Decor Scheme for My Backyard Update

Good Morning!

I’ve been working on getting my backyard/patio cleaned up over the last few weeks, and I’m making some changes to the space. Nothing drastic, just some updates while using the furniture I already have.

You may have seen my recent post about painting my exterior door. After getting lots of opinions from you (thank you!), I’ve decided on the blue, more specifically Para Paints Bluenose (P2116-03).



 That decision led me to a create a nautical-ish navy/red scheme. I’ve done a round-up on what I have already and what I will need to complete my look.

backyard copy

What I have (clockwise from the top left):

1. Red and white cushion by Colin and Justin from Marshall’s, which goes with my…

2. ÄPPLARÖ bench from the IKEA  

3. Blue Cynthia Rowley table runner, which will go on my…

4. ÄPPLARÖ gateleg table from IKEA.  

5. 2 rattan lounge chairs from IKEA which they no longer carry but look similar to these ones, and have creamy white cushions

6. 2 Nisse white laquer folding chairs from IKEA

What I need (clockwise from the top left):

1. Patio lights!  The string kind. Simple ones I can drape around my patio or in my garden for extra light. Like these Allen & Ross ones from Lowe’s.

2. I have some throw pillows but I need some fabric to make new covers. And these 3 fabrics from Tonic Living will be perfect! (Small Ikat Dot in Navy, 10 oz Canvas in red, Starfish in Navy)

3. My door painted in Para paints bluenose

4. Good quality stake lighting for my garden. The solar ones that I currently have are terrible and don’t emit enough light, but I don’t want to have to run a cord across my yard from my deck so I’m stuck with solar.  I like the look of these copper ones from Westinghouse. But I’ll definitely want to be sure the ones I buy give off sufficient light.

So what do you think of the scheme?  Any suggestions?  Any recommendations for good stake lighting that actually gives off good light?  Let me know!

Have a great day!


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Over the Moon for Ostrich

Good Morning! I was recently reminded how much I like faux ostrich fabric, after reading this post over at Redesigning Sarah about how she fixed her damaged leather cubes by having the top reupholstered.  Check out how great they turned out!

Great huh?  This inspired me to find more faux ostrich loveliness….but it was hard finding an abundance of inspiration.  However, I did find a few things…

Like these chairs….

This bag…

These chairs, specifically the seats (from the home of Ms. Meredith Heron, designer extraordinaire as featured in Style at Home)

These flats….

This bench…

These heels….

These stools…

Can you believe that bench was a DIY project? You can see it here. I do love to see people having success with DIY re-upholstery, and that one tuned out amazing! Oh yea, and I would give my right ear for that bag…for realsies.

You just gotta love a little (faux)….

Photo Sources: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8

I’m over the moon for ostrich…

Have a great day!


Osborne and Little’s Wallpaper and Fabrics…oh my….

Good Morning to you!

This week I spent some time doing one of my favourite things…perusing fabrics. I normally prefer to do it in the store, but this week it was online.  One place I like to look at fabric online is Osborne and Little.  Not only do they have great fabric, but they also have an excellent selection of wallpaper.  Today I’ve put together some of the fabrics and wallpaper that caught my eye.

I love this ombre-ish patterned fabric in this soft subdued colour palatte

I’m a fan of interesting toile and this Asian-inspired fabric is a great example.

Usually I’m not a fan of plaid, but this one is so simple and cozy looking.  Makes me want to curl up in front of a fire.

Love the colour and bold pattern on this one…

This pretty velvet fabric with a raised flower pattern would add great texture to an upholstered chair or throw pillow.

 I’m 33 and a verified cougar so I’m going to stop apologizing for loving animal prints.

The soft colours and bold pattern in this fabric would make a great upholstered headboard.

Generally speaking, I haven’t really gotten on board with the whole Chevron trend, but  I am loving this interesting take on the pattern in this fabric.


The slightly flourescent colours really pop out of the gorgeous foxglove patterned wallpaper.

This snakeskin wallpaper is actually made of vinyl which I think would add such interesting texture to a room.

Bring the outdoors inside with this nature inspired wallpaper in a pretty coral.

Ah, the cameo – classic and beautiful – but this wallpaper takes a modern turn with shape and colour.

Gorgeous fabric with amazing pattern and colour.  And I love me some gold accents, and this wallpaper has just the right amount of glimmer.

I thought this salamander print could be great in the right kids room…it’s just so freakin’ fun.

I thought this pattern which features perfume bottles on a shelf is just so unique and beautiful. I’m not sure the best room to use this in, but perhaps a powder room.

Snakeskin wallpaper in a mellow yellow.  Gotta love it.


Have a great Friday!

