2013 Upcycle Challenge: Unhinged – Before & After + Giveaway!

Good Morning!

I’m still reeling from the fun I had at Blogpodium on the weekend.  I’ll be posting about it soon but today I’m excited to share with you my before and after of my Upcycle Challenge: Unhinged project.  As part of the Toronto Fall Home Show, I’m was asked to take part in the 2nd annual Upcycle Challenge: Unhinged along with 13 other emerging style, décor, DIY bloggers and celebrity experts.  We were asked to source and repurpose a door from Habitat for Humanity Toronto ReStore into functional upcycled items or hand painted pieces of art.  The pieces are voted on to decide the winner and then auctioned off with all the proceeds from the auction going to Habitat for Humanity.

I had so much fun participating in this challenge last year and I managed come out a winner with my movie theatre chairs. So needless to say I was pretty excited for this event again this year.  However this year there was a twist –  we had to use doors.  So, I headed over to the Habitat Restore in Etobicoke and found these 2 doors.


And I turned them into an upholstered tri-fold room screen.

PICTURE 1 - Upcycle Challenge - Blog copy

I used fabric that I already had, bought some two-way hinges (which are hard to find as it turns out, thank goodness for Lee Valley) and some foam and this is what I got.


And on the back I added some hooks for hanging things.

PICTURE 3 - Upcycle Challenge - after 3

Much better than how they started, that is for sure!  I’m a big fan of the fabric.  I might just bid on my own project so I can keep it. Or would that be weird.  OK, maybe a bit weird.

But if you wouldn’t mind taking the time to vote for my piece, it would be much appreciated!  How, you ask?  Just go to this page and vote! You can vote once every 24 hours.  So if you love some o the other fabulous upcycled items (and they are FABULOUS) you can vote for those too! The prize is a $500 VISA gift card, but I will donate $250 back to Habitat for Humanity if I am the winner.

And as a thank-you for your vote, I’m also giving away 4 pairs of tickets to the Fall Home Show taking place in Toronto at the Better Living Centre October 3rd to 6th.  The Property Brothers and Annie Sloan (of the chalk paint!) will be there as well as many great exhibitors. To enter just leave a comment below that says you would like to win tickets!  Entry deadline is Saturday, September 28th, 2013 at 11:59 pm and I will announce the winners on Monday September 30th, 2013.   Best of luck!



Welcome to the NEW Recreated!

Good Morning Lovelies!

Today I’m finally announcing that my site re-design is complete!


It’s actually been up for a few days as we tested things out, so some of you may have gotten a peek of one of various interations of it while browsing around, but now it is totally in place.  The talented Brittany of Gallery No.8 did all the hard work and I just provided ideas and inspiration.  I changed my mind multiple times throughout the process, and she has been very patient in going back and forth with me on it.  In the last couple of days some coding issues resulted in a last-minute alteration to the original design, but overall, I’m very happy with the results! The best thing about it is that everything  now matches…the fonts, buttons, and header; it’s all consistent.  And I have a decent menu now!  Thanks Brittany!

And to top it all off, my new business cards from Moo (p.s. they have the BEST customer service ever) will be arriving on Monday!  Just in time for Blogpodium!

Would love to hear your thoughts on the new design!

Have a great Friday!



Weekend Musings

Good Morning!

I hope all of you had a great weekend. Here are some snippits of what I did…

Remember these that I found on the side of the road?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Well, I’m almost finished their makeover…here is a little looksy at the progress.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I finally hung my new custom drapes from Tonic Living!  This is the just a little peek – I’ll do some proper photos at a later date. But they did a fabulous job and I’m loving the Millie fabric, it works perfectly in the space.

drapes On Saturday afternoon I went to the Taste of the Danforth with a couple friends and got to hang out with these precious ladies….clearly the highlight was the flower balloons…

IMG_0510 I’ve become obsessed with TED talks. I’m finding them great for passing the time on a run. Sunday morning I listened to Dan Gilbert’s The Surprising Science of Happiness on my run.  I could probably devote an entire post to my thoughts on this (and maybe will at some point) but for now I would just recommend you all listen to it. It’s really great and thought-provoking….20 minutes of your life well spent. Seriously…go now.

Have a lovely Monday morning!



Barometer Love

Good Morning,

I’ve been thinking about the weather a lot lately.  It’s hard for anyone to argue against climate change these days with the record number of fierce and damaging storms we have been having. I wouldn’t want to be a meteorologist trying to predict weather these days.  I do like to know the temperature outside, and typically rely on the internet to tell me. I don’t have so much as a thermometer. However, today I thought I would share some great barometers that I would be happy to have in my house.

Barometric Love copy

  1. Admiral FitzRoy Barometer
  2. Barometer Weather Station Sputnik
  4. 1930 Abercrombie & Fitch Ship’s Wheel Barometer
  5. Nassau M60 Aneroid Barometer
  6. Circa 1885 Industrial Series Mechanical Clock Barometer
  7. 1920s Vintage Bakelite Taylor Stormoguide Thermometer Barometer Weather Station

Don’t they make you want to pay more attention to the weather?  However, I also found this one which is less attractive, but I would guess very effective.

Have a great day!




Good Summer-y Things…

Howdy kittens, what’s shaking this Wednesday?

First of all, today is my lovely mom’s birthday, so a happy, happy day to you Mom!  Hope you have a nice one! xo

Summer offers lots of great things…one of my faves are summer breezes. Mind you, I haven’t had many summer breeze experiences this summer in this blessedly hot city where I reside.  But these photos make me daydream about it….

via 1,2,3 (unknown),4,5

And you know what else I like?  Summer cocktails….like these ones I found over at Camille Styles…she did a great round up of tropical cocktails.  Like this blueberry limeade cocktail, yum…

Or this Paloma …

And many more!  Looking for fun summer cocktail ideas, see the whole slideshow as well as where to find the recipes, here!

