My Itsy Bitsy Bathroom Reveal

Good Morning!

I’m excited to be coming to you from Vancouver, BC this morning.  I’m here for the always exciting and inspiring Blogpodium. I’ve been to every one so far, and despite it being a bit of a trek this year, I couldn’t pass up coming to this great event. I’m just as excited to be finally sharing my bathroom update with my new Delta faucet that I won in the earlybird draw for Blogpodium!  It turned out pretty close to what I was aiming for though (as usual) it took me much longer than I expected.

I recently posted before shots of my itsy-bitsy bathroom.  Here is  a little recap:

borken mirror

old faucet

yucky walls 2

It looks so much better now.  And it all anchors on my Dryden™ Two Handle Centerset Faucet in chrome with and matching towel ring and tissue holder. I love the modern lines of the Dryden products.  It looks so great. Oh, and I installed it myself.  Don’t act like you aren’t impressed.

delta copy

Can we discuss how much I love the lift up feature on the tp holder??? No more ridiculous spring-operated tubey things for this girl. Changing my tp roll just got super convenient.

And my new vanity (from Home Depot) makes me pretty happy too.  Adore the oval shape, so glad I went with it. And it has so much more storage than my previous one.


New Cabinet copy

Now for the biggie, and the reason this update took me so long.  Remember how I wanted to wallpaper?  Well, it turns out all the options I loved were really expensive, and considering I only needed it for one tiny wall it didn’t seem cost effective  So, I decided to DIY it.  Turns out that CB2 has blank self-adhesive white rolls especially for DIYing so I got some and painted it up! I will share the how-to in a separate post, but I think it turned out pretty well in the end.

wall paper 2


I also changed up my shower curtain to a plain white waffle one but I couldn’t get a good picture of it.  But it definitely makes the space feel a bit bigger and brighter. All said I’m very happy with my update!  I hope you enjoyed!  Thanks again to Delta for my new faucet!


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My Itsy Bitsy Bathroom Update: Before & Inspiration

Good Morning!

As some of you know, I won the Blogpodium early-bird draw for a Delta faucet. Woo hoo!  I was very excited about a new kitchen faucet. However, I live in a rental which means I have to work with what I’ve got and unfortunately none of the kitchen faucets I liked would fit in the space and location of my current faucet. Boo. But luckily they have great bathroom faucets too!  In the end, a bathroom one was best anyway.  You see, my itsy bitsy bathroom needs some love at the moment and so a new faucet worked as the perfect catalyst to plan a bathroom update!. Today I’m going to share my before pictures and then my plans and inspiration the changes.

So, how itsy bitsy is this bathroom?  Perhaps this picture will help you get some perspective…..

Entrance to bathroom

I am taking this photo from OUTSIDE my bathroom.  My bathroom is 5.25′ x 6′.  That is just enough space for a toilet, tub, and small vanity.  With about 2′ x 3′ of floor space.  It’s SMALL.  You will see from the picture quality and angles that it is quite difficult to shoot this small space. But hey, as one person I don’t really need that much space. Aren’t 90% of NYC apartment bathrooms smaller than this? And bonus, I also have less to clean. It just means there isn’t much to work with.

The other interesting (weird) thing is that 3 of the 4 walls are floor to ceiling white acrylic tub material. At some point they had one of those Bath Fitter-type companies come in and do the tub and surround but then just covered everything.  You can sort of see it from this picture.


Which means I’m left with one wall to work with in terms of updating……but that one wall is preeeeeetttty bad.  If I had to guess I would say that it is untaped drywall or paneling, with wallpaper on top, which has been (poorly) painted over in white.  There are holes and marks and temporary fixes all over it, and the door frame is also badly chipped.

yucky walls 2

door trim

To manage my storage issues, last year I purchased a basic over the toilet cabinet which has been great, but not the prettiest.

over the toilet

And I have a towel ring and tissue roll holder both of which have seen better days….


gross towel ring

And now for the part of this space that needs the most help….my mirror/medicine cabinet.

borken mirror

No, it wasn’t always like this. And it is my fault that it is like this. No, I didn’t punch it.  Here is the story.  You see, there is a magnet that keeps the door closed which became faulty. So, often while I was washing my face it would come loose and open and I would lift my head and catch the sharp corner on my head.  Then one night after a concert in which I had consume a few glasses of wine, I caught my head on it again, and so I SLAMMED it shut.  *SMASH*  I’m embarrassed to say that this was almost a year ago and I still haven’t replaced it.  Now is the time!