Fun Upholstery

Good morning lovelies.  For the last few days, I’ve spent every free moment I’ve had searching for a light fixture for my bedroom redo…I was originally planning on posting about it today, but to be honest, if I see another light fixture right now I think I’ll crawl into a little ball on the floor and rock back and forth…so maybe later in the week.  So instead, today I’m back on a topic close to my heart….upholstery. I’ve rounded up some examples of fun upholstery pieces to share with you this morning. Hope they inspire you to update an old piece of furniture yourself!

 What a pretty fabric on this chair and a great shape to boot (from Spruce Upholstery in Austin) via

Another fun fabric choice via

Cute little update to an average office chair….oh, and did I mention this fabric is from IKEA? Super fun and super cheap for upholstery weight fabric. via

Another gem by Spruce…via

A great reupholstery job…gotta love tufting…via

Great idea for fabric!  via

OK, this might be my east coast roots coming through...via

Gorgeous headboard by Staci Edwards at Switch Studio…..via

  Everyone loves an Eames chair, but it’s even better updated with this chevron pattern…via

And this last lovely chaise was completed by Andrea at Re:style Studio. And, if you are interested in completing your own re-upholstery project, sign up for a BYOP (bring your own piece) upholstery weekend at Re:style!  Yours truly will be instructing and I would love to see you there.  If there is enough interest we will be opening up another weekend before the holidays (think Christmas gifts??).



Decade of my Decor Style

Good morning!

Ok, so this past weekend I attended my 10 year university reunion at Queen’s in Kingston, Ontario. Not going to lie, I was dreading it just a little…awkward small talk, asking people about what they are doing with their lives (even though we already know because of Facebook), watching 20 yr old “kids” drink with reckless abandon, knowing they will wake up tomorrow feeling great while I won’t get over my hangover for 5 days…barf………on the other side, there were a lot of people going and with careers and kids, how often do you get a whole bunch of friends together for the SOLE purpose of partying like it’s 2001?  Hmmm….almost never.   So, off we went, equipped with a 1997-2001 playlist on my IPOD for the drive (think, Will Smith, Destiny’s Child and Third Eye Blind).  And as it turned out, awkward encounters were pretty infrequent and the partying was redonculous…picture ten early thirties alumni dancing on a speaker screaming WOOHOO at the tops of their lungs….RE-DON-CU-LOUS.

Sooo, in honour of for today’s post, I thought would take a look at my decor style from 10+ years ago.  Before you judge, keep in mind that at that time these guys were my idols in terms of fashion…..


and I was in love Rachael and Monica’s shabby chic apartment…..


With that in my mind, here is a little snapshot at my decade old decor style which included…..

Fabric like this…..via

Paint colors like these…via and via

Wood Furniture like this….via

and lighting like this…via

Not terrible but definitely was more “shabby chic” than my current home decor style would be….and pretty boring overall – where now I lean more towards….

Fabrics like this….via and via

Paint colours like this….via

furniture like this…via

and lighting like this….via

It’s clear my decor style has changed over the past 10 years, partly based on budget and partly just a maturing of my decor “eye”. And my style will certainly change significantly again in the next 10 years, but that is the great thing about decor style – it’s ever evolving, which makes it much more fun!

Have a great day!

Antique-y Saturday

I have found that now that friends know I am an upholsterer and that I love bringing new life to old furniture, they are always on the lookout for new potential projects for me.  I regularly have friends send me photos of furniture they see in antique stores, flea markets, or just on the side of the road (my friends also know I’m huge garbage picker…..).  My parents have recently started keeping their eyes peeled for projects for me too! On a recent visit to an antique store in my hometown in NB, they found me something really great…but before I show you, one of the best small town stories ever came out of my Mom’s visit to this store….you see, my mom arrived at the door to the store (which is in a house) and it was locked, but there was a sign on the door and it said, “Gone to the hairdresser, be back in an hour. There are items in the shed you can take a look at, it’s unlocked.  Please don’t steal anything.”  This is why I love small towns. Amazing, no?  Anyhoo, here is the piece my parents got and are bringing to me when they come to visit in November….

I KNOW, RIGHT?  Amazing. And she is asking only $100…’s got to be from the late 1800’s…such a steal! I am picturing it in an amazing fabric…totally prettied up. And the upholstery will be a great challenging project for me! Excited. They also sent me a link for a auction being held on Monday in Saint John, by Tim Isaac a local auctioneer who also has a retail antique store and gallery in the City.  He is one of the most well known antique dealers and auctioneers in the Maritimes and his dedicated to preserving Maritime Heritage is widely known.  Here are just a few of the 400+ items up for auction on Monday that I would like to have….

