The New Traditional Kitchen – Guest Post by David Leland

Good morning!  I’m VERY excited this morning to have my friend David Leland, a designer with Aya Kitchens and Baths (who are one of the amazing sponsors of the upcoming Blogpodium!), here to share with you one of his recent kitchen renovation projects. David first visited Recreated last year to share his favourite piece of furniture as part of my Pieces of You series. And now he’s back talking kitchens, and he has some great information for you on New Traditional kitchen design. So, without further ado, I give you David.


Hello peoples!  As mentioned, my name is David Leland and I am indeed a kitchen designer with Aya Kitchens and Baths.  I am certainly excited to have been invited by Lindsey to be part of her “all things design”  blog and have the chance to share a little of me, with you!   There are many things I suppose I could have discussed, but ultimately I decided I would talk to you about a project I recently worked on. I hope you find it an interesting read and enjoy the transformation!

Classic in its esthetic  and timeless in its design, the traditional kitchen is still a prevalent desire among most people embarking on a kitchen renovation project today.  So if you’re a traditionalist at heart, but are concerned you may be dating your home, don’t worry, because a major trend has hit the kitchen design world: the new traditional kitchen.

The key to creating the new traditional kitchen is the combination of traditional design elements such cabinet door styles and detailed mouldings with more contemporary design elements such as open concept floor plans, clean, bright-coloured finishes and contemporary hardware to keep the space looking fresh and up-to-date.

In the project I’m featuring today, the clients wanted update their space, while still keeping with the overall traditional esthetic of the home.  The removal of a bulkhead, some light fixture concerns, and the refinishing of all the baseboards and mouldings were just some of the things that had to be addressed to really bring this space into the present and give the clients the showcase kitchen they deserve.

Before 1

In addition to just giving this space a facelift, we wanted to give the main floor a more open,  free-flowing design  – conforming with today’s idea of a more modern floorplan. We decided that the kitchen and the eating area should no longer be divided as shown below in the before photo below.  To do this we removed the wall between the kitchen and the formal dining area,  and relocated the range and ductwork which was originally found on that wall to get a a more open-concept space.

Before 2

The first choice of the redesign was the more traditional, raised-panel cabinet door style – the Churchill – and we went from there.  The selection of an elegant 3-1/2” crown moulding (my clients also had a finish carpenter copy the profile of the crown moulding, so they could continue it throughout the space), false panels on any exposed cabinetry ends, decorative posts flanking either end of the island, and an intricate on-lay over the “desk” provided the traditional base for this kitchen design.

After 1

Now, to incorporate the “new” elements to this new traditional design we opted for a bright oyster painted finish on the cabinets, clean white marble tile, a modern mixed mosaic back splash, a white Alaskan granite counter top, a clean, modern faucet, and a two-tiered island.  Furthermore, all the mouldings were painted white providing a more elegant feel to the space, and with the wall removed a much more intimate gathering area is achieved – allowing for those in the kitchen to entertain and maintain conversation with those seated at the table.  Given that in today’s world everyone loves to congregate in the kitchen at parties, it is important for hosts to be able to do what needs to be done, but at the same time allow them to enjoy the company of their guests.

After 2

Various other ideas and elements were used to make this traditional kitchen feel up-to-date and contemporary; from shiny chrome hardware to the mix of contemporary stools and traditional dining chairs.

After 3 The finished product is a beautiful elegant space, classic enough in its design so it never goes out of style, but dressed up with some modern elements.   The result is a clean, simple, and tailored look and a great example of the New Traditional kitchen.

All photos taken by David Leland and used with permission from the homeowner.


Hope you all enjoyed and thanks again to David for visiting today!

Have a great weekend lovelies!


Before and After: Green Sofa

Good afternoon, and Happy Saturday!

Today I’m featuring Recreated’s most recently completed upholstery project for Re:style Studio. This was a really great project! Based on the needs of the client, the piece had to be re-designed and parts built from scratch, but the challenge just made it more fun.

Here is what I had to start…..

The piece was found by the client but it didn’t have a cushion.  Also, the client didn’t want a tufted back, so I had some shape re-design to do, but first the gorgeous antique frame was refinished in a pale gold.

As you can see, the fabric the client chose was a rich jewel-toned green velvet. I built up the back and sides with smooth curved lines, so that it retained the original antique look (i.e. not too bulky), but was still comfortable to sit on.

Once the fabric was on, matching twisted cord was used for piping around the edges.

Then we had to build a cushion from scratch, which was very fun.  We decided to make one large french-style settee cushion.  Andrea of Re:style sourced a 10 pound bag of down feathers and I sewed up a form. Getting the feathers in the cushion was definitely a two-person job! But even with both Andrea and I on the job, by the time we were finished we were literally eating feathers.  I think it was at least a few days before the feathers were totally gone from the studio.  Here is an uber-unflattering photo of us after the cushion filling….but I wanted you to see the feather chaos.

hmm, now that I look at it, this photo is also a little phallic…..and given that fact, I may be hugging the cushion a little too lovingly, but I digress.  Once the cushion was made, I sewed up the fabric cover, and it was done!