Strangely before I installed my new faucet, I failed to photograph the old one in place!  But here it is after I removed it.

old faucet

So the general plan/inspiration for the room update looks a little something like this…

bathroom inspiriation copy For my faucet, the centrepiece for the whole room, I choose the Delta Dryden™ Two Handle Centerset Faucet in chrome. And I also got the matching towel ring and tissue holder! Thank you Delta for your generous prize! The medicine cabinet, I decided that would like to soften the lines an go with a oval shape like the one above. I have pondered what to do with the one wall and have decided on wallpaper. I’m not sure paint would really hide the mess underneath. Plus, there are some really great options out there! I really like the ones shown above; Petal Pusher from Oh Joy! for Hygge and West (which comes in a peel and stick option, great for a renter like me) or Watercolor Peony Wallpaper by Over & Over from Anthropologie. I can’t do much to the storage unit, so I’m just going to replace the knobs with the pretty ones shown from Anthropologie. I don’t dislike my current shower curtain, but I think it makes the room look a bit smaller so I think a white one would be best to lighten the space. Something like the one shown here from West Elm.  And I need some new hand towels and there is a great selection of beautiful ones at Anthropologie right now.

And that is the plan.  Stayed tuned for some after pictures soon!


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Kelly & Alun’s Family Room

Good Morning!

My best friend Kelly and her husband Alun recently moved to a new house with their three kids under six. To say they are busy is an understatement. Kel has great style and I don’t doubt that if she had an extra 20 hours to spare her week that she would already have magazine-worthy spaces in her new home. However, at the moment she’s lucky if she has an extra 20 minutes a day, which is why she has asked me to help her get these rooms to where she wants them. And I couldn’t be more excited.

First up is the family room. This room is where the family will congregate the most so it needs to be finished….and pronto. This is our starting point…

Project K&A_Before

This room is a bit of a balancing act. Of course it needs to look great but anything that goes into this space has to be kid and pet friendly (did I mention they also have 2 large dogs?). The furniture has to be comfortable and durable, and a rug cannot be light in colour due to dog hair.

The large grey sofa is staying where it is. It has a great modern shape and colour and happens to be very durable. The lamp is also staying.  Not surprisingly, Alun’s priority was getting the new extra large TV you see above.  Although it’s not not the prettiest thing in the room it does have a really cool bracket on the back so it can come out and tilt into the room when you want to watch it but also (and most importantly) goes flush against the wall when you don’t. After lots of back an forth the room is coming to together a little like this:

Kelly's Family Room_edited-2 From Top Left: Home Depot Arch Marble Base Silver Floor Lamp, IKEA KRAMFORS sofa  (discontinued), Fabric from Tonic Living (Sterling White, Cats Cradle Sunshine, Neo Toile Indigo, Velvet Water), Loloi Rug Viera Light Blue from, Restoration Hardware Printmakers Media Console, West Elm Sedgwick Recliner, Small Crystal Service Table Zara Home, TOV Clyde Chair from Wayfair

Kelly fell in love the chinoiserie toile fabric she found at Tonic Living and that really became the jumping off point for the colour scheme of greys, blues and yellow. Everything you see in the mood board has been finalized and/or purchased except for the side table which we are still searching for. In addition to what you see above, the final piece of the space will be a large round ottoman/coffee table upholstered in that toile fabric. I am desperately waiting for Home Depot to get back back to me when a wooden electrical wire spool in the right size becomes available so that I can use it for the ottoman base. I’m very excited to this family room come together!


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My 2014 Upcycle Challenge Project: I LOVE LAMP

   Good Morning!

