Christmas in New York City

Good Morning all!

When you read this I will be in NYC getting ready to enjoy a little of this….


and maybe some of this….


and definitely lots of this…


I’ve always wanted to go to NYC at Christmastime, it just seems so magical. And now I am! Will tell you all about it next week.


Ho Ho Holiday Gift Ideas: Canadian Products Under $50

Good Morning!

This year I decided to do a few posts with some holiday gift ideas.  The first one I have compiled is all Canadian products that are under $50!  It’s nice to support Canadian companies and for less than $50, it’s that much easier to do! I tried to capture many areas of this great country in my search for amazing products, though I know there are many great products I missed.  Maybe next year!  Here you go!

1. Super fun leather leaf headband ($30) by Thief & Bandit from Halifax, Nova Scotia. I like this shiny gold one.

2. The gorgeous porcelain maple syrup container ($38) is by ceramist Marianne Chenard of Montreal, Quebec.  I met her at the One of a Kind Show (her booth was next to the Re:style Studio booth) and turns out she is just as lovely as her pieces of art!

3. For you Neil Young fans out there, how Canadian is this coffee mug  ($20) from Tessa Pop Art from (where else?) Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Love this.  (NOTE: this particular one had just been sold at the time of posting but she has other great pop art mugs as well!).

4.  Have someone who cycles on your list?  Have someone who loves their vino?  Are they the same person?  Well, this leather bicycle wine rack ($34) from oopsmark out of Montreal, Quebec, is the gift for them!  Perfect if you want to cycle to a dinner party and not take a separate bag, or to take on a bike ride through Niagara-on-the-Lake and be able to pick up a bottle along the way.

5.  Love these funky holiday stockings ($30) from Switch Studio from Oakville, Ontario.  And they come in a whole bunch great of patterns and colours to give a fresh modern look to your holiday mantel.

6. These animal head and butt magnets ($13-$21.50) from The Original Animal Magnet in Vancouver , BC are so cute and funny.  I chose the gold (surprise!) dog ones but they have lots of animals and colours to choose from.

7. Love the simple lines and colour in these vases ($44 each) from dahlhouse from Vancouver, BC.  A great unique gift for someone on your list who is hard to buy for.

8. It’s this time of year (i.e. Christmas Card time), that I wish I had a personalized address stamp.  Well, guess what?  You can get a lovely personalized address stamp ($24-$39) from Penny Paper Co., my friend Lindsay’s online store out of Toronto, Ontario.  They make great gifts for your children’s teachers!

9. It you have been to the One of Kind Show in Toronto in the last couple of years you likely remember seeing Avril Loretti’s booth of amazing textiles. They are so colourful and fun. Being an east coaster and a major lover of lobster, it should be no surprise I’m a huge fan of these amazing lobster bibs ($48 for a set of 2) from this Toronto-based artist.

10.  Does someone on your list love pretty jewelry? How about this gorgeous delicate necklace ($49 USD) from Ohkoul based in Vancouver, BC?I adore that shade of green and I love the bevel cut of the stone.

Hopefully these finds will help you out on your quest for the perfect gift this season!  More gift ideas to come soon.  Have a great day!


(DISCLAIMER:  I have not been compensated by any of the above companies to feature their products, I just think they are great and wanted to share.)

Amaze-“Balls” DIY Holiday Wreath!

Good Morning love muffins!

Happy Wednesday! Remember last week when I posted the Amaze-balls Holiday Wreath Ideas?  Well, it inspired a little holiday DIY project.  Check out below for my fun little how-to….

Pretty decent for a first try, huh?  It was relatively easy and only took about an hour.  And the best thing?  I got all the supplies at the dollar store and the whole thing cost under $10 (including the glue gun which I also got at the dollar store a long time ago).  The only hiccup I encountered was that at the end, I was short a few balls! Which, if you follow me on twitter, you already know from my online dating tweets…. bahahaha…sorry, couldn’t help it. I meant Christmas balls, obviously.  My advice, always have more balls than you think you need (wink, wink). Seriously, it’s like I’m a thirteen year old boy.

Anyway, it was easy, cheap and turned out totally pretty in the end, so you should try it out! And it gives you a good excuse to make balls jokes….which is clearly why I did it.

And don’t forget to enter the giveaway for a pair of One of a Kind Show tickets….contest end on Thursday at 10 pm!


Amaze-Balls – Holiday Wreath Ideas

Good Morning!

Oh, how I love the holidays.  I’m not one of those people who cringe when the Christmas carols start playing in the stores right after Halloween. I just feel giddy. This is officially my first holiday related post of the season but I’m hoping to post many, many,  more because they are so fun to research!  Today I’ve put together some fun holiday wreath ideas with an, um, “spherical” theme.  Enjoy!