And here is a picture of the finished product, shot in the client’s home!

Another challenging and rewarding project with Re:style Studio.

  If you are interested in getting quote for one of your projects contact me at

Have a great day!

The Tale of the Tufted Loveseat

Hi everyone!  Today I’m excited to share a before and after of a tufted loveseat that I recently reupholstered for a client.  Yep, I said it, a client! After years of re-upholstering “freebie” pieces for friends while I learned the trade, I completed my first paid piece!  Andrea Ford (who I have been working with at Re:Style Studio) contracted me to complete some pieces for one of her clients who is completing a massive home renovation project. This client had some beautiful antique furniture that she has chosen to have reupholstered for the new space! After many evenings and weekends at the studio, this piece came together –  but the tale began with this….

….followed by probably the most difficult stripping job I’ve ever had to do….the music was all wrong…. and I forgot my “routine”…. and my Lucite heels were too tight…oh, sorry, wrong type of stripping*.

Then a little was applied on the frame.

Next up, building up the up the seat before the fabric is put on….wait till you see this fabric.  Definitely not my taste, but certainly a bold choice.

This is about the point in the process that I was informed that this loveseat was being reupholstered for the client’s dog.  The piece had been the dog’s seat/bed and was being reupholstered as part of the renovation. I have to say while working at the studio well into the wee hours of the morning and fussing about getting the tufts just right, I was feeling a bit jealous of the lavish life this dog must lead. Yes, I said it……I’m jealous of a dog….but I digress.

On to some tufting for the seat back….

And here is the fabric – black and yellowy-orange velvet damask…like I said, if nothing else, it’s a bold statement.  Here is the tufted seat back starting to take shape…

There was lots of piping detail on this one, some single piping and some double.

AAAAnd, drum roll please….

The finished product, back at the client’s house!

The problem with this fabric is that because of the pattern and color, you don’t even see the tufting unless you are up very close, but I can assure those tufts are there.  Overall, I’m pretty happy with the finished product… and so is the client…and the dog 🙂

I’m just finishing up a second piece for the same client which I will share with you soon! Have a great weekend!


*CLARIFICATION: I am NOT, never have been, and never will be an exotic dancer.

My weekend…..

Good Morning!

Well, it’s a day late, but here is a summary of my weekend.  It was a busy one.  On Friday night, I met up with some bloggers for dinner. It was so nice to finally meet a couple of them in person.  We had some really great conversations around blogging, what we aspire to do with our own blogs, and social media in general. All of us are really exciting for the upcoming Blogpodium in January at IDS, an opportunity for more discussion!  It was an inspiring meet up and very, very fun!  Thanks to Christine, Heather and Jennifer for a great night!

Then on Saturday night, I attended my best friend Kelly’s (and her hub’s) annual Christmas party.  There were sparkles, bubbly and lots of laughs. So much fun, as usual.  Here are some photos of the lovely decor details from the party as well as one of my ladies and I (before there was too much bubbly consumed)…

During the day, I spent many hours on a upholstery project I’m working on for a client.  It’s not yet complete, but here are some sneak peaks…

Have a great day everyone!

Light in Shining (Red?) Armour

Good morning!

I am finally back in my own bed after having my parents visiting all week…so while it’s sad to have them go and my sofa is pretty comfortable, I do enjoy having my bed back!  And, with said parental visit came the amazing new light for my bedroom.  I LOVE it. I first showed you this photo of the light taken when it was still at the antique store in New Brunswick….

It am aware that is probably better suited for a large entryway or a dining room, but since I have neither in my shoebox rental and I loved it so much, I decided to get it and put it in my bedroom.  Someday when I have a large dining room, I’ll rock this 50’s brass babe there.

Now, second only to how much I love it, the best part of this piece is the bit of history that came with it.  You will notice in the foreground of the above picture, a sconce that looks similar in shape to my chandy but with strange red things hanging from it.  Well, turns out, this light started it’s life in the Imperial Room of the Palace Grill in Moncton, New Brunswick.  The restaurant has since closed, but a postcard of the room from the late 50’s came with my light….

All I could say is Wowza….those red glass ornaments do make a statement on my pretty light….just not one I want to make. But they came with the light so I kept them…you know, just in case someday I want to open a brothel someday 🙂

In fact, I got a whole shoebox full of them, and they are GLASS, not plastic, so they are heaaaavvvvy. Next it was on to cleaning the light….

It was tough, but a team effort (merci beaucoup, M&D).  And just for fun, we put the red wonders on the light once it was up for a quick photo op.  I couldn’t bear to put them on more than one light.

HOT, no?  All joking aside, the finished product makes me so happy….