It’s a beautiful day around here at Recreated because it’s finally the day I get to reveal by 2014 Upcycle Challenge: Stylize project!  WOOHOO!  The Upcycle Challenge is a charity competition put on by the Fall Home Show benefiting Habitat for Humanity.  Each contestant wad given $100 to spend at the Habitat for Humanity Restore to find something to upcycle, and with the help of Rustoleum products (the contest sponsor) were tasked with creating something new and better.  Participants chose from a the following style categories for their project:  Modern, Country Rustic, Industrial , Vintage Glam, and Eco Chic. The voting takes place between now and September 20th, 2014. Then all the items will be displayed at the Fall home Show for public Auction.  All proceeds of the auctioning of the products goes to the Habitat for Humanity GTA for their great work building affordable housing in our area!

This year I went out of my comfort zone and instead of going with an upholstery project, I decided to tackle something new….lighting.  Why lighting?  I still have not figured out the answer to that question myself so I’ll have to get back to you.  But the style I chose was industrial.  Having made these decisions, I went to the Restore and picked out this ugly 1980’s chandelier….


…and then walked it the 4 kms back to my house with the chandelier thrown over my shoulder like a continental soldier.  There are times I miss my car.  This was one of them.

I then decided to take it apart and figure out what I would use need to make this super fugly chandy into an awesome industrial floor lamp.  (Consequently, the theme I choose was industrial….)

  Taking apart 2

The part that was once the top (on the left) would now act as the base of the lamp.  And I needed to keep all the lights, so the bottom of the chandelier would now become the top of the lamp, but flipped over and added on to.

tools 1

I then went to Home Depot to get some extra materials.  The guys working the plumbing aisle were quite intrigued/alarmed as I lay out dozens of copper fittings on the ground.

HD guy –  “You aren’t trying to use those for actual plumbing, are you?”

Me –  “No”

HD guy – “Good”.

After my many trips back to that part of the store I become known as the women doing something “artsy” with plumbing parts, and they became curious about what exactly I was doing.  Despite my explanations they just didn’t see my vision.   Ahhhh, the plight of an artist.  Never fully understood.

Next up was the tough part, the electrical.  I read a lot about before I tackled it and looked carefully about how it was originally wired.  For the most part I did pretty well…..except when I was testing out the plug that I added for the lamp.  I plugged it in followed by…..mild shock….followed by all the lights going out in my apartment…..and then I quickly pulled out the plug and the lights went back on.  Phew.

electrical -  what not to do copy

I managed to sort out my error.  Each larger wire had 2 smaller wires inside, meaning that I put 4 wires together.  What I needed was 1 marette for each set of wires for a total of 2.   Once I got that figured out, I got all the lights working!  Booya. And in doing the electrical I got to use new tools like this one….

second best new tool

…..a wire stripper!  So fun to use. And when I have a fancy dancy tools like this, how can I not be an electrical genius??  I also got another new kick-ass tool as part of this challenge…..a metal pipe cutter (the blue BrassCraft tool in the picture below). I love this thing, and it came in very handy when cutting all the copper piping for this project. You just slide the pipe inside, tighten it and circle it around and around, tightening it every so often and in a few short minutes, a perfect cut!

best tool ever

Given my unreasonable excitement over new tools, it won’t will surprise you that I’m the granddaughter of a hardware store owner.  Despite having not spent much time in his store, the love of tools certainly runs in my family. My father is similarly afflicted.  But I digress….

Next I took my time figuring out the piping for my lighting arms, gluing all the fittings together and inserting the existing light sockets/wiring into them.  I did have to extend the wiring to make it long enough to reach with the new extended arm lengths.  This was done using….I can’t even say it……a butt splice.  Perhaps this shows my immaturity, but could they NOT have come up with a better term for that?  Really?

