Family and #Oakpointporch Project

Good Morning!

It is official, I am turning into my Mom. It gets more apparent everyday. Not that I’m complaining, my Mom is a pretty amazing person,  it’s just that it is happening quicker than I anticipated.

How does this relate to the #oakpointporch project?  (you can see the before pictures here and the initial scheme here)   Well, I happen to working on the project with my mom, as this is the porch in our family cottage .  To demonstrate the Lindsey turning into Carolyn phenomenon, I will use one of our recent exchanges related to said project. I sent her a bunch of fabric swatches in the colour scheme we had discussed, which was light/pastel blues, greens, with maybe some greys and yellows for good measure.  Only one really jumped out at her from that bunch of samples I sent her.  No big deal, she said she would go to some fabric stores on her own.  She went but felt overwhelmed by all the choices and gave up.

Hmmm, feeling overwhelmed with too much choice, finds it hard to make a decision:



So then I suggested that she should let me decide so she doesn’t have to, and she could just know that I will make it look nice.  A brief pause, some nervous laughter followed by ….”well, I don’t know about thaaaat…..”

Despite feelings of being overwhelmed, not really willing to relinquish too much control:

Mom ……√ 


This is just ONE conversation, with TWO instances where I realized we have similar reactions.  The good thing is that because I am so much like her, I understand this so I really wasn’t expecting her to just give me free reign, or agree with my choices the first time around.  Ahhhh, family, what would we do without them?

But back to the update on the project… of the biggest jobs for the porch revamp was new floors, which my Dad installed a few weeks ago.  Out with bad carpet and linoleum, in with some laminant flooring.

My focus while I am home will be to paint and reupholster the 2 chairs like this one.

Also, I’ll be doing some painting.  On one wall there is gorgeous cedar, but on the 3 outside walls we have ugly faux wood paneling that you can kinda see below the windows in the picture below.  Long-term we will be replacing the windows and putting up cedar in the rest of the walls, but in the interim I have suggested we paint out the paneling, likely in white or off-white.

My mother and I are going to attempt to get some fabric in Moncton when I fly in on Saturday.  We will be limited in terms of number of fabric stores, but I think with our heads together we can find some fabrics that work well.  I do know that we are on the same page in terms of a general palette that I mentioned above. Light blues, greens with some yellow, and maybe some greys. Here is a little mood board to help demonstrate.

cottage palette copy

Photos from top left:  1 (unknown), 2, 3, 4, 5,

It’s a pretty palette to be sure, and these are some of my mother’s favorite colours.  Light and airy.  Sort of how I feel everytime I step inside my cottage. Wish us luck on our fabric journey on Saturday!


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Etsy Finds: Dreaming of Spring Colour in the Kitchen

Good Morning!

In the aftermath of yesterday’s new dump of snow and today’s temperatures predicted to be in the “holy crap my skin is burning” windchill range in Toronto, I’m done with winter. And I normally LIKE winter, I really do. But it’s time for it to start to show some signs of spring. I want flowers to poke up in the dirt, to smell that fresh muddy air from the melting snow and thawing ground, and to see some buds growing on the trees.  Sigh.  The good news?  I’m taking a little trip to warmer climates in exactly two weeks!  My friend is attending a conference in Phoenix, AZ and I’m going to meet her there after it’s over and we are heading to Scottsdale for 3 days of hanging out by the pool, hiking in the desert and spa time.  Ahhhh.

However, until then spring is on my mind.  And when I think of spring I think of colour. Light and bright colour to be exact. And today I’ve got a colourful, happy, spring-y round-up of kitchen and dining tools from Etsy.

Spring Kitchen copy Pink Hand Painted Kitchen Wooden Tools from Kill an Hour, Vintage Wood Bowl on a Pedestal from Oh Yeah Vintage, Large Mint Green Ladle from Shop Rethink, Vitreous Wares Bright Blue Stoneware Ceramic Shallow Bowls, Handmade Palawan Beach Sentosa Bright Yellow Berry Bowl/Pasta Colander from Extruder Girl, Neon Chartreuse and Satin White Ceramic Pottery Bowl from Vitreous Wares , Confetti Table Runner from Avril Loreti Modern Home (Canadian!)

