DIY Lampshades

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I just got back last week from vacation….sigh. Per my normal summer routine, I spent my time off at my family’s cottage in Oak Point, NB (aka my favourite place on the planet). As usual it was awesome.  Lovely weather, hot with cool breezes, and I came back relaxed and calm.  We don’t have a TV there so there is a lot of reading, card games and napping on the itinerary. But as anyone who has a cottage knows, cottages also mean perpetual “projects”.  My parents have had projects on the go at the cottage since, well, as far back as I can remember.  Last summer I helped out with a bigger project, which I called #oakpointporch where I reupholstered two chairs and sewed a bunch of pillow covers for the porch. You can see the results here.  This year my task was to make some new lampshades.  The first lampshade I needed was for the top of this antique side table-lamp combo piece.

Before 1

before 2

Sure, the lampshade is okay, but we weren’t in love with the pleated /rouched look and it was cracked on the inside and stained a bit on the outside. It was time to go.  So, you many ask why I decided to make one when there are so many shades out there to buy.  This is why…..the hardware.

the problem

We looked high and low for a shade with this same kind of attachment hardware and nothing. Having seen many antique lamps, I know now that this hardware was pretty common, but not so much any more.  So, I decided I would make a new one using the existing hardware. And while I was at it I did shades for two small wooden lamps that needed refreshing.

I used this tutorial on Design Sponge on how to make a drum-style lamp. It was very straight forward and I would highly recommend it.  The only thing I did differently was I didn’t buy the “proper” inside material which is high pressure sensitive styrene with self adhesive on the back, I used poster board. I also used the inside of a an embroidery ring for bottom instead of another wire ring.


You may note from the picture below that my bottom ring seems larger than my top.  And yes, you are correct I had to “adjust” it with a cutter and some crazy-glue so it matched the top. I won’t go through all the instructions here because they do such a good job in the tutorial but here a couple of photos.

Process 1


Process 3
Now when I got to the small lampshades which were not drums and therefore not the same size on top as they were on the bottom….that is when sh*t got real.  Of course you can’t cut it straight to get a truncated cone says I, the girl with the engineering degree who tried to do that (twice) before realizing I couldn’t “force” it in place.  So, I took to the internet.  I found lots of formulas and tried to follow them.  I went out and bought a protractor,  I created a large compass using a nail string and a pencil and fiddled away but nothing worked quite right. And then I found…..wait for it……a truncated cone calculator.  People, if you are ever making a lampshade or need any kind of truncated cone for a craft…..USE THIS.  It is so much easier than doing the calcs yourself.  You still need the protractor and the compass but you can be sure that what you are measuring will work.  And then you will get the proper curved piece (like the one below) which will wrap around your two sizes of rings perfectly.

Process 2

A couple more progress shots….

Process 5

process 4

I used grosgrain ribbon and upholstery trim on the inside of my lamps to cover the glued edges but you can also use paper tape as shown in the tutorial.  And here is how they turned out….

after 4

After 1

after 2

after 3

Not too bad, if I do say so myself.  A couple more tips for you. You can use poster-board as a base like I did, but not if it’s a lamp you need a lot of light from.  Because it isn’t transparent it produces a glowy light rather than a bright one. If you need it brighter, get the styrene.  As I mentioned, I used and embroidery ring for the base, which worked great for the drum lamp but was a bit more awkward for the other two so I would say to invest in the proper ring for a non-drum shade.  However, despite the whole math, geometry, angles shenanigans, it wasn’t too difficult and turned out pretty well.  So if you can’t find the proper shade for your antique lamp or just want something fun and custom,  you can make your own!  Have a great day!


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DIY Holiday Shoe Embellishments

Good Morning!

It’s been oh soooo long since I’ve posted.  When you have a ton going on and only 24 hours in a day, something’s gotta to give.  Lately it’s been the blog.  However, I managed to squeeze in some time to share a great low cost DIY holiday gift idea. I know that for me as the holiday parties and gatherings approach and I see all the festive, sparkly clothes and shoes, I just want to buy new clothes and shoes for every event.  Not realistic budget wise, and let’s be honest, there are very few occasions to wear the green sequined dress or  super blinged out shoes so it’s not all that practical either.  Today I’m sharing a quick and easy way to add some inexpensive drama to your outfit with DIY holiday shoe embellishments.

DIY Holiday Shoe Embellishments - 2_edited-1

We all have 1 or 2 (or 20) pairs of plain heels. And yes, any heel adds something to an outfit. But for party season why not add something and make them stand out?  And it’s SO easy.