light pieces copy

Once it was all glued together, I put it upright.   What I hadn’t taken into account was the added weight of the metal on the top which made the base wobbly resulting in what I called “The Leaning Tower of Lamp”.  #FAIL.   I had to come up with a solution. So I went back to my fave Restore and got a large solid floor tile and brought it home.  I decided I would drill a hole in the tile, glue the base to that and then attach the lamp post to it.  Have any of you ever tried to drill a hole in tile?  IT IS PAINFUL.  I did everything I was supposed to.  Got the proper drill bit, used water to temper the dust and tape to keep from getting fractures and cracks.  But it still took FOREVER.  Eventually I drilled through, and it totally worked to keep the lamp upright. #NAILEDIT

Next up was painting, which, despite lots of protective cover, wreaked havoc on my newly painted exterior doors.  Note to self for next time: spray paint migrates VERY far from the actual spray area.  I used Rustoleum Universal Paint in Gloss Canary Yellow, and it worked really well.  A big shout-out to Kamila at Rustoleum for being so helpful!


And all of this work was worth it for the final product!  A new super-fun, totally unique industrial style lamp!

after photo - 2

And it totally functions, which was my main concern at the beginning.  Sure, I can come up with an idea, do some gluing and painting but I’m so happy that I was able to figure out the electrical and make a functioning light out of it!   So just as a recap here is the before and after shot.

before AND AFTER copy

In the simple words of Brick Tamland from Anchorman…..



And I hope you do too!  The next part,  I need your help for is VOTES!!  Starting now, please CLICK HERE to vote for my upcycle challenge piece! (you have to have a Facebook account to vote).  You can vote once per day so vote often.  Share with your family, friends and co-workers on social media!  I would be most appreciative.  


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Making Progress: #oakpointporch

Good Morning!

As you may recall from my post a couple of weeks ago, while I was at my cottage last week I was to be doing some work on the #oakpointporch project, which is the porch in my family’s cottage.  And there was some great progress. As soon as my Mom picked me up at the airport we headed to Fabricland in Moncton and picked some fabrics.  We came up with this lovely light and airy palette of blue, gray and light creamy yellow.


Then we drove to the cottage and I was very excited to see the new flooring that my Dad recently installed in the porch.  A huge improvement over the yucky carpet and flooring that was there before.

Floors Before and After copy

My main task for the week was to paint and recover the 2 ugly office chairs.  We decided to use the blue and cream fabric and to paint the arms the cream colour.  My Mom did most of the painting while I focused on the re-upholstering.  I think they turned out pretty well in the end.


Then I tackled the cushions on the sofa and the rocker which previously were that outdated red, yellow and orange ikat pattern that totally darkened the space.  I made the cushions out of the yellow and gray and the striped fabrics to lighten things up.

Sofa before and After copy

rocker before and after copy

Since my parents had a severe flood in the basement of our house back in April (1.5 ft of water in the basement) and are spending most of their time and resources renovating and replacing a huge amount of things there, a new couch for the cottage isn’t in the cards right now.  But, we did find a large quilted bedcover to cover it instead of the light brown one we had before. We didn’t get to the painting of the faux-wallboard but my parents are going to tackle that in the fall.

Here is the room before and after up to this point…..


The room looks so much lighter and brighter now.  A real seaside cottage feel.  There is still more to do, like replacing the ugly yellow blinds, but this was a really good start!


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IKEA Strind Coffee Table Hack

Good Morning!

This morning I’m sharing a little IKEA coffee table hack. A few years ago I built and upholstered an ottoman/coffee table with a tufted top and storage inside for my living room.


Although not shown above I normally have a lucite tray on top that I use for a hard surface.  I loved this piece for quite awhile but as time has gone on it has started to wear out.  There are stains on it which I haven’t been able to  get out and it just looks a little worse for wear.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It also has started to annoy me that it doesn’t have a larger hard surface on top.  I could get a bigger tray I suppose, but I think I have just been craving a proper hard top coffee table.  Also, due to my own poor design, it weighs about 1000 pounds.  Ok, not that much but it’s HEAVY.  I used what I had on hand when I built the frame, and the wood I had just happened to be 2×4’s, which aren’t particularly heavy on their own but clearly are when built as a frame.  So the piece is a pain in the a$$ to move.