I love the mint green ladle and the super fun table runner, but all of these pieces remind me of the colours that I hope to see very, very soon in my backyard! You can shop all of my Etsy home faves by clicking on the Etsy “Handmade & Vintage Items to Come Home To” button on my sidebar.

Have a great day!


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Antique Revamps: Which PARA Paint colour would you choose?

*This post is brought to you by PARA Paints*

Good Morning Lovelies!

There is nothing I love more than planning a new upholstery project.  Over the last couple of years I’ve been stuffing my storage unit with a few fab antique finds that need some upholstery love. I’ve been itching to start a project where I get to make the fabric and colour choices….you know, tapping into the ‘ol creative juices.  Today I’m going to share my plans for three of my pieces; a round-back caned chair, a channel-back chair, and a sofa from the 1800’s.

I have have a fabric I’ve chosen for each, but I’m still undecided about what colour best to paint the frames. Thankfully, PARA paints has a huge selection of hues to choose from, including their new Colour Forecast palette.  So I’ll be looking for you to weigh in before I make any final decisions.  Before we start, I should mention that the furniture pics provided are not of my actual pieces but are ones I found that are identical or nearly identical to the ones I have.

project 1

I bought a chair identical to this one a couple of years ago at a giant garage sale outside of Erin, Ontario.  I love the caned sides and the shape.  I may not keep it tufted when I redo it, but I am pretty excite to get rid  of the orange velvet. The fabric I’m eying for this chair is Gazebo in Cloud by Braemore that I found on Tonic Living.  But the big question is what colour do I paint the frame?  My top 2 picks are PARA’s Humberstone (PF74) and Honey Brulee (both from their new Colour Forecast Palette.  Which would you choose?

Chair 2 copy 1,2, PARA Paints

project2 A channel-backed chair similar to the one below was also purchased at the giant garage sale I mentioned above.  I think a channel-back chair gives any room a big dose of pretty, don’t you agree? And I love this Etched Aviary fabric from Robert Allen for Dwell Studio.  As it so happens, I already have a few yards of this gorgeousness kicking around!  And for the frame? Well, because the fabric is black and white, I’m going to go bold with this one.  Either PARA’s First Choice (P5025-73) or Plantain Chips (PF52) (the second is also from their new Colour Forecast Palette).  Are you leaning towards rich green or bright yellow?

Chair 1 copy I

1,2, PARA Paints

project 3 A sofa just like this amazing c. 1800’s sofa was purchased at an antique store in my hometown in New Brunswick (and lovingly delivered to me in Toronto by my parents). Such a beautiful unique piece. And the fabric I choose for this puppy?  This amazing Echo-Licorice Floral fabric from the Heirloom Collection by Richloom Studio.  Frame options?  How about PARA’s Perfect Landing (P5210-51D)?  Or maybe Viva Glam (P5086-63)?  Bluish-grey or vibrant pink?

Sofa copy 1, my own, PARA Paints

All this brainstorming has me excited to get one of these projects started.  And I’ll definitely post the results when I’m all finished.  And I wasn’t kidding, I would love for you to tell which way you would go with these so be sure to leave your comments below! Or if you think there may other equally fabulous colour options, head over to the PARA’s paint website and let me know what you find!

Have a great day!


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Inspired by Fashion – Pink and Brown

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

This morning I’ve got some Pink and Brown coming at you for an inspired by fashion post.  A bit of duds to decor if you will.  I think pink and brown is a good representation of the arrival of fall. Everything that was a bright and rosy in the summertime starts to get a little bit more brown with the cooler weather.  And here is a cozy fall inspiration outfit in that colour scheme….

fALL 2012

Often I find that pink and brown decor is not executed well….but I did found a few lovely examples where it was.

via my polyvore, 1,2,3,4 (unknown)

Have a great day!