All you need is:

1) Clip-on earring backs (I got mine at Michaels)

2) Button backs (optional)

3) Glue gun

4) Feathers, faux rhinestones, beads or whatever embellishments you to add.

DIY Holiday Shoe Embellishments - 3_edited-1

 Step 1:  Take the clip-on earring back and glue on the button back. The button back is optional, as you could just use the flat part of the earring back, but I wanted a slightly larger surface area for mine.

Step 2: cut and and glue on the feathers in a circular pattern on the base.  I used finer end part of the feather for these but you could use any part of the feather.

DIY Holiday Shoe Embellishments - 5

 Step 3:  Glue on your rhinestones/beads to the center in whatever pattern you want.

DIY Holiday Shoe Embellishments - 4

Step 4: Clip on to you shoes!

DIY Holiday Shoe Embellishments - 6 copy

This simple accessory adds so much flair to a regular shoe! And it only costs a few dollars to make dozens of the them! You also could use them on flats or sandals if you wanted.  And there are so many options for things to them embellish with that you can easily customize them to any ladies on your gift list.

DIY Holiday Shoe Embellishments

You could also make cute ones for kids shoes. And they make a great gift for a Secret Santa that has a low price limit.  So many options!  And if you want to find other great handmade gift ideas, search the hashtag #CDNHandmadeHoliday on your social media feeds.


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DIY Lighting Round-up and Giveaway Results

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Before I get to the DIY lighting round-up, I would like to apologize for not announcing the giveaway results yesterday as planned. Sadly,  my computer was on the fritz which I hope doesn’t mean I have to replace it!  It seems to running alright now so here are the results!  There was only one entry so there was no need to use…..and that lucky entry is Stephanie!  Congrats!  I’ll be sending you an email to let you know how to get your tickets!

And while we are on the topic of the home show, I urge you take a minute to check out the amazing lineup of Fall Home Show Upcycle Challenge entries (including my lighting project ) here and of course I would love it if you could cast vote for lamp (blog post about it here) .  And if you are at the show you can actually take one of these amazing pieces home, as they are going to be up for auction with ALL proceeds going to Habitat for Humanity GTA.  Love that organization, and equally love that I can be a part of helping them do their good work!

Now, back to today’s topic.  Ever since I completed my upcycle challenge project, I have been kind of obsessed with DIY lighting.  I am definitely going to tackle another point at some point, and wow, there is a ton of inspiration about there.  Today I’ve rounded up some great DIY lighting projects from around the web to share with you.

Love this golden light bulb number from Brit & Co!

For a more industrial look you can go with this rustic chandelier DIY from Black Oak Studios.

Although perhaps not ideal for a room where you need bright clear lighting, this gorgeous pendant DIY from Emmmy Lizzzy made from doilies is beautiful and gives off a lovely glow.

I love this DIY pendant lamp from The Hunted Interior made from a thrifted brass bowl.

Although this DIY beaded chandelier from Gus and Lulu would be time-consuming, similar lamps can cost $500 or more in a store!  And this one looks pretty damn close to the real thing.

And how about this super cool Copper Pipe Wall Sconce created by Claire Zinnecker which she shared on Camille Styles!

Pretty damn cool, right?  People are just so creative!  Another DIY lighting project is definitely in my future.  Have you ever tackled a lighting project?


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IKEA Strind Coffee Table Hack

Good Morning!

This morning I’m sharing a little IKEA coffee table hack. A few years ago I built and upholstered an ottoman/coffee table with a tufted top and storage inside for my living room.


Although not shown above I normally have a lucite tray on top that I use for a hard surface.  I loved this piece for quite awhile but as time has gone on it has started to wear out.  There are stains on it which I haven’t been able to  get out and it just looks a little worse for wear.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA It also has started to annoy me that it doesn’t have a larger hard surface on top.  I could get a bigger tray I suppose, but I think I have just been craving a proper hard top coffee table.  Also, due to my own poor design, it weighs about 1000 pounds.  Ok, not that much but it’s HEAVY.  I used what I had on hand when I built the frame, and the wood I had just happened to be 2×4’s, which aren’t particularly heavy on their own but clearly are when built as a frame.  So the piece is a pain in the a$$ to move.

When I was looking at coffee tables, I came across this Ikea coffee table makeover by the Hunted Interior and was inspired.

via the Hunted Interior

So, I went to Ikea and found this Strind coffee table for $129.00. I like the round shape and the fact that it has a second level. I’m not a fan of the wheels but I figured it was something I could replace later if I wanted too.

Photo via Ikea

I spray painted the metal base using Krylon Metallic Brilliant Gold paint which gives a lovely rosy gold tone which I like.



