Sweat-proofing: Linen Loves

Good Morning!

Happy Friday all. It’s HAAAAAWT and humid in Toronto at the moment. I don’t like to complain because soon we’ll be under 10 feet of snow, but this humidity is a killer for me. Why? Because I sweat….a lot. If I go outside and simply MOVE in this weather, I sweat.  And we are not talking a pretty dewy glow on my face and skin that some lucky people get. It’s a dripping down my neck, face, back and legs situation. And this makes getting dressed challenging. I have read all about which fabrics that are best for hot weather (i.e. natural fibres like cottons) and there is one heat friendly fabric that I don’t really have in my wardrobe and that is linen. This morning I’m sharing a few lovely linen pieces that I could definitely see in my closet, which would also (hopefully) keep me dry(ish).


All these pieces look so light and airy. You will also note that, other than the blazer, all these items have little to no sleeves which is also a prerequisite for my summer closet. Circulation is key! Even if you don’t suffer the extent of my perspiration issue, in this weather anything that helps keep you cool is a good thing. To see the details of the pieces, click on the link below the image to go to my Polyvore. Have a great weekend!

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