Last Week’s Loves – August 11th to 17th, 2014

Good Morning!

As the first weekend back after my vacation, it was full of projects and errands.  I finally finished the two client chairs I’ve been working on for the last few months.  Yes, months.  The project was wrought with frustrations that I will get into when I post the before and after.  But needless to say I’m happy that they are finally complete!  I also worked on my 2014 Upcycle Challenge Project for the Toronto Home Show coming up in the Fall.  Stepping out of my comfort zone on this one and I’m crossing my fingers that it works out.  I did so some other non-work fun things like visiting the Evergreen Brickworks Farmers Market, brunch and dinner with friends and of course, catching up on my blog reading.  There were a few blog posts that made my Loves list this week.  I hope you enjoy!

This stunning photography collection by Australian photographer Tom Blachford, called “Aerial Summer” on This is Glamorous.  You can see a slide show of all the lovely works here.

These opal circle earrings by WWAKE on Design Sponge.  I always loved opals as a child, perhaps because of the lovely iridescent quality.  You can read how WWAKE came up with the design of this simple pair of prettiness here in the post.

This closet by Rach Parcell of Pink Peonies found on Marcus Design.  If only I had the space and the shoes (and $$) to have this closet.  See more pics here.

This crazy cool DIY on Little Green Notebook.   If you can believe it, this is a container of colourful Sharpies!  Yes, this would be a time consuming project, but you can’t tell me these won’t look 100% better than a regular bin of markers on your desk.

That is it for today!


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Last Week’s Loves – July 14 to 20th, 2014

Good Morning!

I hope you all had a great weekend!  It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve done a last week’s loves post, so I thought I would get back to it this morning!  Here we go….

I loved these tips on how to style your coffee table from Coco & Kelley last week.

I always love reading Lynne Knowlton’s blog, and I really enjoyed all the avocado tips and tricks she shared last week in this post.  As usual, there was just the right amount of hilarity balanced with helpful information.

My family’s cottage is on the ocean so I spent a good chunk of my childhood summer days playing at the beach.  I also recall having to hose myself down with freezing cold water when home to ensure that we didn’t trek a whole bunch of sand inside the cottage.  So, this DIY outdoor heated shower found on Poppytalk last week would have been a welcome addition at our cottage!

I love cherries, but I have to say I hardly ever cook or bake with them.  However, after seeing this post over at Camille Styles of the 10 best cherry desserts, I’m inspired to start!

 That’s it for today!  What inspired you last week?


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Last Week’s Loves – June 30th to July 6th, 2014

Good Morning!

Before I get into my last week’s loves, I need to wish one of my lovely blogger friends a very Happy Birthday.  You know when you meet someone and you think, this person is just a genuinely GOOD person?  Well, that is how I felt immediately when I met Christine Dovey of Bijou and Boheme. Despite her immense talent as a designer/stylist/artist, she is humble, gracious and still seems surprised by her success.  So Ms. Bijou I hope you have a lovely day and a spectacular #giftoffancy night with your awesome-sock-wearin’ husband.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA (Fuzzy pics that’s all I have….)

Now back to my loves of last week!

Miss Sheralee over at Escapade shared this lovely modern country home designed by architect Christopher Simmonds in  Gatineau Hills, Quebec.  Really love the both the space and the setting.  Check out more photos and info, here.

Gatineau Hills, Quebec, designed by Canadian architect Christopher Simmonds – See more at:
Gatineau Hills, Quebec, designed by Canadian architect Christopher Simmonds – See more at:


I really enjoyed this read from Erin at Design for Mankind on the Small Things.  An interesting look at the things we focus on during an upsetting situations and a good reminder to not let that cloud all the rest of the good stuff.

This affogato recipe found here over at Camille Styles (by Annette Joseph) looks scrumptious. It’s like a coffee ice cream float….on crack.  The good kind.

This is glamourous shared some photos of the super low-key Olivia Polermo and German model  Johannes Huebl.  So low-key that the bride wore separates!  But obviously still looked stunning.  I love this casual look for the nuptials.  You can see more photos and get the goods here.



Have a great day!


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Last Weeks’s Loves – June 16th to 22nd, 2014

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  I’ve been on a week-long blog hiatus but I’m back today with some of my blog loves from last week. Pretty sure you won’t be disappointed if you click over to the posts I’ve featured, but read on and see what you think.

1.  Oh My Daily Randomness, your summer cocktail recipes made my day.  It’s a perfect time of year to enjoy these refreshing drinks.  Find the details here. 