And this is what I got…





I’m very happy with the result! I’m still not loving the wheels but without them it’s too low, so I’ll have to live with them for now.

Have a great day!


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Holiday DIY – Glowy Trees

Good Morning,

Today I’m sharing a little holiday DIY project I did last week.  I warn you, it might be the least helpful DIY post I’ve ever shared on the blog in terms of instructions.  I didn’t get enough pictures.  But because it took some time and the result was decent I thought it was worth sharing anyway.  This DIY is called “Glowy Trees”. (Sometimes naming a DIY is half the fun….).  I came up with this idea because I wanted something to add to my outdoor decor this year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (you also need a strand of lights, not pictured – preferable on a white cord)

STEP 1:  Cut bristol board and make them into 3 cone-shapes; a small, medium and large.  I’ll be honest I struggled with this part, and I really just used trial and error to get 3 cones that fit properly on top of each other.  I went online to try to figure it out and people were talking about the Pythagorean Theory to calculate cone shapes, and I thought, forget that. I’m crafting, I don’t want to do math.  So I just winged it.  Just be warned, if you are going to go this route buy a couple of extra sheets of bristol board.

STEP 2:  Cut the bottoms of the cones to look like tree branches.

STEP 3: Around the bottom cut out circles using the hole-punch.

STEP 4: Use the large needle to poke small holes everywhere else on the cones (the more you have the glowier your trees will be).


STEP 5:   Create 3 bunches of lights with your strand and assemble your cones into trees and place them on top of the lights.

And voila:


Not too bad, right? You can see the largest one is the least tree-like as that one was done before I got the hang of the cone shaping.  But the effect is what I wanted.  You can put these anywhere but the glow is most effective outside.  Mine are under a covered area so they don’t get ruined by rain or snow.  What I didn’t think of…WIND.  As a result since I took this picture I think the top of the small guy may be lost forever.  Ah well, what can you do.


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Fall Decor: DIY Fabric Wreath

Good Morning!

It’s going to be 25 degrees here in Toronto today, which is certainly above seasonal for this time of year.  But hey, that doesn’t mean I can’t decorate a little for fall.  I had wanted something fall-ish to hang on my door that was simple and a little rustic. While perusing Pinterest I found this post for a linen wreath on A Beautiful Nest which was pretty close to what I was looking for.  For my wreath I didn’t use linen, instead opting for burlap and muslin, but I kept to the same general idea.  Today I’m sharing how I did it.

IMG_0783 copy

First, cut the top of the hanger off with the wire cutters (unless you want a longer wire) and bend it into the shape you want.  Then cut your fabric in long strips in the width that you want your wreath to be.

IMG_0784 copy

(I know what you are thinking….that rancid dirty stained carpet must just be some scrap of carpet that she uses to do crafts on….ahem, ya…let’s just stick with that thought.)

Next, start stringing the fabric on the wire, folding the fabric like an accordion as you go. In my case the burlap already has small holes in it and the muslin is very thin so I was able to just poke it through.  However, if you are using a thicker fabric you may have to pre-cut small holes to string it on.

IMG_0789 copy

Fill up the entire wire with the fabric. Then hook or wind the ends of the wire together and add a ribbon for hanging.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I purposely didn’t add a bow to mine, as I wanted to keep it simple.  However, this could easily be used again for other seasons/holidays by simply adding different bows or changing out the colour of the ribbon.


And that’s it!  Pretty simple and straight-forward to do but the result is a piece of decor you can use anytime.



Weekend Musings

Good Morning!

I hope all of you had a great weekend. Here are some snippits of what I did…

Remember these that I found on the side of the road?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Well, I’m almost finished their makeover…here is a little looksy at the progress.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I finally hung my new custom drapes from Tonic Living!  This is the just a little peek – I’ll do some proper photos at a later date. But they did a fabulous job and I’m loving the Millie fabric, it works perfectly in the space.

drapes On Saturday afternoon I went to the Taste of the Danforth with a couple friends and got to hang out with these precious ladies….clearly the highlight was the flower balloons…

IMG_0510 I’ve become obsessed with TED talks. I’m finding them great for passing the time on a run. Sunday morning I listened to Dan Gilbert’s The Surprising Science of Happiness on my run.  I could probably devote an entire post to my thoughts on this (and maybe will at some point) but for now I would just recommend you all listen to it. It’s really great and thought-provoking….20 minutes of your life well spent. Seriously…go now.

Have a lovely Monday morning!



DIY Masquerade Mask

Good Morning!