 These bring a new meaning to amazeballs, no? I think smell a DIY coming on here at casa Gerrish.  Stay tuned.


Finally! My fave time of year….and some boots.

Good Morning!

 OK,  it’s officially my time of year…when Halloween is officially over and I can start focusing on this….


BOOYA – my fave time of year.

Get ready because there will be a plethora of holiday goodness posts going on over here at Recreated.  But today….my focus is somewhere else.


I would like some new casual boots for fall/winter.  I’m still somewhat undecided as to exactly what I want but I’ll show you the inspiration…when I was in California my friend and I stumbled upon these boots by J.Shoes…..


We both decided that they were the perfect casual boot.  The colour, the style, and my god if you could have felt the quality of the leather! We were both terrified to turn it over to see the price, assuming they must be $500 or more.  But they were only $298! Sure, a crap-load of money but for a good quality pair of boots, not so bad. (P.S. the picture of the boots on their own on the J Shoes website don’t do the boots justice, which is why I used the picture with the models above). Anyhow, neither of us wanted to try them on for fear we would buy them on the spot, so we carried on.

But it helped me figure out the style I want.  Riding boot style or “motor-riding” boot style (I just made that word up meaning part motorcycle boot-part riding boot…I think this could catch on).  But I’ve also started to kinda crave the tall lace up boots. So, granny motor-riding boots? Anyhoo, here are some I’ve found so far that I’m loving:


And I’m sure there will be many more that I sift to before I decide – but I’m enjoying the research!

On a more serious note, I’m heartbroken hearing the stories this week out of east coast of the US and the Caribbean after Sandy.  But with any disaster comes an outpouring of help and hope that we rarely see which provides some comfort in a terrible situation.  My thoughts are with them.

Have a good Friday!


Finding Method in the Madness + Travel News

Good Morning Lovelies,

I have some FUN news…last night I booked tickets to….


…oh and did I mention that I leave on Tuesday?? Um, 5 days from now.  There are very few perks to being single with no kids at a certain age (um, have you seen my tweets about #onlinedating??), but the ability to take a fun trip with very little forethought is one of them.  Soooo excited just thinking about it (also, every time I DO think about it Tupac’s “California ” enters my head and I can’t get it out.) I have friends who live in LA who have been kind enough to put me up for a few days while I’m there. And then a little road trip to San Francisco & maybe Napa, if I have the time. I hope to do some of this….


And some of this….


I’m a terrible surfer, only tried once before, but I’m going to try again while I’m there.  And really, I just want to see as much of the beautiful California Coast as I can.  Fun ahead.  Fo shizzel.

Also, I’ve been reading up….blogs that is.  Checking out the Design Sponge LA Design Guide & San Fran City Guide, the SF Favorites from V Mac and Cheese,the Los Angeles Mini Guide from A Cup of Jo, and Emily Henderson’s Where I’m Shopping for places to eat and peruse while I’m in LA and San Fran.

But, you ask, how does this relate to today’s…

Travel planning/organizing, that’s how! Today I’m focusing on organized packing.

I’m an overpacker. I always focus on individual pieces rather than figuring out how I can efficiently make good outfits out of less stuff.  (P.S. I have the same problem with regular shopping – great pieces, few complete outfits) But I found this great resource for packing from A Pair and a Spare

I think I like this because it is visual, and because breaks it down into categories.  Also, I hope it will help me stick to the basics. I mean I need to have room to bring all my design finds back right?

I also found a couple of good packing checklists here and here.  There are also a few good (tho some a bit extreme) tips on packing smart and light here. One great tip in this article? If you are traveling with your partner or close friend, pack 1 full outfit in each others bag.  That way if only one person’s luggage gets lost, the other will always have a change of clothes! Great idea. Doesn’t help me specifically, but so smart!

Do you have any tips for more organized packing?  Or travel in general?

Also, if you have any recommendations for LA and San Francisco, I would loooooove to hear them.


Canada Day Guest Post: A Crafty Bee

Hiya! I’m happy to have Beatrice from The Crafty Bee guesting here today to give you all a little Canada Day inspiration. I have had the great pleasure of spending time with her a the Blogpodium events and she is such a great person, and she does some of the BEST DIY projects you’ll ever see! Enjoy!


Hi everyone! First of all I want to say a big thank you to Lindsey for inviting me to guest post on her lovely blog. I had the great chance to meet Lindsey in Toronto and let me tell you, she is as sweet in person as she is on her lovely blog. So, thank you Lindsey.