2.  I really enjoy the sound of wind chimes.  There is something soothing about them.  I think it would be nice to have some in my backyard, but I live REALLY close to my neighbours and maybe they won’t like the noise.  But still, I definitely did a double take when I saw these DIY wind chimes on Poppytalk.  Do I need another project…um, no.  But these are tempting.

3.   I love me some delicious seafood.  So my mouth was watering when perusing this grilled octopus salad recipe posted here by the lovely ladies over at Life Over Easy.  Yummy.


4.  A great read, as always, found over at Style by Emily Henderson with tips on spending the day at a flea market.  I always so love reading her posts.  Awesome.

5.  I used to read a ton, but I find it hard to read little bits at night.  I need long periods to get into a book, which I don’t get often.  But I ALWAYS read at my cottage where I will be in just over a month.  So, this list of fave summer reads from Design Sponge may just come in handy.

And that’s all folks.  Hope you enjoyed these as much as I did!


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Last Week’s Loves – May 19th to 25th

Good Morning!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, and to my American friends and family I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend.  As is customary here at Recreated, Last Week’s Loves is on the agenda today.  Hope you enjoy some of my fave links.

Loved these punny thank you gift labels found over at Brooklyn Limestone this week.  And you can get free printables of all of them by clicking over to the post here!  Check it out!

Now that the weather is finally feeling like summer is coming, my mind can finally move toward summer foods.  Is there a better summer staple  than a popcicle?   And why not add some caffeine to your cool treat with these awesome milky Vietnamese coffee popsicles .  Yum.

Looking for some cool DIY outdoor lighting?  Look no further than this post by Alex over at North Story.  A great new use for pickle jars!  Click here to see how to do it yourself!

And last but certainly not least, check out the Fig House lounge before and after from the ever amazing Emily Henderson posted on her blog this week.  What a transformation! I love this room.  Pretty sure it has a lot to do with the curved sofa. To. Die. For.


Have a great day everyone!


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Last Week’s Loves – April 28 to May 4th

 Good Evening!

Better late than never, right?  I hope you all had a great weekend.  I’ve a few posts planned this week – hopefully I’m able to execute them with my lack of resources…did I mention I lost my camera on my trip to Victoria?  That’s also why I didn’t post the pictures yet of my friends lovely wedding yet.  Trying to edit my iPhone photos to be sufficient to post – and there aren’t many.  (insert sad face).  Anyhoo, I’ll have to make due for now.  In the meantime, today I have my usual Monday last week’s loves for you.  Hope you enjoy.

1. Looking at this wild garlic bread found over at Decor 8 last week makes my tummy scream grumbles of joy. Warmed up with a big slab of butter?  Oooh yes.  You can find the whole recipe here.


2.  I love it when I read blog posts where the author is totally honest and true to themselves.  Miss Sara from Saige Wisdom always writes this way but her recent confessions post had me laughing out loud.  You can also see her amazing new t-shirt design in this post too.  I need one.


3.  Was excited to learn about  glassybaby through a post by SF Girl By Bay.  A lovely story of a company being built on charity.  Click here to read more.


4.  While reading Friday’s post from a Diary of Lovely, I discovered Ask Her Friends a new site that helps you buy presents for those difficult people on your list.  You can read about it on a Diary of Lovely (along with her custom curated list of gifts) or on their website.  


5. Loved this feature on the Mercury Inn in Portland, Maine found over at Design Sponge.   What a fun, modern space.  It looks like someone’s home more than a hotel. Click the link for more pictures.


Have a great week!

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Last Week’s Loves – April 7th to 13th

Happy Monday!  How was the weekend?  Mine was busy preparing for my parents to come visit and trying to finish up a client project.  Also, there were some big changes to the look of my backyard this weekend which has me in full outdoor space planning mode.  I’ll share more on that tomorrow.  But for now, here are some of my loves from last week.

Do you have anyone in your family who is really into genealogy?  I have a few in my family.  Well, while perusing this post on Poppytalk I found these beautiful handmade family trees from Eva Juliet!  So pretty and would make a great gift for a genealogy enthusiast.


SF Girl By Bay blog inserted a little Canadian content into this post when she posted this lovely cottage reno in Montreal owned by blogger Sarah Brown.  You can see more pictures of the space here.


This post over at Damask et Dentelle introduced me to Kozza, and online store which carries home textile goodies like the gorgeous pillow below.  (She is also doing a giveaway right now for a $75 GC so be sure to enter when you head over.


Jenny over at Little Green Notebook had a great round-up of affordable brass sconces.  You can check out this fabulous one below and more over here.


Have a great day!


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Last Week’s Loves – March 17th to 23rd

Good Morning!

