Holiday DIY – Glowy Trees

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Today I’m sharing a little holiday DIY project I did last week.  I warn you, it might be the least helpful DIY post I’ve ever shared on the blog in terms of instructions.  I didn’t get enough pictures.  But because it took some time and the result was decent I thought it was worth sharing anyway.  This DIY is called “Glowy Trees”. (Sometimes naming a DIY is half the fun….).  I came up with this idea because I wanted something to add to my outdoor decor this year.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (you also need a strand of lights, not pictured – preferable on a white cord)

STEP 1:  Cut bristol board and make them into 3 cone-shapes; a small, medium and large.  I’ll be honest I struggled with this part, and I really just used trial and error to get 3 cones that fit properly on top of each other.  I went online to try to figure it out and people were talking about the Pythagorean Theory to calculate cone shapes, and I thought, forget that. I’m crafting, I don’t want to do math.  So I just winged it.  Just be warned, if you are going to go this route buy a couple of extra sheets of bristol board.

STEP 2:  Cut the bottoms of the cones to look like tree branches.

STEP 3: Around the bottom cut out circles using the hole-punch.

STEP 4: Use the large needle to poke small holes everywhere else on the cones (the more you have the glowier your trees will be).


STEP 5:   Create 3 bunches of lights with your strand and assemble your cones into trees and place them on top of the lights.

And voila:


Not too bad, right? You can see the largest one is the least tree-like as that one was done before I got the hang of the cone shaping.  But the effect is what I wanted.  You can put these anywhere but the glow is most effective outside.  Mine are under a covered area so they don’t get ruined by rain or snow.  What I didn’t think of…WIND.  As a result since I took this picture I think the top of the small guy may be lost forever.  Ah well, what can you do.


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Giveaway: Get your holidays on with Minted!

Good Afternoon!

I don’t know about you but I’m starting to rev up my holiday planning.  From events to decor I really need to (quoting my lovely mother) get a wiggle on!  One thing I need to do is my holiday cards.  Last year I fumbled together a mismatched bunch of cards that I bought on sale after the Christmas before and sent them out.  And that totally works but it is so nice to send out something that is a bit more personal.  Luckily there is a place where you can order fabulous custom holiday cards.  Enter Minted.


Not only does Minted have a HUGE selection of card designs, they are created by independent designers from all over the world.  From the Minted website:

“Our mission is to find exceptional artists and designers all over the world and bring their work to consumers who appreciate great design.”


This is a great concept.  Not only to we the public get access to designs that we might not see in a regular retail store, but the designers also get a forum to build their careers and get exposure to the public.  That is a WIN-WIN if you ask me.

Now,  back to the lovely selection.  Here are some of the photo card options:

minted - photo holiday card

And for those of you who don’t really want to send out cards with an awkward picture of yourself on it (um, I definitely fall into that category) there are non photo cards as well!

minted - no photo holiday cards

They have various types of cards types and shapes –  postcard, petite cards, ornament cards, foil-pressed cards, you name it.  And since it’s late-(ish) in the holiday planning season, there are also selected cards that they can do express printing to get them to you sooner.  And you can get pre-addressed envelopes for no extra cost. You just have to upload your addresses when you order!  Kind of awesome.  Head over to their website and see for yourself!

And now for the goooood part….I am giving away a $50 credit to Minted!  To enter, just leave a comment below!

For an additional entry tweet “Win a $50 credit for holiday cards from @minted and @lgrecreated” and provide another comment saying that you tweeted. (2 entries max per person).

Contest ends Thursday, November 21, 2013 at 10 pm EST and I will announce the winner on Friday, November 22nd!

Enjoy your Sunday!


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Touring the new Toronto West Elm with a Rock Star

Good Morning!

I apologize for the lack of posts lately, my parents have been in town for a visit, so I gave myself a few days off.   Today I’m back with a little summary of my visit to West Elm last week.  I was there to check out their newly renovated Toronto store, and the tour guide was none other than West Elm’s creative director Vanessa Holden.  Now, before I get into the store and merchandise, can we talk for a quick minute about the killer resume that Vanessa has?  Former editor in chief and creative director at Martha Stewart Living AND Martha Stewart Weddings, creative director at Real Simple and co-founder of Donna Hay magazine.  Saying she has talent is like saying Adam Levine is just “decent” looking.  She is obviously an incredible force in the design industry. So it was pretty awesome to get a chance to meet her.