Canada Day is just around the corner and it is a great chance to throw a party and celebrate our beautiful country with friends and family. And when I think of summer parties the first thing I think of are outdoor, backyard, patio parties. So today I decided to put together a mood board with Canada Day colours in mind, red and white and how I would be decorating my deck. Enjoy!
Pillows, West Elm & Etsy; UmbrellaBench, Rug, Stool, Bowl, West Elm; Tolix chairGlasses, Table, Pottery Barn; Red Paper Lantern, Amazon; Outdoor Lights, Ikea and Crate and Barrel;

These are some of my favorite pieces and what struck my eye. Hope you liked my mood board and thank you so much Lindsey for having me.

The Crafty Bee


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Dad Love – The day after….

Good Morning!

This past weekend, I was working on upholstery projects like crazy and catching up on sleep (for some reason I had crazy insomnia all last week). I didn’t read ONE blog.  Not one. Hence, I will not be doing Last Week’s Loves until tomorrow!  And, I also wasn’t writing posts this weekend, so I thought I would post my Father’s Day post today – a mini ode to my dad, if you will.

I’m pretty lucky to have grown up with an amazing Dad. And when I look around to my friends and peers, I know that I’m also very lucky to still have my father, as many of you have lost yours to soon.

Here are a few of the things my Dad and I both enjoy…..

1. Dogs

My dad is animal lover in general but he particularly loves dogs, and so do I.  We had dogs for most of my childhood, but it has been many years now since our last dog died, and I’m pretty sure my Dad is pushing for a new canine in the house sooner rather than later.

2. Sailboats

My Dad loves sailboats – he is currently refurbishing one in our backyard at home!  I cannot wait until it is finished so we can take it out on the water.

3. Golf

Neither my Dad or I get to golf all that often, but we try to get out when I’m home if we can.  I used to be an angry golfer, so I’m not sure my Dad actually “likes” golfing with me but I still enjoy golfing with him.

4. Hardware stores

Have I told you that my grandfather owned a hardware store? I never spent much time there, but I think inherently that is one of the reasons why I enjoy them so much.  I actually like having an excuse to go to Home Depot.  My dad grew up working in the store so I’m not sure he loves hardware stores the same way I do, but I think he does enjoy them, as he is quite handy and does most things around the house/cottage himself.  And I enjoy helping him with those projects when I’m at home long enough to do it.

Photos via, 1,2,3,4,5 (personal photos)

All in all, I am thankful to have grown up with such a great father.  And not only is he a great father, he is also an excellent grandfather to my niece Katrina.  I hope someday I’ll have my own kids who will be lucky enough to have him as their Grampy.

Have a great Monday!


Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

Today’s post is a tribute to my wonderful Mom…

My mom is all of the above and more.

My Mom always put us first, and I’m sure she gave up more than I even noticed. But she never once complained.

My mom is a nurse, just recently retired, and although she sometimes complained about the day to day annoyances of her job, she was very dedicated to caring for patients. She always makes a big effort to make people who are at their worst feel just a little more comfortable.  And she showed even more loving care when my brother and I were sick.  When I’m feeling sick now, I still want my Mom to come and help me feel better.

I’ve learned so many things from my Mom. How to make the best granola and the best Christmas candy, how to bring down a fever, and how to properly weed a garden (you have to get ALL the root!!).

 I owe so much to my Mom, and want to tell her today that I am…

…though it doesn’t feel like enough.

Another thing you should know about my Mom is that she thinks the price of greeting cards is highway robbery.  It’s a good thing now you can send free ecards, OR you can find them on the internet and post them on your blog!  Here are some funny ones I found for mothers day….

(the above is particularly appropriate for me…sorry Mom)

I love you Mom! Have a great Mother’s Day!

And Happy Mother’s Day to all the other Mom’s out there!


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Inspired by some chicks…

Good Morning Lovelies!

I am looking forward to a relaxing long Easter weekend. I am heading home to New Brunswick tomorrow morning to spend the holiday with my family and I’m very excited about it.  And speaking of Easter, today’s post is inspired some chicks…literally….


These adorable little Easter chicks, with their fluffy yellow feathers and orange-y legs and beak, represent the bright and fresh feel of spring.

Photo sources, Clockwise from top left, 1 (via), 2, 3, 4, 5 (Orig. source unknown), 6, 7 (via), 8 (via), 9, 10,11

Perhaps a bright and fresh outfit also inspired by the little chickies is in order?  How about a fun bright yellow dress with amazing orange accessories?

yellow & orange

Outfit sources found here on my Polyvore.

Have a great day!