When I was looking at coffee tables, I came across this Ikea coffee table makeover by the Hunted Interior and was inspired.

via the Hunted Interior

So, I went to Ikea and found this Strind coffee table for $129.00. I like the round shape and the fact that it has a second level. I’m not a fan of the wheels but I figured it was something I could replace later if I wanted too.

Photo via Ikea

I spray painted the metal base using Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold paint which gives a lovely rosy gold tone which I like.



And this is what I got…





I’m very happy with the result! I’m still not loving the wheels but without them it’s too low, so I’ll have to live with them for now.

Have a great day!


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Side Table Project: Before and After

 Good Morning!

Today I’m taking a break from my trip posts. First of all, I don’t want you to get sick of them, and second of all, I need a break from editing photos! Instead I’m going to share a recent project I completed for my living room.

So, if you recall in an earlier post I was talking about my web of interdependance with respect to decor.  And how part of solving that was to get a bar cart for this part of my living room.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Well, so far I haven’t found a bar cart that I like (and also like the price of).  And recently I have also been looking for a small china cabinet for my kitchen so I can move some clutter from other places in my kitchen. On the recommendation of my lovely friend Christine from Bijou & Boheme, I went to check out Petits and Jolis in Oakville to see if they had anything that might work.  They have so many lovely things in that store. It’s a must visit if you are in the area.  I didn’t find a china cabinet that worked, but I did find a piece that I thought could work under my window instead of a bar cart.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I love the shape, the fact that it has some storage, and the metal fretwork.  Of course to go in my living room it would have to be painted.  And that is what I did!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA All freshened up!  I painted the metal black so there is a bit of contrast.



And I changed the pulls to the ones I bought in Milan at Zara Home.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And here is the final before and after! Such an improvement.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Now I use it for storage of a bunch of my extra fabric, which frees up shelf in another part of my living room!

I’m sure I will change my mind a few more times on where this goes, and if I get a bar cart or not, but for now I really like it.



Project Feature: Revamping a Small Sofa

Good Morning!

This morning I’m featuring a project I completed last year for my good friend Amber.  She had a small two-seater sofa that she slip-covered many years ago.  She likes the size because it fits well in her living room. She looked at a condo-sized couches to try replace it with something that would fit, but they were more expensive because they were “specialty”.  So, she asked me not only to reupholster her sofa it but rebuild the shape into what she wanted.  And what she wanted was tufts. Creating a new shape from scratch can be challenging, but I’m pretty happy with the result.  I mean seriously – who doesn’t love tufts?

Here is the before sofa with the slipcover….

before 1 And this is the lovely fabric underneath….yep, I know, SUPER snazzy fabric…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA And here it is post transformation! after 3-AS

After 1

after 5-AS after 4 - AS

And one final before and after….

before and after - amber tufted sofa - blog Big improvement on the original. What do you think?  Do you like the transformation?

If you are thinking of having one of your pieces transformed, email me and I’ll be happy to give you a quote!

Have a great day!




Before and After – The Tale of Two Roundback Chairs

Good Morning!

Today I’m featuring a long overdue before and after on a project that completed almost a year ago now.  I was waiting until I could take a photo of finished project in the clients house and they have been doing renovations.  But now I can share! The project was a pair of beautifully shaped round-back chairs. I posted about the project along the way so you can see some of the progress photos here and here.

Any upholsterer would agree that when you get a piece with a rounded back it’s bittersweet.  They are so gorgeous once complete, but a b*tch to reupholster, especially with a patterned fabric.

This is that the chairs looked like before…..

And here is what they look like now!

I’m all for pink but these chairs are 1000 times better is this amazeballs fabric, don’t you think?

Love them, and happy to finally get this project posted.  In the next few weeks I should have two or three more more projects to share with you.

Have a lovely day!


Bedroom Reveal!

Good Morning Lovelies!

TODAY IS THE DAY!  I’m soooo excited to finally share with you my bedroom reveal!  Yes, I know, it’s been a long time coming.  It’s actually been complete for a little while but I needed some time to add small finishing touches and to actually shoot the space.  And I use “shoot” in the loosest sense of the word. However, despite some struggles getting good after photos, I am as giddy as a school girl with the results of my redo, and I’m so happy to share it with you.