But back to the pretty new store.  They have expanded the space further back which has opened it up a lot and provided much more natural light. Also, they have added a coffee bar.  And people, the coffee is gooooood.  They have added an area to sit to discuss design and ideas while you sip on your coffee (and maybe snack on a treat or two).  They have really created a space that you can shop in but also relax and mull over design or gift ideas.  Of course, in typical fashion I got all excited about the Christmas stuff that I didn’t take one picture of the coffee bar itself (silly me) but I did catch a teesy bit of it in this shot of Vanessa.

rock star coffee bar copy

(SIDEBAR:  Vanessa, if you are reading this (and I’m sure you are not), I’m sorry to have included this less than perfect photo of you with your eyes half shut looking as though you had just spent some quality time with our mayor prior to our tour…but it was the only one I had which showed  the coffee bar.)

Vanessa took us through the three holiday decor themes that West Elm is featuring this season..  The first is a traditional, woodland inspired, rustic Christmas. Lots of wood, felt decorations and woodland animals.

wodland xmas west Elm copy

Next was the less traditional but whimsical enchanted forest; full of jewel tones, bright exotic birds, and shiny agate tree decorations.

Jewel Tone xmas West Elm

The third, and most popular, is the contemporary white, silver and gold with lots of sparkle and shimmer.

traditonal sparkle xmas west elm copy

Then we went to the Market, which if you are familiar with their Market line you know it’s FULL of great gift ideas.  Love the food section.  Lots of fun sauces, jams, jellies and oils.  Yum.  Although, I think someone needs to explain to me what “Whore Style”  Puttanesca sauce is (see below).  And I also hope no one gets this for me for Christmas.

food gifts west elm copy

The store was filled with lots of small affordable items, perfect for secret Santa exchanges, like this cute jacks set or WE’s fabulous tote bags with sayings like “Totes ma goats”,  “Oh, KALE yeah” and many more.

more gifts west elm copy

West Elm has also started designing their own small kitchen appliances.  This sleek stainless steel and smooth wood toaster caught my eye.

toaster west elm line

And I so love a product designed with both beauty and function combined.  This Universal Expert Chopping Station designed for West Elm by Sebastian Conran is one of those items. Chopping board with slide out tray to removed scraps.  GENIUS.

cuttting board

And I couldn’t leave without snapping a shot of this pretty gold tablescape.  (Apparently I also couldn’t leave without having some of it for myself, so I took 4 of those gold-rimmed plates back home with me to Casa Linds.)

place setting west elm

All this to say you should really should stop by the store soon.  And plan to stay awhile.  I certainly will be.


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*this is not a sponsored post. Other than a great opportunity to meet an incredible leader and a small gift bag I did not received anything for this post.  I really love what West Elm has done with it’s space and wanted to share it with you. 

Fall Decor: DIY Fabric Wreath

Good Morning!

It’s going to be 25 degrees here in Toronto today, which is certainly above seasonal for this time of year.  But hey, that doesn’t mean I can’t decorate a little for fall.  I had wanted something fall-ish to hang on my door that was simple and a little rustic. While perusing Pinterest I found this post for a linen wreath on A Beautiful Nest which was pretty close to what I was looking for.  For my wreath I didn’t use linen, instead opting for burlap and muslin, but I kept to the same general idea.  Today I’m sharing how I did it.

IMG_0783 copy

First, cut the top of the hanger off with the wire cutters (unless you want a longer wire) and bend it into the shape you want.  Then cut your fabric in long strips in the width that you want your wreath to be.

IMG_0784 copy

(I know what you are thinking….that rancid dirty stained carpet must just be some scrap of carpet that she uses to do crafts on….ahem, ya…let’s just stick with that thought.)

Next, start stringing the fabric on the wire, folding the fabric like an accordion as you go. In my case the burlap already has small holes in it and the muslin is very thin so I was able to just poke it through.  However, if you are using a thicker fabric you may have to pre-cut small holes to string it on.

IMG_0789 copy

Fill up the entire wire with the fabric. Then hook or wind the ends of the wire together and add a ribbon for hanging.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I purposely didn’t add a bow to mine, as I wanted to keep it simple.  However, this could easily be used again for other seasons/holidays by simply adding different bows or changing out the colour of the ribbon.


And that’s it!  Pretty simple and straight-forward to do but the result is a piece of decor you can use anytime.



More Blogger Holiday Traditions


Happy boxing day! I hope everyone had a lovely day with their loved ones yesterday! I sort of can’t believe it’s over.  It always seems to sneak up on me.

Today I have a two more contributions for the series…

Holiday Traditons copy

The fantastic Barbara from Hodge Podge and our fave @Glamamama Christine from Decor by Christine are sharing some of their holiday traditions!


