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Amaze-“Balls” DIY Holiday Wreath!

Good Morning love muffins!

Happy Wednesday! Remember last week when I posted the Amaze-balls Holiday Wreath Ideas?  Well, it inspired a little holiday DIY project.  Check out below for my fun little how-to….

Pretty decent for a first try, huh?  It was relatively easy and only took about an hour.  And the best thing?  I got all the supplies at the dollar store and the whole thing cost under $10 (including the glue gun which I also got at the dollar store a long time ago).  The only hiccup I encountered was that at the end, I was short a few balls! Which, if you follow me on twitter, you already know from my online dating tweets…. bahahaha…sorry, couldn’t help it. I meant Christmas balls, obviously.  My advice, always have more balls than you think you need (wink, wink). Seriously, it’s like I’m a thirteen year old boy.

Anyway, it was easy, cheap and turned out totally pretty in the end, so you should try it out! And it gives you a good excuse to make balls jokes….which is clearly why I did it.

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a pair of One of a Kind Show tickets….contest end on Thursday at 10 pm!


Amaze-Balls – Holiday Wreath Ideas

Good Morning!

Oh, how I love the holidays.  I’m not one of those people who cringe when the Christmas carols start playing in the stores right after Halloween. I just feel giddy. This is officially my first holiday related post of the season but I’m hoping to post many, many,  more because they are so fun to research!  Today I’ve put together some fun holiday wreath ideas with an, um, “spherical” theme.  Enjoy!


 These bring a new meaning to amazeballs, no? I think smell a DIY coming on here at casa Gerrish.  Stay tuned.


Mid-Century Motel Love

Good Morning!

So, when you hear the word “motel” what do you picture in your head? Probably something like this…


It may also conjure up images of some murder victim lying on a bed in a seedy roadside motel on an episode of Criminal Minds.  No? Just me? Regardless, it’s true, there are a lot of creepy motels out there.  However, motels were once part of a very cool culture.  I started thinking about vintage motels on my trip to Cape Cod.  As Cape Cod is a tourism mecca there are a lot of accommodation options – many of which certainly date back to he mid-century.  And a few of the motels still have maintained that retro look without seeming, well…old and creepy. I also think that there must be a lot of great stories that came out of those motels in their hey-days of the 50s and 60s.  Hold up….book idea.  Travel across Canada and the US chronicling the stories of iconic mid-century motels. It’s probably already been done, but if not….don’t steal my idea.

To me, there is something intriguing about what these places once were.  You look at these pictures and you can’t help but feel like you have just pulled up in a 1962 Buick Station Wagon (with no seatbelts) to enjoy a weekend poolside (without sunscreen).  Ok, so not all the decisions of that era were good ones…




And design wise,  two things really stand out to me.  First, the use of colour; the bold shades of the room doors, the brightly striped poolside umbrellas, and the motel signage.  Speaking of signage, we gotta talk about the fonts.  These motels are really a lesson in typography. Just look at the “Beach Carousel” above.




Oh and the names….cannot forget to mention the names….




I came across a great example of an old motel being revitalized when I was looking for place to stay in Cape Cod.  A place called the Harbour Hotel just outside Provincetown has upgraded an older motel without sacrificing it’s mid-century motel feel.  It’s considered a hotel now, and it’s not exactly priced at motel rates, but they have done a excellent job redesigning the space that pays tribute to what it once was.  For more photos click here.


See?  Motels aren’t so bad.

Quickly, before I go….the bidding is underway on the Upcycle Challenge pieces…..there are some amazeballs items and all proceeds go to Habitat for Humanity! Click here to bid!

And there is still time to vote for your fave as part of the challenge…you can vote once per day!

Have a great day!


Designer Love – Kelee Katillac

 Good Morning Love-muffins,

I discovered the designer that I’m featuring today in my most recent issue of House Beautiful.  Can I tell you how much I love that magazine?  Well, I do.  My best friend was reading the most recent issue over the weekend and said “this magazine is very you.”  And she knows me pretty well. And that’s totally how I feel when I read it. Totally my esthetic.  And it’s where I found Kelee Katillac.

This bedroom is just a small part of her fabulous 1915 Kansas City apartment…

I love all the colour and contrasting soft textures in her space.  And here are some other lovely spaces which are included in her amazeballs portfolio….

All photos via Kelee Katillac’s website or House Beautiful (where marked)

How great is she?? Love.

Have a great day!


Before and After – The Tale of Two Roundback Chairs

Good Morning!

Today I’m featuring a long overdue before and after on a project that completed almost a year ago now.  I was waiting until I could take a photo of finished project in the clients house and they have been doing renovations.  But now I can share! The project was a pair of beautifully shaped round-back chairs. I posted about the project along the way so you can see some of the progress photos here and here.

Any upholsterer would agree that when you get a piece with a rounded back it’s bittersweet.  They are so gorgeous once complete, but a b*tch to reupholster, especially with a patterned fabric.

This is that the chairs looked like before…..

And here is what they look like now!

I’m all for pink but these chairs are 1000 times better is this amazeballs fabric, don’t you think?

Love them, and happy to finally get this project posted.  In the next few weeks I should have two or three more more projects to share with you.

Have a lovely day!


Last Week’s Loves – June 4th to 10th

Good Morning!

It Monday! (BOOOO!), but that means Last Week’s Loves is here (YEAAA!) Heeeerre we go!

1. Adriane of A&B Stories posted about her newest piece of art on her Etsy Shop. I love, love, love the colours she uses in this one.  Really, really pretty.  It’s on my wish list for when I have a bigger space….with more walls.

2. Erica over at Moth Design posted this amazeballs shirt from ASOS that she loves, and well, so do I.  Gorge.

3. Brooklyn Limestone featured this wooden rug as a potential upcoming DIY project that she found at Lowes Creative Ideas. How fun is this?