So unique….j’adore.

This is the last big project for my room redo….a bit (or alot?) more accessorizing is left and I’ll finally be able to reveal!

Have a great day!

Tale of Two Roundback Chairs – Part 2

So I spent most of the weekend trying to finish up these lovely round back chairs I am re-upholstering for friends of mine.  I’m on a deadline because I’m going on vacation next weekend for a week AND my friends are expecting a new baby any day now, and I would really like to get at least one, if not both, back to them before the little he or she arrives!  Here are some pics of what they are looking like now, compared to the photo from Part I of this series.  I think there may only be 3 parts to this series as I getting close to the final before and after post!  The shape of this chair proved to be a challenge but the result will be sooo worth it.

Arm roll

tipped on it’s side for easy access

Oh the layers of fabric…fun to see the history of the chair….and speaking of history….

I also found these in the chair when I took them apart….obviously the card is the upholsterer who worked on this chair at some point.  But the lady is a mystery.  But it’s not a mystery she was not happy about getting her picture taken…

isn’t the contrasting piping so pretty?

Have a great Monday!

XO, Linds

Backyard Upgrade Reveal….

You may be recall in one of my first few posts I featured some photos of what my backyard looked like at the beginning of the summer, and the promise to show you the finished product once I got it fixed up.  Well, I know it has taken forever, but I finally have got my outdoor space in order.  Here are the before and after shots….and then a few more shots of the after! It’s not perfect but it is a big improvement from where it started.

The deck dining area BEFORE…..

And AFTER!  First, I added a table and bench from from the Applaro collection at IKEA. I already had some wooden chairs that I used for the other side of the table. They don’t match perfectly but work well enough on a budget!  I added a blue striped runner and some some blue pillows to finish off the dining area.

The brick patio, BEFORE…

And AFTER!  I wanted a small outdoor living space so I purchased this set of 2 chairs and an all-weather coffee table, from the Ammero collection, also from IKEA.  The best thing about this collection is I can add pieces to expand my outdoor living space as I have the budget to do so. I added the brighter graphic pillows for a pop of colour.

This wooden shelving unit was the top of a office hutch that “came with the place” when I started renting it.  It was inside (and WAY too big for the space), so I got rid of the bottom part but left the top part on the deck for storage of my gardening tools. I added some panels of fabric to keep it looking neat and to tie it into the rest of the dining area.

Some more details like pillows…..


And some lighting for night time, these are the solar globe lights from IKEA.

I’m pretty happy to now be able to enjoy my outdoor space.  Have a great day!


A Tale of Two Round Back Chairs – Part I

Hello all,

I’ve spent much of this weekend working on my latest upholstery project.  I’m reupholstering 2 round-back chairs for my friends, and I’m very excited about it!  They bought the pair for $150 at the Elegant Garage Sale, which was a real bargain as the chairs are in great shape, albeit in need a a serious upgrade and modernization.  And I adore the fabric they choose, and when I love the fabric it makes whole process so much nicer.  Here’s a little update on the progress to date,  in photos….


This is one of the 2 chairs (they are the same).  I got a little ahead of myself with the deconstructing before I remembered to do my “before” photo, but picture a skirt around the bottom.

This hot mess is what the skirt was helping to cover up.



the curve around the  the back…


98% stripped to the bare bones


The legs were a bit rough and didn’t match my friends new hardwood floors, so I sanded them down…

…and performed a quick re-finishing/staining job.


Tools and supplies: jute webbing and a web stretcher.

Crisp new webbing!


I love the fabric, a light grey with green, yellow, and brown accents.  An my favorite part is that we are doing a contrasting piping in the yellow fabric you see on the right!  I have seen this done on lots of pieces, by have never done it on any of the pieces I have reupholstered.  I’m pretty excited to see how it turns out.

Today I get to start working on the stuffing and fabric on one of the chairs, which is the part where the piece really starts to come together, can’t wait.

Happy Sunday All!

Before and After #2

Happy Friday Morning!

Here is another project I completed for a friend recently.  She bought a beautiful wingback chair at an estate sale and wanted to moderize it.  She choose some fabric and I got to work.  When trying to determine how long a upholster project is going to take, a big factor is the time it takes to strip the piece down to the wood.  It varies from project to project but always budget ALOT more time than you think.  I learned that lesson on this chair.  I thought, maybe a 2-3 hours to strip it down.  It ended up taking almost 7 hours!  The previous upholsterer was NOT shy with the staple gun.  In some area it seemed like there were 100 staples per sq. in.!  OK….maybe I’m exaggerating… was time-consuming – but the end product was totally worth it.




Have a great day!


Before and after #1



This was the first project that I did for someone else.   It’s a cushioned armchair that my best friend got at a yard sale. It was a really solid frame with a good shape but the fabric was very old and damaged.  The final product turned out great, mostly because of the amazing fabric my friend choose.   I love when something old becomes new again.