When my husband and I started a family we knew we wanted to continue some family traditions on Christmas.  Two that I have kept from my childhood is 1) we always eat seafood on Christmas Eve and 2) my 2 daughters are allowed to open one gift after dinner on Christmas eve – it helps calm some of the excitement before the big day.  A new tradition we began with the girls is watching a Christmas movie or show each night starting December 1st all the way to the 25th.  Our favourites are the Santa Claus movies with Tim Allen and of course, How the Grinch stole Christmas with Jim Carrey and the original animated version.  As soon as Dec 1st hits, the girls excitedly get out all our Christmas DVDs to begin our holiday viewing extravaganza!!



At our home we mix several holiday traditions together, combining my husband’s and mine’s. When I decorate though, I love to incorporate my Czech heritage into the mix. It was such a vital part of my life growing up, making Christmas feel so magical and important.

A tradition that I love is taking out my Czech Christmas nativity and creating a scene on a bookshelf. My parent’s had the exact one and picked one up on a visit to Prague for me and my sister. It brings back memories of creating stories in my head about each character!
I am a huge fan of holiday movies so I may have to invite myself over to Christine’s next year for the movie watching extravaganza!  And isn’t Barbara’s nativity beautiful?  Thank you both for taking part in my blogger holiday traditions series!  If you want to read more from the series you can check here and here!
Try not to get trampled shopping today!

Blogger Holiday Traditions – O Tannenbaum Edition

Good Morning guys!
Today I have another installment of….
Today i have two lovely bloggers, Vanessa from Decor Happy and Rosa from Flutter, Flutter sharing their Christmas traditions relating to the Christmas Tree!




When I was young, we always had an artificial Christmas tree.  Now that I have a family of my own, we take great joy in either going to our local tree farm or nursery and choosing a real tree.  We usually put it up the first week of December so we have many weeks of enjoyment from it.  Playing classic Christmas songs by Nat King Cole or Elvis  and drinking candy cane hot chocolate while decorating the tree is one of our favourite holiday activities.
My favourite Christmas tradition is the first one of the season… setting up the Christmas tree! It is quite the event at our house. Christmas music is playing, hot chocolate is poured, and then I set up the tree so that the boys and I can all share in the decorating. The boys get ridiculously excited because it’s a bit of a race to get it all done by the time daddy gets home so that he is surprised! And it’s also an early gift for daddy, since the last thing daddy wants to do is decorate! 😉
Putting up the Christmas Tree is also one of my favourite parts of Christmas! Thanks ladies for sharing yours! I’ll be sharing a few more tomorrow and some after Christmas too!

A New Series: Holiday Traditions

Hi guys!

Today I’m starting my series…

Holiday Traditons copy

As we roll into last weeks of the holiday season, some of my lovely blogger friends will be sharing their special holiday traditions, old and new.  The format might not always be the same, some days I might share a few blogger traditions, some days only one, and I’ll be sure throw some of my own in from time to time.  I hope you enjoy hearing these stories and memories.

My first blogger to share her holiday tradition is Heather from Interior Groupie!


Hello everyone! I am so happy to be here at Recreated sharing one of my favourite holiday traditions.

My family has many holiday traditions, but the one that sticks out the most to me is our ornament tradition.
My grandmother bought my sister and I one commemorative ornament each year. My mom wrote our initials and year on each ornament, and growing up we had “our” tree with all of our individual ornaments. My sister and I looked forward to a new ornament each year.
Once we moved out into our own places, the ornaments came with us and we had a full tree right from the start. It makes it really nice to celebrate Christmas with a full decorated tree with ornaments from each year on it! I think this is a great idea for kids, or for newly married couples. It is so fun to put the ornaments up and remember each one of them as they get hung on the tree.
Do any of you have a similar tradition? I look forward to hearing all of the different traditions!
Thanks so much Heather for sharing your Christmas tradition  If you would like to contribute to this series, drop me an email! Or just share yours in the comments section.
Can’t wait to share more!

Natural Christmas Decor

Good Morning!

I don’t know about you but I love the color, glitter and shine that comes with holiday decor. It’s fun, whimsical and makes me feel like a kid.  However, that doesn’t mean I don’t also love the natural aspects of holiday decor. I’m a big proponent of the real Christmas tree and using cedar boughs as often as you can. And although it would be hard to eliminate all the glitz in my holiday decor, I do occasionally have the urge to go au natural.  Today I’m sharing some natural holiday decor ideas that I think are pretty lovely.