Inspired by some chicks…

Good Morning Lovelies!

I am looking forward to a relaxing long Easter weekend. I am heading home to New Brunswick tomorrow morning to spend the holiday with my family and I’m very excited about it.  And speaking of Easter, today’s post is inspired some chicks…literally….


These adorable little Easter chicks, with their fluffy yellow feathers and orange-y legs and beak, represent the bright and fresh feel of spring.

Photo sources, Clockwise from top left, 1 (via), 2, 3, 4, 5 (Orig. source unknown), 6, 7 (via), 8 (via), 9, 10,11

Perhaps a bright and fresh outfit also inspired by the little chickies is in order?  How about a fun bright yellow dress with amazing orange accessories?

yellow & orange

Outfit sources found here on my Polyvore.

Have a great day!


Weekend Blues and then Sunshine


So, yesterday I was in a terrible mood.  Sad and cranky and feeling sorry for myself. I feel a bit silly admitting that but I figure I should be honest on this blog. I don’t feel a lot better this morning but I’m about to go out and see some of my favorite people, and it’s supposed to be gorgeous outside today so i feel like things are looking up. So that being said, today’s little post is on blue (how I felt yesterday) and yellow (sunshiny, how I hope to feel today).


Hope everyone had a good weekend!


Inspired by Fashion: Minty Spring

Happy Long Weekend Sunday!

With the warmer than average winter we are having here in Toronto, I’m getting spring fever a little early.  I’ve got pastels on the brain and since my favourite colour is green, a pretty minty green is the colour that inspired this early spring outfit….


A light cashmere sweater, white jeans and cute flats is my idea of a great casual spring look!

And here are some great mint green shots inspired by this look….

via 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10

So springy! I love it.

And don’t forget just a few hours left to enter the Chocolat & Cherries Giveaway!

Courtney Khail Stationary

Good Morning and Happy Friday!

Today I’m sharing with you some of the prettiest stationary I’ve ever encountered, courtesy of the amazing talent of Courtney Khail of Courtney Khail Stationery and Design. I discovered these little pieces of paper heaven when I was lucky enough to receive two of them in my swag box from Alt Summit.  She also taught a course on watercolours at Alt. I didn’t attend that session but, after looking at more of her work, I wish I had!  Courtney and I only met briefly at Alt, but she instantly came across as a genuinely nice person.  This impression was only solidified when she recently sent me an email just to tell me that it had been nice meeting me at Alt! How totally sweet is that?

But now back to her amaze-balls stationery.  Each individual card or invitation is created with a combination of hand-drawn illustration, ink, and watercolours resulting in a one of a kind piece of art.  I love the use of bright colours and the beautiful flowers illustrations. My personal faves are the ones with the peonies and zinnias. Courtney certainly has a boatload of talent…and I’m talking a cruise ship not a dingy.  I’m pretty sure you will feel the same way when you see these…..

All photos via ©Courtney Khail Stationery and Design.

What did I tell you?  Absolutely gorgeous, no?

Have a great weekend!


Cream and Black

Good Morning!

Don’t you just love the combination of Cream and Black? It is so versatile!  This colour combo can make a space feel stark and cozy or bold and soft, depending on how you design it. In fashion, this combo both classic and contrasting.  Whatever feel cream and black exudes for you, what I know is that I adore it in just about any form.  This morning I invite you to enjoy  the dichotomy that is cream and black….

1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, 10,11,12,13,14,15,16

Have a great day!

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

Good Morning!

December is the time of year when I appreciate snow the most. Unfortunately, the weather here in Toronto is unseasonably warm and all we are getting is rain.  So today’s post is inspired by the fact that I’m dreaming of more of the white stuff for the holiday season.  There is something romantic of freshly fallen snow, prompting people to bundle up and get cozy. I challenge you to look at these photos and not want a little more snowy winter white in your life.

 Photo via 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17

Love snow.

But ask me again in February…my tune will certainly have changed.

Have a lovely day!