Ahhh, it’s Monday again.  Not so awesome.  But you know what is awesome?  That I only have 2 more sleeps until I’m in warm sunshine!  However, I realize that doesn’t help most of you on this Monday.  So, I’m going to try to lift your moods with some of my Last Week’s Loves….

The lovely Erica Cook of Moth Designs shared this great Demijohn Lamp DIY.  Love the simple clean look of this lamp.  Hey Mom, this could be nice for #projectcottageporch, don’t you think? (Image via Moth Design)

I love when Design Sponge’s flower glossary posts.  This week they featured the Fritillaria.  Such a gorgeous bloom.  You can learn more about it  here! (Image via Design Sponge)

So far, I’m still in the “I’m terrified of riding a bike in this city” camp.  But this round-up of super fun city bikes over at Camille Styles might help me come around to the idea.  (It would also help if our crack-smoking major hadn’t CANCELLED any proposed new dedicated bike lanes in the city….but I digress). (Image via Camille Styles)

I’m a paintbrush waster.  I don’t clean them well after I use them and often have to throw them out after one project.  I have a renewed desire to choose proper paintbrushes and take better care of them after reading this handy guide over at Inspire Me Heather.

And finally, This is Glamorous featured the ad campaign of Kim Riekenberg by Henrik Purienne for Mlle Mademoiselle Spring/Summer 2014 which is STUNNING.  Click over to see a whole lot more gorgeousness, similar to this….

Enjoy the rest of your Monday!


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Last Week’s Loves – March 3rd to 10th, 2014

Good Morning!

It’s Monday and I haven’t posted my Loves in a few weeks, so I have a few loves to share with you today! Hopefully you will get a chance to check out some of these gems…

This recipe for a healthy snack idea shared by Danica at Country Chic Renovator looks delicious.  I’ve never tried whipping coconut milk before but I bet it would be delicious.  You can find this recipe here.

Photo by Danica@ Country Chic Renovator

How cool is this wallpaper by Sarah Ellsion that was shared over at Design Sponge?  See more of her great designs in their post here.

photo via Design Sponge

Considering I’ve been shopping for a vintage rug for….well, what feels like forever, I was delighted to read this very informative post over at Dans le Townhouse called Vintage Rugs 101 featuring the owners of the vintage shop Old New House.  If you have an interest in vintage or are shopping for vintage rug, you should check it out!

photos via Dans Le Townhouse

Loved Savvy Home’s Shop the Look post this week featuring Indre Rockefeller’s fun home.

And lastly, to add some humour to your Monday, go check out the Oscar Recap from Jenny over at My Favorite and My Best.  As usual, it made me laugh out loud.

Have a great Monday!


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Last (2) Week’s Loves: January 20th to February 3, 2014

Good Morning!

Since I didn’t get my Last Week’s Loves post completed last week, today I’m sharing my Last Two Week’s Loves!  Right now the blogespehere is full of love and romance with V-day coming up, as well as an overall yearning for spring with flowers, light airy spaces and spring fashions starting to make their way into many posts.  Here are some of my faves from the last 2 weeks:

 Love this easy-peasy DIY heart stamp project that Lindsay from Little House Blog posted two weeks ago.  So cute.

Photo credit, Little House Blog

Design Sponge featured the lovely Effendi Hotel in Israel in this post. Beautiful historic details and amazing views.

Images via Design Sponge

A great round-up of lingerie sets for Valentine’s day posted over at Camille Styles.

 Photo via Camille Styles

When it’s rainy and dreary outside, who doesn’t want a fun colourful umbrella? This girl does. Thankfully, Sharalee at Escapade featured these awesome umbrellas by Marisol last week in this post. Head on over there to find out how these are not JUST beautiful but also have a charitable aspect. Makes me want one even more.

photo from Marisol via escapade

Not like I need any more excuses to eat more sweets, but I like the idea of edible Valentines (shocker!).  And Poppytalk rounded up 10 adorable edible valentine ideas in this post last week.  I mean it saves paper, so it’s better for the environment, right? (Yep, I’m awesome at justifying overeating).

Photo from The Coterie Blog via Poppytalk

This winter has been brutal.  Bliss blog featured some light and airy pieces from ZARA last week, that got me thinking about intensely yearning for SPRING.  You can check out more of Mrs. French’s fave Zara pieces here.

Photo from via Bliss Blog

Michelle from Sweet Suite 10 created this cool DIY bird feeder as a project for her Design Fundamentals course.  It’s such an adorable idea.  She got 17 out of 20, a great mark,  but I think deserved at least 19/20, no?

photo via Sweet Suite Ten