Now, the real magic would be if I could get a breeze and one of those cocktails at the same time.  Wait…a hot man-slave to bring the drink would also nice.

A girl can dream, right?


Discovery: Society6 iPad Mini Cases

Good Wednesday Morning to you!

I recently purchased an iPad mini and so far its super fun. But I still need a case for it… I already purchased the standard Apple magnetic screen cover that turns into a stand….but I’m looking for a pretty hard case for the back.  Then I discovered Society6. I had heard of it through social media but I hadn’t actually been to the site.  The premise is that an artist creates a piece, and Society6 will produce and sell products made from your art. They produce various products; stretched canvas prints, iPhone cases, bags, pillows and more.  And, lucky for me, they have amazing iPad cases! Here are some of my current favourites:

Carnivale by Minagraphy

Night Lights by Elle Moss

Promenade by Cassia Beck

 Mix03 by Georgiana Paraschiv

Untitled (Cloudscape) by Tchmo

The Button Collection by Cassia Beck

Yay it Away by RichCaspian

Five in a Row by Cassia Beck

I’m sure there are hundreds more I could add to this. Now the only problem is making a decision…stay tuned.  Which ones do you like best?



Summer Vacation Recap

Good Morning!

Long time no talk!  Where have I been? Well, it’s been a whirlwind 2 weeks!  It started with a week in Toronto with my Mom and niece Katrina.  It was Katrina’s first trip to Toronto and she got to see lots of fun stuff; the Science Centre, the Zoo, Casa Loma, the CN Tower, to name a few.  I was working during the week but got to go to the Science Centre and the zoo on the weekend.  Both were very fun, even for an adult! I got lots of great photos at the zoo…here are some snippets of that day….

Katrina - Toronto Zoo copy Then we started the long trek back to New Brunswick for my annual cottage vacation.  My cottage at Oak Point is definitely one of my favourite places on earth. Located on the Miramichi Bay, on the east coast where the Miramichi River meets the north end of the Northumberland Straight, it’s pretty easy to love this little piece of paradise….

cottage views 1 cottage views 2 seaside flowers wild roses Late afternoon shadow What did I do while I was there?  I slept, ate, read, went for many swims in the bay, picked wildflowers and wild strawberries, napped, and assembled a 1000 piece puzzle in less than 24 hours.  It was 35+ degrees in the shade for 4 of the days I was there (which is abnormal for July in New Brunswick), so I literally lived in my bathing suit for most of the week. I caught up with cottage friends and met my friend’s 6 week old baby boy.  Ah-dorable.  A super relaxing week.

Now I’m back; refreshed and ready for some good blogging.

Have a lovely day!



Monday Updates and Musings

  Good Morning!

It was a busy week last week, but I’m finally starting to get some projects up and running again around my place.  Now that I have a more functional storage closet (which I will post about tomorrow), I have been able to move some things into the closet from the built-in shelving unit in my living room. I am going to create a bar area there, but I still need to use some of the shelves for storage. And I want those shelves to be hidden.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I contemplated curtains but I really would prefer doors. BUT, I hadn’t been able to find doors that fit exactly. Then my Spidey-upcycling-senses kicked in and I spotted these in a garbage pile on my street.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I went back and measured and they fit! And with some upcycling magic, these will be perfect!

I’m also getting the lovely ladies at Tonic Living to make me some new custom drapery for my living room.  I just have a sheer white panel now and I’ve never really loved it. This is the fabric I chose:

Millie, Berry – via Tonic Living

And the best part of last week for me was that I finally entered the iUniverse and got an iPad mini! My first Apple product!

It’s super fun! Now I just need a case.  You can bet there will be a post on that coming up soon.

Have a great Monday!



Friday Punnies

Good Morning,

It’s Friday and given the crappy weather and the fact that the work week is finally coming to an end, I thought a few laughs were in order.  I do love me a good pun, and I have been giggling like a schoolgirl putting this post together.  Comic. Genius.

via 1,2,3,4,5 (unknown),6,7,8

So much punny, I can’t even take it.  (p.s. If you haven’t smiled at least once reading this, I don’t think we can ever be friends. That’s just how it is.)

Have a great day!



Pink Party

Good Morning,

It’s a little late, but today I’m featuring a amazing kid’s birthday party I attended last Monday on the Victoria Day holiday.  It was the 2nd and 4th birthday party for my bestie’s kids, Ella and Tatum. I love these two little humans more than I can possibly describe, but ALSO they looove pink…which just makes me love them even more.  So, of course, their Mom decided that for the girl’s birthday party (their b-day’s are only 5 days apart), a PINK PARTY was in order.  With the invites, instructions were given for attendees to don as much pink as they could.  It was so fun….and oozing with pink goodies.  Bright pink, light pink, salmon, neon….every pink you could imagine.

Kelly did amazing job pink-ifying the decor and food….even the cucumber slices were dyed pink.  There was birthday cake with 3 pink layers, pink popcorn and pink yoghurt pops.  Pink poofs, pink lemonade, and pink strawberry milk!

Decor and Food copy And then there was the stylin’ kiddies in their best pink outfits and accessories.

Stylin in Pink

And the pink fun continued with face-painting and birthday cake!

More pink fun copy

 Such a fun party with a fabulous theme.

Don’t get used to it Kel….before you know it they’ll be 15 and wanting to wear ripped jeans, plaid shirts and Doc Martens…because by then the early 90’s will be cool again.