 4. Look at this amazing necklace DIY by Flax and Twine that I found in this post by Creature Comforts.  So cool and so easy.

5. So loving these neon wooden salad bowls from Wind & Willow Home that i discovered through this post by SF Girl by Bay.  I know I said this whole neon thing would pass and I wouldn’t jump on this trend.  See me jump….

Hope you all have a lover-ly Monday.

Catch ya later, sugarplums.


Happy Friday and a Guest Post

Good Morning!

It’s going to be a lovely sunny Friday here in Toronto and I’m excited to get the weekend started. This morning I’m beyond thrilled to be taking part in Hodge Podge Blog’s “So Canadian, eh” series. I absolutely love this idea of featuring Canadian bloggers, artists and designers and I’m humbled to be included in this list of amazing people.  Oh and did I mention that heavyweight Canadian design personalities Samantha Pynn and Brian Gluckstein have participated in this series?  Yea, I know…amazeballs.

I recently had the pleasure of meeting Barbara in person at the recent Blogpodium event in Toronto, and she is even more lovely in person than she is on her blog…..if that is even possible. And did I mention she’s really fun, too? Go visit her blog often, you won’t regret it.  And a big thank-you to Barbara for having me, it was a lot of fun participating.

This weekend will be busy with a lot of this…


I’ll be eating some awesome food while attending this on Saturday night….


which is (as quoted from their website):

“The Toronto Underground Market (TUM) is a social food market for the community to sample the food of Toronto home cooks. It is a venue for budding entrepreneurs to showcase their products. These vendors are not necessarily chefs, although some will be. This is a new kind of community market; not a farmer’s market, or a food festival, but something completely unique and new to Toronto.”

I went to the last event with Heather and it was awesome.

And if there is time I’ll do a little of this….


What are you up to this weekend?  Whatever you are doing I hope you have a great one!


Last Week’s Loves – April 30th to May 6th

Good Morning Everyone!

There are going to be some changes here at Recreated starting today (or at some point in the next 24-hours), as I will be converting to a hosted WordPress site. OK, so you likely won’t notice much change except a new URL. And my understanding is, you will be directed to the new one ( from the old one. Hmm, so I guess it’s really only a change for me.  It is possible that the blog may look a little weird over the next few days until I get everything set-up, but hopefully it won’t take me too long to do that.

But now, back to our regularly scheduled program….Last Week’s Loves!

1.  This week, the amazeballs peeps at Poppytalk highlighted Shelter Co, which is a very cool pop-up (literally) lodging service.  You can read about it here.  Such a great concept, and look at the lovely space they provide.  You can see more great photos over at Poppytalk.

2. Love the maxi skirts highlighted by Brittany in this post at My Daily Randomness.  These are the two I loved most of the ones she featured.

1. I love discovering new Canadian talent so when SF Girl by Bay featured this phenomenal art by Amy Friend where she uses vintage photos and light, I was floored.  How gorgeous are these?? You can read more here.

Miss Sheralee over at Escapade featured these great crystal light bulbs by Lee Broom.  Such a pretty version of a simple light bulb!

Ugly camera straps be gone! This post over at A Dairy of Lovely featured these sweet-a$$ camera straps by Bloom Theory.  Seriously, people come up with the best ideas.

Have a lovely day sweet readers!


Birthday Blog

Hello everyone!

Today is my birthday!

It has been roughly 33 years since I looked like this…..

Ya, I know, I was cute. (There is a very good chance I had just pooed in that tub of water and that is why I’m smiling but the details are not important…..).

To celebrate, I’m having dinner followed by drinks with a group of my closest friends….I’m hoping there will be some of this….


and if things get a little crazy, maybe even a little of this…

And if I had all the money in the world I would wear this Haltson dress….

with these Louboutins….

The fact is, I have always loved birthdays….I mean, one day dedicated just to you, how amazeballs is that? That being said, I am whole-heartedly aware that I’m not getting any younger and I definitely thought I would be in a completely different place in my life at this age than I find myself to be. And in a lot ways that is a great thing, but in other biological-clock a tickin’ away kind of ways it sucks. BUT since it is the one me day of the year, I’m not going to spend it being negative because I have a million things to be thankful for.

Even if this year my hair looks a little more like this (under my colour job)….

And my boobs look a little more like this (the curse of having bigger than C-cup)…

(OMG, who is this woman???)

I’m still young at

and that is all that matters!


Photos via: 1,2(mine),3(uploaded by user),4,5,6,7,8,9,10

Courtney Khail Stationary

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

Today I’m sharing with you some of the prettiest stationary I’ve ever encountered, courtesy of the amazing talent of Courtney Khail of Courtney Khail Stationery and Design. I discovered these little pieces of paper heaven when I was lucky enough to receive two of them in my swag box from Alt Summit.  She also taught a course on watercolours at Alt. I didn’t attend that session but, after looking at more of her work, I wish I had!  Courtney and I only met briefly at Alt, but she instantly came across as a genuinely nice person.  This impression was only solidified when she recently sent me an email just to tell me that it had been nice meeting me at Alt! How totally sweet is that?

But now back to her amaze-balls stationery.  Each individual card or invitation is created with a combination of hand-drawn illustration, ink, and watercolours resulting in a one of a kind piece of art.  I love the use of bright colours and the beautiful flowers illustrations. My personal faves are the ones with the peonies and zinnias. Courtney certainly has a boatload of talent…and I’m talking a cruise ship not a dingy.  I’m pretty sure you will feel the same way when you see these…..

All photos via ©Courtney Khail Stationery and Design.

What did I tell you?  Absolutely gorgeous, no?

Have a great weekend!