operated tubey things for this girl. Changing my tp roll just got super convenient.

And my new vanity (from Home Depot) makes me pretty happy too.  Adore the oval shape, so glad I went with it. And it has so much more storage than my previous one.


New Cabinet copy

Now for the biggie, and the reason this update took me so long.  Remember how I wanted to wallpaper?  Well, it turns out all the options I loved were really expensive, and considering I only needed it for one tiny wall it didn’t seem cost effective  So, I decided to DIY it.  Turns out that CB2 has blank self-adhesive white rolls especially for DIYing so I got some and painted it up! I will share the how-to in a separate post, but I think it turned out pretty well in the end.

wall paper 2


I also changed up my shower curtain to a plain white waffle one but I couldn’t get a good picture of it.  But it definitely makes the space feel a bit bigger and brighter. All said I’m very happy with my update!  I hope you enjoyed!  Thanks again to Delta for my new faucet!


Signature- new


  1. Jim Gerrish says:

    Well Lindsey I am impressed !! but the proof will be in trying it when Carolyn & I arrive !

    Love Dad

  2. I didn’t think it was possible to get excited about a TP holder, but OMG I want one of these lift-up kinds! Love the new bathroom, great job. I’m totally impressed you installed everything by yourself. 🙂

  3. woahhh so smart on the wallpaper DIY! And yes, the lift up TP changer changed my life. And Owen’s – he really likes to lift it up and down (and up and down and up and down and up and down)

  4. Oh now i do like those taps, a definite improvement on the old ones that’s for sure. They work well with the light look of the rest of the bathroom and of course tie in well with your new TP holder too, even if Own can’t leave it alone haha. Well done, the whole thing looks gorgeous x

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