You gotta love this pretty magnolia leaf garland.

Cedar boughs and a simple candle in a outdoor setting.  Kinda perfect

What is more natural than dried fruit? And this mini tree decorated with dried lemon is great.

Pretty trees in simple water jugs.

Real mistletoe….pretty and could get you a smooch.  Good combo.

Simple garland, wood accents, and some animal love to boot.

You know I love antlers in decor, so I obviously quite enjoy the use of these to display these gorgeous natural garlands.


How lovely.

As we are now in our last week before Christmas, and in the spirit of the holiday, tomorrow I will starting a little series called…

Holiday Traditons copy …where some of my blogger friends will be sharing their favorite holiday traditions with all of you!

Have a great day!



A Holiday Limited Time Offer from Blurb!

Good Morning Everyone!

The crazy holiday busyness is upon us and we are all rushing to get the decorating, cooking, and shopping complete.  In all the chaos, its hard to find time to think of unique gift ideas for your loved ones.  Well, have you heard of Blurb books?   Using their creative publishing platform you can design, publish and share professional-quality books of your personal photos.  The results are high quality hardcover books that look like they came from a bookstore.  But they are filled with things unique to you!

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Some example of things you can create:

1) Whether it’s photos from of a major occasion, big trip you took, a collection of your favourite instagram photos, or the photo of your prized garden gnome collection (to each their own….) a photo book is a great way to showcase your photos.

2) Do you have a collection of family recipes you want preserved for future generations? You can create a Cookbook with the instructions and photos of all your best dishes.

3) Do you still use a handwritten calender/agenda? I do. What better way to make you smile many times a day than to have your calender peppered with pictures of your favourite people, places and things.

And there are so many more great book ideas on the Blurb Site, these are just a few!

The good news?  Blurb is offering Recreated readers a promo code for 25% off your total book order*.  Just enter the Promo code :  GIFTIDEA at checkout!

However, the not so good news is that this is a very limited time offer.  It is only valid until Wednesday, December 12th, 2012 a 11:59 p.m. local time. Also, if you want to guarantee you get your book delivered by Christmas Eve, it has be ordered by Monday, December 10th.  I know it’s a time crunch but if you can find the time, I can tell you that you won’t be disappointed. Even if you can’t make the Christmas delivery cut-off, it would make a great gift for someone (or yourself) any time of the year.

So…on your marks….get set….GO! Find your fave photos and create something awesome!!!


* The fine print: The 25% discount is applied toward your product total with a minimum order of 1 unit or more. Maximum discount is CAD $150 off product total. Valid for printed books only. This offer is good for one-time use, and cannot be combined with volume discounts, other promotional codes, gift cards, or used for adjustments on previous orders.


Tiny NYC Recap and Discoveries

Good Morning!

I’m back from my NYC weekend with my girlfriends and had a fabulous time.  What did we do?  We ATE…..A LOT.  Well, we did some other things….shopped, skated, danced, people-watched….but it all revolved around eating.  I will be posting more about the trip, but today I just wanted to share with you some shots of the festive Christmas decorations in the Big Apple and some little discoveries and observations I made while I was there.  Here is some of the festivus….

So pretty! There is really nothing like Christmas in New York.

And although I’ve been to New York City a number of times, here are some new observations and discoveries I made on this trip….

1.  There are not enough bathrooms.  I have NEVER waited in a big line for a restroom as often as I did this past weekend. And I’m not talking in big clubs (because I rarely go to those), but in higher end restaurants.  The building codes in NYC must be very different because on one floor of a restaurant and lounge area that probably has a capacity of 100 there were 2 toilets…total…men and women.  I know that space is a commodity there but I would think that a big line up of people waiting for the washroom that extends into the dining room (next to people eating) wouldn’t be what a higher end resto would want.  I was surprised, but it was the same for almost every restaurant we went to.

2. ABC Carpet and Home.  My mecca. How have I not discovered this place before? I loved so many things in that store.  And I only had time to go in to one part of it, I didn’t even get to the furniture part!  My favourite was the jewelry.  The selection on the website doesn’t even scratch the surface of the amazing jewelry selection they have in the ABC collection. It’s all very pricey but is unique and beautiful so I can see why.  I just wish I could afford it!  Here is a little peek…



And this tableware by Jan Burtz is to die for.


And this pretty lighting by lady suss….love.


3.  We have gridlock and angry drivers in Toronto, but New Yorkers LOVE their horns.  They use the horn to communicate everything, it’s almost like another language.

That’s it for today!