Do you remember the masks that my friend Tory and I wore at our Masquerade Birthday? Well, we crafted those little darlings ourselves…with some help from the dollar store and Pinterest.  I liken the pairing of the dollar store and Pinterest to Edward and Vivian in Pretty Woman. One may seem a little more high-class than the other, but in reality they are equally awesome and much better together than apart. (Yes, I love that movie) But I digress. Today I’m giving you a brief little overview of what we did for these masks.  I’ll start with the golden lacey number that Tory wore.

541603_10151460520854589_1015831706_n Tory found the instructions and template for this DIY mask on this post by Sprinkles in Springs on Pinterest.  The full instructions are on the post.

DIY  Tory mask Tory made one change from the instructions and used gold glitter glue instead of fabric puffy paint.  We couldn’t find puffy paint anywhere downtown so we tried the glitter glue which looked great but took a LONG time to dry.  So if you use it, do the mask a couple of days in advance.

For my mask, you need: a plain mask base (I got mine at It’s my Party on the Danforth), feathers (regular and peacock), small plastic jewels with one flat side, a glue gun and some small gauge wire (all from the dollar store).  All I did was glue a pattern of pearly and blue stone jewels to the base mask, put the feathers into small groups and wrap a wire around them to keep them sturdy, glue the feathers to the back side of the mask and it was done! DIY LG Mask

 Holy plumage Batman!

These were very fun to make, so much so that I want to have another party so I can make a different one!

Have a great day!









Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?

Good Morning!

This past Tuesday evening I attended the #BrotherBizSmart event, which was a collaboration between Brother Canada and the Yummy Mummy Club and was hosted by my friend Sarah Gunn – DIY guru on Cityline and blogger on Sarah Gunn Wall Candy and Sara Gunn Style! The event was held at the BoConcept furniture store on Adelaide St. East, and was a really great location for this event.

The evening started with an introduction to the new Brother Business Smart Series printer by one of the lovely Brother representatives.

Here is the deal with this fabulous machine: It prints, it copies, it scans.  IT’S WIRELESS.  It prints 11×17 sized paper. It’s SMALL.  Oh, and it’s freakin’ pretty.

Then Sarah showed us how she used this printer to do some great photo DIY projects.

She show us how to easily mount your printed pictures onto canvas to make fabulous (and personal) wall art. In this one, she printed some Instagram shots from her time in Nova Scotia last summer. A very professional looking art piece of her family vacation! I the next photo, and to the right of this busy DIYer, you see a logo she printed and framed, which you could do using your own company logo.  A great idea for small businesses who want some signage for their home office but don’t want to pay for professional printing. Seriously, the creativity of this chiquita is CRAZY. And as I went through my photos of Sarah presenting, I couldn’t help but link these two photos together….

Full disclosure, the above MAY IS NOT a direct quote from Sarah’s presentation, but if is was, I’m sure she would have be talking about enlarging PHOTOS.

Sorry Sarah, I couldn’t resist…

And to top the night off, she announced at the end of her presentation that Brother was giving ALL OF US ONE OF THE PRINTERS!  ALL OF US!  How insane is that??? We were all shocked and very excited. Again, THANKS so much to Brother, YMC and Sarah for this fabulous gift.

Sarah and I taken by Brittany Stager (p.s. I look like a running back in that photo, what is up with my shoulder?)

Overall a fabulous night!

And if my week couldn’t get any better, I’m flying to NYC tonight for a girls weekend. I’ve been to New York many times but have never experienced Christmastime in Manhattan.  Soooo excited.


Amaze-“Balls” DIY Holiday Wreath!

Good Morning love muffins!

Happy Wednesday! Remember last week when I posted the Amaze-balls Holiday Wreath Ideas?  Well, it inspired a little holiday DIY project.  Check out below for my fun little how-to….

Pretty decent for a first try, huh?  It was relatively easy and only took about an hour.  And the best thing?  I got all the supplies at the dollar store and the whole thing cost under $10 (including the glue gun which I also got at the dollar store a long time ago).  The only hiccup I encountered was that at the end, I was short a few balls! Which, if you follow me on twitter, you already know from my online dating tweets…. bahahaha…sorry, couldn’t help it. I meant Christmas balls, obviously.  My advice, always have more balls than you think you need (wink, wink). Seriously, it’s like I’m a thirteen year old boy.

Anyway, it was easy, cheap and turned out totally pretty in the end, so you should try it out! And it gives you a good excuse to make balls jokes….which is clearly why I did it.

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a pair of One of a Kind Show tickets….contest end on Thursday at 10 pm!