As I was editing the before pictures it occurred to me that you can live in a space for a really long time and be completely unaware of just HOW bad it looks. But then you can take photos of the same space and all of sudden you see how terrible it is, despite the fact that you have been seeing it everyday. Just take a look…

WOW….I lived in this room in this state for close to 8 months before I did anything about it. 8 months people. There are no words.

Who doesn’t need a rattan bench that is ripped to shreds?  I bought this bench and desk at a yard sale for next to nothing, knowing eventually I could fix them up.

The rocking chair in the corner was my second ever upholstery project and I originally was going to keep it in the room, but ultimately moved it to my living room. My dresser is in generally good condition but it hadn’t been refinished or painted in close to ten years, so it needed some love.

I really like my dancing girls and originally thought they could stay in the space but, in the end they didn’t really go with my new vision.

Uggggg, pretty awful, right?

Now on to the after….

If you recall back in September, I asked my sweet friend Christine over at Bijou and Boheme to design a mood board for my bedroom which was outlined in this guest post.  I didn’t actually know her all that well back then, but could tell we had similar tastes and I trusted her to come up with something totally pretty-rific. At that time, I had some things I thought that I wanted to keep in the room (but subsequently changed my mind) and I wasn’t going to paint and keep the wall colours the same (but then decided to paint).  Despite my constraints, she came up with this FAB design board…..

I LOVED everything about the design, the use of bold patterns and colours, and that brass Jonathan Adler Meurice light fixture is amazing, totally one of my faves. All the way along I used this little piece of gorgeousness as inspiration for the style I wanted to have.

I apologize in advance for the photos.  My room gets very little light and my fixture gives off too much light, and my camera is terrible so it was tough to get good shots. Hopefully you still get the effect.

Ahhhhhhh, so much better….

I started with the bold headboard fabric called “Fifties Rose” which I bought from Spoonflower, designed by Laura Mysak, and I went from there. I already had the IKEA curtains which just happened to work. I painted my desk, side table and dresser glossy black, and added new hardware from Anthropologie.  I painted the walls in a jewel-toned green (Canadian Tire Premier brand paint called Tantrum).  I’m in a rental and therefore, I couldn’t change the carpet, so I bought a cowhide rug at the Tandy Leather Factory to cover at least some of the nasty beige floor.

I reupholstered the headboard and the bench myself.  For the bench I went for a black and white check pattern (yippee, no more rattan!), which I think is a good contrast to the bold headboard. I already had the white mirror in another room so I just moved it in.

I also already had the 3 way mirror that is on top of my dresser but it looks so much better on top of the glossy black dresser. I created a gallery wall above my fireplace, which I think is my favourite part. It has art from some of my favorite artists, including four pieces from Leigh Viner (from the left, 1st column 2nd down, 3rd (center) column 3rd down, 4th column 3rd down, 5th column top), one from Esther Bayer (2nd column top), and 1 photograph from the Blandy Snorhal Shop (2nd column 2nd down). I also added some of my own pictures, vintage plates, and re-purposed pictures from an old shoe calendar.

I bid on and won this chair at the Chair Affair, a charity furniture redesign event that raises money for the furniture bank, which I attended last fall.  I made the pillow using this great pink and gold Ikat fabric.

Here are some other details… The brass light fixture is so, so, so great, and so unique. Although it is a little big for the space, I had to get it. It was only $100 at an antique store in my hometown! You can read the whole hilarious story about it here. It will make a great fixture over a big dining room table someday….you know, when I actually have a dining room! I made two of the pillows on the bed (the black ones) and the gold pillow I bought at Homesense. To fill in the nasty non-working fireplace, I took 2 small Ikea tray tables, painted them black, put pictures on top and stacked books below.  I also gold-leafed the candlesticks that flank the fireplace.

Let’s recap, shall we?

And that is it!  My new room…so much better.

OK, so it isn’t quite as nicely styled as you see here on a day-to-day basis, but since the redo I really have tried to keep it neater, and I’m definitely spending way more time in my room than ever before.

Have a great day!