Gorgeous coverlet circa 1830’s

Look at the detail of the that woodwork.


love the shape of the back of these dining chairs

Pink, gotta love pink…..

not sure where I would put this but I kinda love it’s dual-purpose-ness….

beautiful and colourful

Again, love the shape….

simple & elegant

I have never seen anything like this… unique.

love the yellow and gold

front all bench idea (with new fabric)…

more pink…love old china.

cute chair for an empty corner

oil lamps are so pretty

another great shape!

Love these but I might try to find bulbs that didn’t stick out of the top…

I’m a sucker for shape apparently

The artist wasn’t given but I love these colors.

And there are TONS of other items on the list, you can check it out here. So, since I am trying to curb my spending, a least a little bit, I’m likely not going to get any of these things….sad. PLUS, I don’t think my parents were exactly offering to go on my behalf by sending this to me, they just knew I would love looking through it. BUT, I will say that going to an auction is on my to-do list for this year, for sure.

Have a lovely Saturday!


Weekend Win!

Hello all!

Between doing a lot of work around my place, running errands and spending most of Sunday in the office (booo!), my weekend didn’t have too many majorly high points, EXCEPT……


I was the lucky winner of the $100 gift card for InVu Drapery from the lovely blog show casing all things beautiful in white, White Cabana!  If you haven’t been over to visit definitely do so right away!  And this is my first time winning a blog giveaway!!! And it certainly tops some of my other first times….first time driving standard (disaster), first time riding a bike (crashed), and well, the real “first time”, which let’s be honest, can’t have been good for anyone…..but I digress…..  Thanks so much to Jordana at White Cabana and InVu for this great prize!

Now on to another little something I found this weekend…thru pinterest, of course…..

HOW PRETTY ARE THOSE????….for a cottage window or farmhouse window? The lace makes these screens look so pretty and original.

That’s all I have for today….. too much office time last week, and my brain is still a bit mushy.



Black Yellow and White Inspiration

Hello all! This post is inspired by a couple of things….firstly, a few weeks back Christine from Bijou and Boheme guested on Recreated and she created a fabulous a bedroom design using this gorgeous Rubie Greet Marilyn fabric for the drapery….


Then while perusing through the NYFW images (which people have been pinning like crazy), this amazing dress caught my eye….


Ah…if only I had somewhere to wear this dress….or the money to pay for it….but I digress.  The fabric and dress both inspired me to investigate further into this bold colour combo and, not surprisingly, I found lots of visual treats to share. Enjoy!













Have a great Sunday!


Guest Post by Interior Groupie!

This morning’s post comes from the lovely Heather from Interior Groupie! Drop by her blog to see some pretty design musings and great home decor projects she has been doing around her house!  She has put together a stellar post for Recreated today showing some amazing options to revive, renew, and reinvent pieces of furniture.  A subject close to my heart as you might guess.  Love it!


Hi everyone! I am so excited to be “guesting” here at Recreated…I thought I would do a post that is focused on re-upholstery, since that is Lindsey’s passion. I am taking pieces from craigslist and matching them with fabrics that I think would add a lot of punch (that is, if I had Lindsey’s skills in re-upholstery). Enjoy!


(Chair via Craigslist; fabric via Tonic Living – Mini Chevron in Fresh )

This chair’s shape is really cute, and the chair is stackable. I would love to see it with a bright graphic to punch things up! I think it would be perfect for an office, a vanity, or as an “occasional chair”.

+     + 

(chairs via Craigslist, fabric via Tonic Living – Vintage Blossom Citrine, and Bella Porte, Brindle for a pillow)

I actually want these chairs for my living room…they are perfect scale and a nice shape…hmm – Lindsey do you want a project!?!


(Ottoman via Craigslist, Fabric via Tonic Living – Emilio in sand)

Not a huge change for this guy, just something to punch it up a bit.


(Loveseat via Craigslist, Fabric via Tonic Living – Bodega in Navy)

This would be a bold change…although in navy and white, so if most other pieces in the room are white this would be quite do-able.


(Chair via Craigslist, Fabric via Texas Suzannie’s)

This chair was posted for $30. Seriously? As long as it’s not infested with bedbugs who cares how much you spend on fabric!??! What a deal! I’m picturing really wide stripes on this one…at least 8” wide.

Well, I feel like I could go on and on…I may have to do another post like this, it was so much fun. I’m so happy I could stop by Recreated and share some of my ideas with you!


What did I tell you?  Great ideas! Thanks again to Heather for stopping by for a visit, come back any time!

Quilt and Patchwork Pretties

Today’s post is dedicated to quilt and patchwork things. This weekend I’m starting my vacation and will be heading east to visit my family in New Brunswick. My Nana is a beautiful quilter and her talents have inspired this post.  Some of these items are a little (lot) over the top, but some are a modern twist on traditional quilt/patchwork. Enjoy!

Photos via 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, 8, 9,10